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Hair loss - What to do?

Updated on August 26, 2015

What you need to know

A man loses 70 to 100 single hair per day. But the roots remain and the hair grows anew. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is known as a normal process which over 80 % of men undergo. Some earlier in life, some lucky guys later. However, young guys with hair loss often have problems with self esteem. What should one try, to say he didn't left no stone unturned?

Change your diet

Your diet has an impact on your hormones. Watch the fats you consume! There are basically three types of fats:

  1. saturated fatty acids (SFA)
  2. monounsaturated fatty acids (MFA)
  3. polyunsaturated fatty acids (PFA)

SFAs are the ones you should reduce. You'll find them mostly in dairy products, but also in meat. MFAs and PFAs are essential parts of your diet. Olive oil is an example for a MFA and PFAs are found in fish and vegetables.

Moreover you should reduce your sugar intake. There are a couple of sugar alternatives on the market. For example the most famous stevia or honey, but also rarely known coconut sugar or brown rice syrups (wheat and gluten free) are good substitutes.

Vitamines are the name of the game. Vitamin B (B3, B5 and B6) activates the metabolism and strengthens your hair roots. And the allrounder vitamin C transports the essential iron to your hair and boosts your hair shaft. The same thing does biotin also known as vitamin H. Best known for doing a good job, when it comes to hair is zinc. Zinc is not only good for your hair growth but also improves your skin complexion. But you know what's best? Having a healthy diet you don't even need to supplement those vitamins and minerals.

Quick summary: Eat healthy and give your hair the basis to grow! But don't expect to change from Nicholas Cage to Brad Pitt just because of healthy eating.

If the healthy diet is not enough

There are a couple of medical treatments, that are proven to increase hair growth or at least stop further hair loss. One of those is minoxidil which is applied on the skin and activates dead hair roots. Some people report very good effects on hair growth from using minoxidil compounds. Although it is important using it for at least 3 months (two days per day) to see substantial effects. And the big minus point is, that you shouldn't stop using it, because the effect starts fading as soon as you stop. Same goes for finasteride, a pill, that is proven to stop hair loss in 80 to 90 % of cases and even increases hair growth in 65 % of cases. One mg per day of finasteride is the recommended daily dose. Costs? A six month supply with minoxidil costs $25-$30 for the topical solution and $60-$65 for the foam, which is easier to apply. Finasteride costs similarly for a six month supply but legally requires a medical prescription.

Another possibility which obviously is the costliest, is a hair transplantation. It requires a surgical operation where hair follicles are moved from a part of the body (often the back) to the head. Very good results are given and there are some wonderful celebrity examples, which can be found even with the badest google skills.


How is your experience with minoxidil?

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Diet is not working and you ain't got the money for special treatments?

Talking about celebrities that had a hair transplantation makes me think of bald celebrities with good reasons to have a high self esteem. So do the necessary step and fight your receding hairline with a hair clipper. You will have a masculine look and latest studies prove that shorn scalps are associated with male dominance and strength. Why don't you give it a try?


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