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The True Version of the Big Picture We Live In

Updated on April 3, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

At the End of the Day, if We Are Nowhere in the Big Picture---It's Not Worth Framing
At the End of the Day, if We Are Nowhere in the Big Picture---It's Not Worth Framing

Delusional by Choice

I'd like to appeal for your empathy for a whole big bunch of careless folks usually called mankind. I'd like you to see their mishap of going unconscious as a result of their overzealous dwelling in a self-created Big Picture which is just as delusional as it is fictional.

The difference being that all our otherwise healthy daydreaming is accepted to be fictional, and we don't insist on its being real---whereas we do believe in reality of our delusions.

And so we go unconscious about our life, its priorities, its most pressing cries for improvement where it's due, even about our bodily needs for some relief by anything that might even remotely look like a stress management.

The Big Picture based upon a highly questionable and above all confusing constant flow of input by the news media is making sure that we don't snap out of our negative hypnotic spell. It's a ceaseless dark lullaby keeping us imprisoned in our nightmare.

Without our being even slightly aware of it, it has become a pandemic, as everyone around seems to be talking about the crazy details of the same Big Picture--- unaware how we are spending our life unconscious and believing in the reality that's only in our heads.

Love Is the Highest Truth of This World---Anything Less Is a Madman's Nightmare
Love Is the Highest Truth of This World---Anything Less Is a Madman's Nightmare

Loud Minority Magnified

"The world is falling apart...the end is near...we are all doomed...we are all going to suffocate in fumes of our pollution...and turn green from the plastic food we eat...and grow an extra ear from our exposure to radiation..."

Driven by an overstimulated survival instinct we swiftly make that short step from existential fear to hate. People have become so proficient at hating that hate started feeling good.

If it was not pathetically serious, it might even be seen as funny, as you see all those faces in a spasm of intolerance claiming how they are dealing with some facts. Poor devils---their facts feel so real to them, just like a nightmare does, while they are tossing and turning in cold sweat and sometimes screaming in terror.

It seems like an impossible task to impress these pilgrims of doomsday fate with the reality of some possible five billion humans around the globe who will never attract TV cameras during their entire life time---living an ordinary life, rearing families, working, finding joys in little things.

The worldview of those self-deceivers, their Big Picture is so contaminated by that "media-friendly" minority of shit-disturbers that in many cases it borders with psychotic obsession, paranoia being a major feature in that mass diagnosis.

Oh, by the way, allow me to refresh your memory about the definition of psychosis---so you don' think I am merely throwing in some bombastic words. Unlike neurosis, where the sufferer is fully aware of his personality issues, a psychotic's field of consciousness is narrowed, which doesn't allow his introspective abilities to be objective---so he believes that he is "fine", while those outside are crazy, or enemies, or whatever.

And then there is this third group, pre-psychotic, the borderline cases with frequent episodes of going through life unconscious and emotionally irrational. These are the ones I am mainly talking about in this article. They may appear so "logical", but their logic is entirely catering to their delusional Big Picture.

Our Stepping into a Wrong Store Is Not the Storekeeper's Fault.
Our Stepping into a Wrong Store Is Not the Storekeeper's Fault.

Fighting Some Windmills

Those of you familiar with the don-quijotesque tendencies of charging against some windmills while seeing in them bitter enemies---can clearly see the metaphor at work with such folks being described here.

Some of them may be religious fundamentalists, others political hot-heads, or those social instigators of hate as they play some loud mouth activists---racial, women's rights, gays' rights...etc.

They may protest these words by mistaking their life's efforts for a "devotion". While devotion is mostly healthy and involving an activity which is fruitful with some tangible and rewarding results, those hot-heads keep persisting in efforts where nothing gets achieved.

Metaphorically, we walk into a store with an idea to buy something, and many times we walk out empty-handed because the store doesn't carry our item. What we never do---at least those with a normal mentality don't---is to confront the store clerk with a blame for carrying only stuff for some other people.

Our normalcy tells us that other people have a right to their own taste. But, what are we basically doing by calling derogatory names people of different religions, political orientation, even a scientific approach? In which universe it passes for normal so much that we go loud around and proud of our logicalness, our fairness, our noble intentions?

You Can't Come Up Colorful Enough on Your Gay Parade to Convert Those Opposed to It.
You Can't Come Up Colorful Enough on Your Gay Parade to Convert Those Opposed to It.

What Really Gets Accomplished?

Some people don't mind demonizing others and then going to their church on Sunday---like schizoid types whose split personality allows them to display "both of them" without being aware of that duality. That's why I am calling them "unconscious" throughout this article.

In another article of a similar theme I challenged anyone to leave in the comment their achievements in their particular field of social/political activity---so I am repeating my challenge here.

