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Kitchen cabinet home remedies

Updated on September 28, 2011

Effective home remedies

For migraines, next time, besides the tea and dark room, add cayenne pepper to a bowl of soup or what ever else you have handy, and head off the throbbing temples. Medical Schools like Harvard are adding it to their curriculm.

Honey is an effective cough syrup, at times surpassing the commercial ones. Adding thyme to the honey increases it’s effectiveness. If you are prone to motion sickness find some candied Ginger, and munch on it while you travel. It is also good for morning sickness, and proven to kill intestinal parasites. When coming back from out of the country with intestinal problems, stop by the grocery store, scrub a fresh ginger root and grate a section about the size of a ½ dollar, and add to your next meal. Another helpful hint, a cup of hot tea with honey, lemon and ginger will relieve nasal congestion.

Chicken soup and other hot beverages have been proven to lessen cold germs. In a controlled laboratory setting a scientist used his grandmother’s chichen soup recipe to prove a point to her, and surprised himself learning her preaching was true.

Rosemary, besides adding flavor to chicken and potatoes can help lower your blood pressure and cure your headache.

Peppermint can settle your stomach after a large meal and aid in digestion.

Horseradish helps with external stiffness, after over exercising, a good tip for those weekend warriors who want to make up for sitting behind a desk most of the week. Internally in the body it has diuretic qualities.

For arthritis aches, increase your Indian food intake. Tumeric, commonly found in curry dishes is very effective. Ginger is also a spice of choice for it’s anti- inflammatory effect. Also switching from corn and soy to olive oil helps.

Cinnamon helps control blood sugar.

Surprisingly cooking tomatoes makes them more nutrient rich than raw. And a last word, sodas prevent calcium absorption making those who drink them more prone to brittle bones, be especially cautious if osteoporosis’ runs in your family.

As always do your own research and don’t discontinue any treatment from your own physician without his or her knowledge.


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