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Know Your Worth: Don't Devalue Yourself

Updated on June 23, 2016

Feeling worthless can cause indescribable physical and mental pain. Worthlessness can cause you to put yourself down, enhance negative thoughts, stop your success and make you second guess yourself. As women, when dealing with our forever changing bodies and hormones we can sometimes devalue ourselves or let people or things to devalue us and make us feel worthless. Every woman needs to understand however that even though these feeling may emerge they are never correct. Every being has a purpose and an ability to contribute something wonderful to this world.

Feeling worthless can be described as feeling extremely sad, useless, insignificant, hopeless or negative thoughts. Physically pain in the body can be felt sometimes, sad or negative facial gestures & lethargy.

Don't let Past mistakes make you feel worthless. Leave the past in the past. What have you done in the past that you regret? Now that you have thought about it, what did you learn from that mistake? Everyone makes mistakes. Big and small. Don't let your mistakes devalue you because simply somebody's done it before and it will be done again. Just ensure the mistake is not done by you the next time. The best way to approach a mistake is to admit it and correct it.

People who make you feel worthless don't deserve your time. Just think how precious time is. There are people that have been dead for billions of years. We can only to live about 130 if we are good! So having people in your life that does not know your worth is not beneficial at all. It is a waste of your precious time. Someone who is being verbally negative or vulgar toward you should be made aware of such. Their negative actions can cause negative thoughts and cause your feelings of worthlessness. If it is a stranger I would say to not even worry about it. If a person does not know you there is no way they can know anything truthful about you. If someone you love or know is making you fell worthless you should let them know. Your approach should be calm and inviting, not accusatory or rude. If that person truly loves you they can acknowledge your feelings and stop the negativity or find a solution to stop it. If it continues to be an issue you may want to consider removing that person from your life. A person can become toxic your to physical and mental health and that point it's best to remove yourself from the situation.

You are beautiful. Don't let the world make you feel worthless because of your appearance. With women's appearance being a topic everywhere it's possible to let your appearance make you feel worthless. We are constantly bombarded with opinions and advertisements of what a woman should look like in society. When women feel as though they can't compare to society's or a person's so called standards, that's where the feelings of worthlessness can originate. If there is something that you don't like about your appearance, simply change it. However, don't let anyone else influence you to change your appearance. Have a sit down with yourself and ask what is about your appearance that you don't like. Ask yourself how changing those things about yourself would benefit you, then seek to find a healthy and safe way to change those things about yourself. I want you to know that every woman is not supposed to be shaped or look alike, otherwise, we'd all be born the same sex, the same hair , eye color etc. There is somebody in the world for everybody and if you are patient enough you can surely find someone to love what you don't love about yourself.

You are not worthless because you've been abused. Let's face it. Women all around the world incur abuse every day at the hands of both strangers and loved ones. Being abused can be traumatizing but it can also be empowering. No matter what you may have done in the past or in the future, any abuse you suffered was not your fault and you did not deserve it. I want you to know that you are not alone in your fight. Women all over the world have experienced the same as you, some even worse. What I would like for you to from your abuse is how you were able to survive or how you are surviving through the abuse. It takes a strong person to stand up to the abuse and it is your right to do so. Removing yourself or stopping the abuse is the best thing you can do to acknowledge your worth.

I touched on only 3 things that I believe that may cause some women feel worthless. I want to know what makes you feel worthless or what do you to devalue yourself? What can you do change it or make you feel as though you are worth the world? You are woman. Remember without you there can be no life brought into this world. That fact itself is worth everything in the world

Try This Exercise:

I want you to go into your wallet and pull out the largest bill you have in your wallet or purse and get an ink pen.Take note of how much your bill is worth. Hold on to your items.

  1. In the far left corner take the pen and draw a smiley face. :)
  2. Take the money and fold it half.
  3. Crumple the money into a ball.
  4. Once in a ball, throw the bill on the ground and kick it!
  5. Pick the money up.
  6. Uncrumple the bill, straighten it out.
  7. Take note of how much the money is worth.

You took the money out of your purse, folded it, wrote on it, kicked it, tried to break it by folding it in half. You did all of those hings to that money, but still it was worth the same amount as before you took it out of your wallet. Think of yourself as that money. Just because you have short comings, are not the prettiest girl or experience bad things it does mean you're worthless. It means you are human. Don't devalue yourself ladies!

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.

— Malcolm X


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    • AlanDoughtyXIII profile image

      AlanDoughtyXIII 14 months ago

      What about a male no longer young but not quite old whose drive was eradicated long ago, who socialized with a generation that has since died out and turned himself to a quisling in the war of the sexes? What about a male who truly is superfluous like a character in a nineteenth-century Russian novel, expert in nothing relevant, which nobody today can ever understand? What of him? What of him who can only accurately devalue himself below zero?