Don't bother mentioning how a passing comforting of a "lost sheep" helped them to pick up their mood---because you didn't heal the person. And don't say how your activism strengthened the awareness among women---you didn't get them any new rights, you merely taught them how to yell those slogans in a chorus.

In all honesty, gays are not making a damn difference with their parading through town and by calling it a "Pride Parade". Simply because they are not converting anyone's opinion in their favor---those liking the parade approved of gays' rights before it, and those seeing something unnatural about homosexuality only got annoyed by the parade.

Likewise, when you come out to the streets for a political demonstration, you are really just venting out your feelings of disagreements---not sending a message to anyone. You might as well hysterically cry in a big chorus, and beg on your knees, or set ablaze a whole city block, with no effect whatsoever.

It's one of the realities of having a government---once you put them in place, they do what they want. Whether it's good or bad it's not up to me to say, but that's the way it is.

At my last visit to Hollywood I was not the only one annoyed by an overly imposing and loud group of religious activists advertising their beliefs. That instantly made me wonder: how do you persuade people to take you seriously if you are getting on their nerves? Well, again, folks are totally unconscious and running on automatic pilot programmed to force itself to be heard.

Wanted a Big Picture?
Wanted a Big Picture?

Some Get Up Before Count to Ten Is Over

Look at the international politics and you may recognize this same unconsciousness in the players.

In a parrot-like diplomatic routine they keep mentioning those "important" peace talks. But then they just shame themselves by merely getting on each others' nerves, not conscious enough to see how nothing in those talks had "peace" as a goal. All of them being highly educated, with even more educated advisers---they just can't produce international harmony.

Don't you find it a kind of shocking that their intelligence is also catering only to their imaginary Big Picture, not one in which they would serve the best interests of the world---meaning peace, cooperation, mutual support, humanness. They are just as knocked out by the frame of their Big Picture as the next Joe repeating some slogans and not even knowing what they mean---like mumbling in a dream.

After witnessing the embarrassing history of the global leadership merely excelling at forms of conflict, shouldn't we back up a little, and maybe realize how self-defeating is our investment of nerves in a Big Picture where even those at the top are not making much sense.

Couldn't we all wake up from that maddening chasing our own tails and start being responsible for the only game where we can really make a difference---our own lives?

I don't fancy to be a referee in a ring and I don't see this article as that count to ten---so wake up on your own, and by standing tall give yourself a winning chance in the next round.

Don't play by the rules, punch that Big Picture, step on it, kick it, whatever, but don't let it run your show anymore. It's not worth your time, your effort, your dreams. Replace that Big Picture with a few wallet ones---of your family, your friends, hey, slide-in one of your graduation, to remind yourself that you were a smart kid.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      17 months ago from Canada

      Larry---I am glad you liked it. Thanks.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      17 months ago from Canada

      Paula---I couldn't agree more, and thank you for your interesting comment.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      17 months ago from Canada

      John---You are right, there are so many things for us to give more attention to in our own lives where we qualify to make some changes, and where results are more rewarding.

      Thank you for the nice comment, my friend.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      17 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting perspective.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      17 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      So powerful, have hit the bulls eye with this fabulous presentation of unadulterated truth, reason and common sense. I can't imagine even one intelligent adult needing to struggle for a moment to fully understand your commentary. You paint the picture so simply and rationally, it leaves your readers with little if any confusion.

      It is a matter of facing the light & seeing, not only with our eyes, but with our hearts & minds as well. Human beings have our strengths & our weaknesses and what becomes vital in our daily lives is to understand and accept our limitations. We need to begin with ourselves & progress cautiously outward, before we can take on the world. As soon as we are hit hard with that Big Picture you speak of, it is then we get the dose of reality. This world is, has always been and will continue to be, as it is with or without us, ever-changing perhaps, but not stopping to wait for me or for you to jump on board to be an integral part of the scene.

      This is as it should be. While each of us takes care to focus on what is within our own small world and we take pangs to love, nurture and maintain our place in the picture, the alleged "Big Guys" keep on tripping, falling and screwing up the works.

      We have to laugh & throw our hands up. We just can't let it destroy us!

      Jodah is correct. You certainly guide your readers to contemplate!! Contemplation is a much-needed activity. Thank you, Val...........Peace, Paula

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      17 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Well done with this article Val. You certainly take a lot a people to task and make them contemplate their view of the world and the "big picture." All we can do is look after our own family and back yard and hope we are setting a good example for our neighbours and our children, grandchildren etc. It is a waste of time venting our anger at our leaders and others we don't agree with. It just causes angst and never really has any other positive effect.


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