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Kiwifruit, Power Packed Berry

Updated on May 31, 2013

Kiwifruit or kiwi, however you reference this fruit when discussing it, is ironically a berry! News to me. It is grown on vines. Indigenous to New Zealand but is a huge industry in California.

You can fit it in the palm of your hand. Ugly on the outside with it's fuzzy dull brown skin, yet absolutely beautiful on the inside.

This is because the Kiwifruit has several shades of green, from a neon lime green to a shade or two darker, once peeled, and cut revealing a middle portion with hundreds of tiny, really tiny black seeds surrounding a whitish creamy colored center.

Eating Kiwi

It is recommended to eat it raw. Yet, you can use Kiwi in cooking if you want to, the only problem is actinidain, an enzyme that is protein dissolving and is not suggested to use with milk or dairy products unless you will be consuming them immediately.

If you want to use Kiwifruit with milk and other dairy products, and keep it longer than a few hours, it has been advised, by the United States Department of Agriculture - that you cook it a few minutes. The heat apparently renders the actinidain enzyme harmless to the dairy products.


This is the California style of eating Kiwi. The phrase coined for eating the Kiwi right out of the peel. You slice the Kiwi lengthwise in half and using a spoon, scoop out the flesh.

Desserts with Kiwi

  • Desserts combining Kiwi with gelatin, the fruit should be cooked.
  • Desserts like Pavlova, which are common in New Zealand and Australia use sliced Kiwifruit, atop the heavy whipped cream as garnishment.
  • Fruit salad

Nutritional value

  • vitamin C packed
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin E
  • fiber rich
  • flavonoids
  • A beta carotene
  • lutein
  • and more like zinc, magnesium, etc

Natural blood thinner according to study done by the University of Oslo in Norway.

Description, how to recognize it...

when and if looking for the Kiwifruit in the produce section or food market

  • oval
  • brown
  • fuzzy, tiny hairs on the brown skin

Allergic reaction

A person's allergic reaction to the Kiwi can happen several ways, from severe to mild cases. It is typically to the chemical - actinidain, the main ingredient, also calcium oxalate, and raphides.

  • wheezing
  • tingling of mouth
  • sweating
  • swelling throat
  • rash
  • mild itching
  • abdominal pain

Edible parts

The brown skin has to be peeled before the Kiwi can be eaten, or not according to my research. You can brave the fuzz, wash the whole fruit and eat.

  • green flesh
  • black minuscule seeds
  • internal white core (except for hard stem end where attached to the vine)


I discovered through research that Kiwifruit come in another variation known as the Gold Kiwi. It is even more spectacular in appearance, on the inside of course. When you cut into this version of the Kiwifruit the flesh is green but the center appears reddish, pinkish, just gorgeous.

It also has a smoother brown skin which is easier to eat and more palatable.

I like Kiwi, for more reasons than it is a sweet fruit that on it's own packs a healthy punch, but i have had to recently weigh the health value against the discomfort of eating them. I seem to have a mild, very mild case of itching when i eat a Kiwi.

I don't remember ever suffering with my mouth itching after eating them before.

Go ahead and enjoy one or two daily for maximum health benefits!

Do you suffer from adult on set allergies to Kiwifruit?

See results
Kiwifruit | Source
Peeled Kiwifruit
Peeled Kiwifruit | Source
Sliced Kiwifruit, center
Sliced Kiwifruit, center | Source


When they are available, especially at a reasonable price, usually less than .50 cents, go ahead and stock up. The one-two punch health benefits out weigh the inconvenience of having to peel or even the slightest allergic reaction like itching / tingling of the mouth, at least for me.

The Kiwifruit has according to the Nutritional Dietary(DRI) info, about 1.5 times more vitamin C than other fruits. It is also filling as a snack and of course fulfills the requirements for your fruit intake.

It beats out the banana for your daily dose of potassium, as well.

It's natural sweetness makes it a hit, too. The unique tarty sweetness also gives the most satisfaction when consumed cooled.

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin K
  • fiber

Since it is also rich in fiber, the Kiwifruit is a tasty natural way to get all your best benefits in one place, in a package a little bigger than an egg.

Go ahead look for a Kiwifruit at your local produce section and enjoy!


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