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Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Updated on September 19, 2018
kiwi health benefits
kiwi health benefits | Source

Vitamins In Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is recognized as a super fruit due to the vast amount of nutritional content and health benefits associated with eating them on a regular basis.

Kiwifruit and vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to be extremely good for your heart health, teeth and gums. It also fights viruses such as the flu by supporting and boosting the immune system. Vitamin C is the most abundant vitamin found in kiwifruit at 92.7mg. Twice as much as any orange.

Vitamin K

Another fat-soluble vitamin found in kiwi is Vitamin K, which helps to keep bones and other body tissue healthy. Although the body can produce it on its own (similar to Vitamin D), it's still essential to obtain Vitamin K from your diet.

Other foods containing Vitamin K include chilli powder, prunes, kale, spinach, and broccoli. The richest sources being all green leafy vegetables.

Thiamine - Vitamin B1

Kiwi is a good source of thiamine; a water-soluble vitamin that benefits the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, brain and skeletal muscles. Furthermore, thiamine contributes to the production of energy and helps maintain the immune system.

Riboflavin - Vitamin B2

Kiwi contains riboflavin, which is partly responsible for the development of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all the vital organs around the body. It also protects internal organs from free radicals. Free radicals are harmful toxins created naturally by the body, air pollutants, smoking, and food intake.

Niacin - Vitamin B3

Niacin works closely together with the other B vitamins. Good for cardiovascular health, raising HDL (good) cholesterol and producing energy from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Growing Kiwi Fruit From Seed

Minerals In Kiwifruit

As well as plenty of vitamins on offer, Kiwi benefits your health by providing essential minerals that the body needs, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Did you know, frequent small amounts of minerals are needed daily in order for the body to function correctly? Minerals are essential for nerves, bones, cells, blood pressure, digestion, the immune system, and all organs in the body.

If you like what kiwi provides in the form of health benefits, maybe you'd like to check out the video's below and learn how to grow them for yourself.

Kiwifruit Seeds

The seeds of a kiwifruit supply essential fats that enhance carotenoid absorption. Carotenoids are fat-soluble nutrients found in the colourful skin pigments of all fruits and vegetables.

Leafy vegetables, red, green and yellow fruits are the best sources of carotenoids.

Kiwifruit Nutritional Content

Per 100g
Protein - 1.14g
Total Fat - 0.52g
Saturated Fat - 0.029
Monounsaturated Fat - 0.047
Polyunsaturated Fat - 0.287
Total Sugars - 8.99g
Water - 83.07g

Levels according to the website

Fun Facts About Kiwifruit

  • Kiwifruit is a type of berry that grows on a woody vine
  • There are over sixty different species of kiwifruit. Most types are descendants of the common fuzzy kiwi that is indigenous to northern China
  • Kiwifruit contains nearly twice as much Vitamin C as an orange
  • Kiwifruit has more vitamins and minerals than most other fruits
  • The vine of a kiwi can live for fifty years or longer

Varieties of Kiwifruit

  1. Hardy
  2. Super hardy
  3. Golden
  4. Cocktail
  5. Jingold
  6. Red
  7. Sungold
  8. Zhong Hua
  9. Jing Li
  10. Mao Hua
  11. Hung Yang

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