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King Kong in My Living Room, and Shining the Light "Down On Me"

Updated on November 29, 2008

Somedays are better than others; that is for sure.

 Even on days that I don't feel so happy, blessed or grateful. I still try to force that peaceful light to keep shining down upon me, because you never know when that "blessing in disguise" will show up and change your day around. Who knows when a good deeds turns everything around.

Around every corner, event, decision and indecision lay ahead of each one us, our crossroads in which we choose to construct the pieces the make up our days, our lives; what have you. Our lives inner connect, and are woven like the links in a cyclone fence. But there are many common bonds that link us together. Some of these bonds are obvious to the naked eye and even the most cluttered mind. Other bonds are not so easily recognizable, even by the most faithful, observant, or conscious. At times what may be obvious to some, may not be so easily seen by others. At times the folks on the outside easily see what we who are too close to the subject can not. Such an amazing power, observation and perspective can be.

Count your blessings and let the light that you seek shinedown upon you. Whether it be for healing, strength, or hope. Even if you are searching for peace, insight, or something/ someone to believe in. Remember woven and connected are many people who do truly care, really do understand, and actually love you. For nothing more than the fact that it is just you. Just you for being...

You are not ever alone and you never have to walk in the fear of what others may think about you. After all, many of us have been right where you are today, before and we can understand and appreciate what you are going through. Not to mention, we are aware of the road ahead for each and everyone us is not always be paved or smooth. But with any road ahead a little light to guide the way is always helpful and most welcomed.

Maybe moving forward with caution is not always the best course, but neither is driving fast and taking chances always sound advice either.

"Down On Me"

Shine the Light

the Lyrics "Down On Me" By Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Compy

I don't want to hear a wrong chord all night long.


Well, down on me, Lord, down on me.

 I said it looks like everybody in this whole round world,

Yeah hey yeah all right, is down on me yeah.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

One of these mornings be proud and fair,

Put on my wings and then I'll try the air

Since it looks like everybody in this whole round world,


down on me, yeah, ha ha.

Baby, down on me, oh, down on me, all right,

It looks like everybody I said in this whole round world, aaah!

Down on me. Oh yeah yeah!

Now now now now now now now now

The pot is gold, the rain is rain

And the government it'll never change, no.

 It looks like everybody in this whole round world, now now now,

Down on me, you know they are.

Down on me, down on me, yeah.

It looks like everybody, honey, in this whole round world, Lord!!!

Is down on me, yeah.

 All right, all right,

Believe in your brother, faith in man,

Help each other, honey,

if you can

Because it looks like everybody in this whole round world,

Everywhere I go! Is down on me,

oh yeah.

Down on me,

hey, down on me, all right,

It looks like everybody in this whole round world

Down on me, yeah hey!


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  • Sterling Sage profile image

    Sterling Sage 9 years ago from California

    Thanks for the uplifting thoughts. Every so often, I need a reminder that there's a wider perspective. I like the song and lyrics, too.