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Fire the Doctor 3 (Magnesium)

Updated on March 11, 2011

Foods rich in Magnesium

Before I found ....

Magnesium to be a vital mineral required for healthy blood vessels, for cellular energy, and healthy nerve and muscle function, I use to just pop an aspirin and think nothing of it further.

Then I thought, luckily, hey pal, get your head out a your .... since when is your body deficient in aspirin? It aint what your temple needs, dude. That's just another drug your nice doc is pushin for the 'pharms.'

Aspirin accounts for an estimated 7,600 deaths and 76,000 hospitalizations in the United States alone. (include ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, ketoprofen, and tiaprofenic acid)

This totally cool mineral performs more than 300 critical biochemical reactions through the body. This beauty is especially important for heart health because it helps maintain healthy heart rhythm (keeps the beat goin) and blood pressure. The results of research show magnesium to reduce the risk of cardiac death. Eating more magnesium-rich foods, like the ones in the picture, to your diet will improve your probabilities of surviving a heart attack.

But getting enough magnesium in your diet is very difficult in this country ......duh! Our very poor farming practices, thanks to herbicides and pesticides and the like, provide 75% lower yield of the minerals in harvested crops as compared to a century ago. Though it is expensive, organic is the way to go. But then, how much is your health worth?

Oh, but the doctor is so nice, though!

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Levine News:

3/3/2011 - F.D.A. ORDERS PRESCRIPTION COLD DRUGS PULLED FROM MARKET: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday ordered that about 500 prescription drugs used to treat colds, coughs and allergies be removed from the market, saying that the medicines had never gone through a federal review of their safety and effectiveness. “We don’t know what’s in them, whether they work properly or how they are made,” Deborah M. Autor, the director of the office of compliance in the F.D.A.’s drug division, said in a telephone news conference on Wednesday morning.


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