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Kites 4 Cancer

Updated on December 9, 2012

Kites 4 Cancer

Kites 4 Cancer

Kites 4 Cancer is a picnic and fun day event held each year in the City of Ottawa, Canada. Its main objectives are; to raise funds for cancer research, to spread awareness within the Black and Caribbean community about the dangers of cancer, and to bring the community together in a sociable way. To achieve these objectives the community is encouraged to participate in a fun day of kite flying, eating good food, and watching live entertainment.

Now in its 6th year, Kites 4 Cancer is organized by the Social Organization of Caribbean Cultural Activities (Club SOCCA). They organize events and community activities throughout the year but have made Kites 4 Cancer a special undertaking as Cancer remains one of most covert and deadly diseases amongst the community. Cancer affects one in every three persons born in developed countries and is a major cause of sickness and death throughout the world.

Kites 4 Cancers' main objective is to raise money for research to help find a cure as well as to assist with the treatment of Cancer. While there are numerous organizations that are dedicated to raising money for Cancer research no amount of help is too much. Each year hundreds of millions of dollars is spent on Cancer research as well as treatment yet sadly, Cancer still has no cure. That is why as a conscientious organization Club SOCCA chose cancer research as a field to support.

Although Cancer does not discriminate, there exists a level of apathy about the disease within most minority communities. Black communities especially, have one of the highest documented Cancer rates of any racial group which often ends up being fatal because Blacks either don’t get tested soon enough nor are not serious about treatment once diagnosed. The hope is, by coming together as a community a change in attitude will gradually take place where people will realize that their lives are not just important to themselves but to others around them as well.

Kites 4 Cancer provides an excellent opportunity for the community to come together. What better way to do so than to participate in the age old tradition of kite flying. Although it is not as popular with the young generation, I’m sure that those of us in our adult years can still remember when Kite flying used to be our favorite hobby or past time. By getting the younger ones out of the house away from the computer, mothers and fathers can better bond with their kids in a way that Twitter and Facebook cannot.

Kite flying is an art, all be it a dying art, but it is one that requires skill and eye hand coordination. Once they take hold of a Kite string, children instantly learn that it’s not very easy to control something that is 30 to 40 feet up in the air with a little string. For adults it is also a great way to rehash some good memories of their own adolescent years. Hobby enthusiasts who have never given up Kite flying are also invited to dust off and bring out their prized creations.

Other activities included in the day of fun include; swimming at the beach and listening to live entertainment. If you are an armature artiste, no matter the age and you are looking to gain exposure simply visit the Kites 4 Cancer website or get in touch with Club SOCCA to find out how you can participate in up coming events. If you would just simply like to participate in the event as a spectator, bring the family out and make it a picnic. Kites 4 Cancer is for everyone and everyone is welcome to attend.


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