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Going To The Children's Park

Updated on February 16, 2012

Taking the kids to the park

Do you want to make your young children very happy, It's easier than you think. One thing that young children love is going to the park. A day at the park for young children is a day filled with adventure. When you look at a park you see some swings, slides and sand. When your children look out at the park they see it much different, they see a jungle or an ocean or whatever their little minds can imagine.

Going to the park has many benefits to it. Your children will benefit by being able to socialize with other children, get some sun, and get a lot of exercise.

You will also benefit by being able to relax, taking you mind off of daily chores and see your children having a great time.

Things you should bring to the park

When you take your children out of the house here are some things you should take with you.

First Aid Kit: will give you a way to deal with things like scraps, bee stings, and any other little emergency that might come up. You can find first aid kits at many different stores and sporting goods.

Sun Screen: is a must if you children are going to be in the sun. The sun can damage their skin very quickly. Make sure you buy a sunscreen that is mad for children with a high SPF rating.

Facial Tissue: is always good to have in case of a runny nose.

Baby Wipes: Are so versatile and can help with so many different things that happen. including spills on clothes, dirty hands, wiping off a dirty table, and many other unexpected things can happen along the way.

Toilet Paper: is a good thing to bring with you. Many parks have restrooms but sometimes the toilet paper is missing.

Hand Sanitizer: is a good thing to have because not all parks have running water.

Blanket or Chairs: Parks don't always have benches and sometime even if they do they are not available. It is always good to have something sit down on.

Umbrellas: are good to have especially on a hot day so you have a place to get out of the sun to cool down.

Water: is essential to have with you when your children are playing in the park. Children play hard and can get dehydrated very quickly on a hot day.

Sunglasses: will protect your children s eye's from the sun and maybe even help if someone is throwing sand around.

Things to watch out for

Although the park is a great place to take your children, there are things to watch out for. Before you let your children play in the sand you should take a look around and make sure there is nothing there that might hurt your children. Sometimes people break bottles or there might be some other dangerous materials left in the sand.

You should also be aware of other people at the park. keep and eye out for kids that might bully your child. Children can be mean and some children that come to the park can make your child s experience unpleasant.

You should also be on the lookout for adults that seem to have too much interest in your child or any children in the park.

Don't ever take your eyes off you children when you are away from home. Don't get caught up reading a book or anything else that will take your eyes off of them for even a minute. There is nothing more frightening than looking up only to realize your child is missing.

If there is water in the park like a pool or pond you must really be on your toes, children are attracted to water and there have been many heartbreaking stories of children drowning.


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