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Killer Park Workout

Updated on October 19, 2014

Great Outdoor Workout!

Now here is a workout any fully functioning adult can do while having fun in the sun! What I mean by fully functioning I mean no injuries or disabilities. Anyhow, first you have to find a park with a bench about knee high, BUT ALSO, a place to do pull ups. First let me lay out the workout, and then I will explain.

1. Warm up/ Jog

2. Two sets of step ups for 1 minute each-- on the bench

3. Two sets of walking lunges 12 steps on each foot

4. Two sets of 15-20 squat jumps

5. Pull ups- 3 sets till failure or up to 50

6. Push ups-- 3 sets till failure or up to 50

7. Tricep dips-- 3 sets till failure or up to 50 (perform on bench or on tricep dip bars)

8. Hanging knee crunches- 3 sets till failure or up to 50

Now depending on your fitness level, whether you are male or female, use this as a guideline. Everyone should be able to warm up and jog, but everyone will not be able to do everything else. For example step ups for a minute is very tough. Make a minute each a goal if you cannot complete the full minute. Same thing goes for everything else. 50 pull ups in a row?? Of course not.. break it up into sets. It might take 10 sets for you to do 50, but for sake of time once you hit 50 move on to the next exercise. If you're a man or woman that cannot do pull ups, look for a garbage can, put it on its side underneath the pull up bar, leave one foot on it and do pull ups that way. It's called assisted pull ups.

Do 3 sets till failure, than move on to push ups. When I said up to 50, I mean make that a goal for yourself no matter how many sets it takes, to try and perform up to 50 during the workout. You might be pooped after doing 3 sets of tricep dips, and you only did 20 total.. That's ok, next time do 25, get it? I laid out the blueprint and doing the exercises in that order will give you a great full body, fat blasting workout. Do as much as you can on each workout, keep it moving without resting too long, and next time you workout, do more than you did last time.

I realize you may not know how to properly do these exercises or even know what some of them are. Please feel free to email me at and I will gladly walk you through and or answer any question you might have.

If you are able to complete this workout, consider yourself in great shape!! But please don't forget that you have to confuse your body to KEEP getting results. These are not the only exercises you can do at a park. DON'T UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE JUMP ROPE!!!


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