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Know how to bench press

Updated on September 13, 2012

What is a bench press

Bench press is one of the most popular and effective upper body workouts that concentrate on the muscles of chest, back of the arm and shoulders. Bench press is invariably practiced by men all around the word for weight training, bodybuilding, improving their performances in different sports or simply as a part of the regular fitness regime. It is only natural that people would want to know what is a bench press and how to bench press, the most amazing workout for upper body improvement.

Target outcome

Bench press is very much helpful in shaping or reshaping the pectoralis major muscle, which is the major part forming the chest wall along with other supportive chest muscles. One would also expect this particular workout to shape up the triceps, deltoids and trapezius groups of muscles and which are the major muscles of back of the arm, back and front of the shoulders. It not only works in muscle building, but also is effective in increasing strength, sustainability and resistance of these muscle groups.

How to bench press

Once you know what is bench press, you would also like to know how to bench press. The steps mentioned below are to be followed to do a successful bench press-

How to bench press: Body postioning

Start with lying on the bench in a comfortable position with your chest slightly up for maintaining proper upper body tightness. Back, head and buttocks should be positioned flat on the bench, the shoulder blades squeezed in and lightly touching the bench; keeping in mind that the spine stays in its natural position. Place your feet strongly on the ground so that they can support and sustain the upper body weight. Place them about a foot apart from one another.

How to bench press: Where to look

Look upright, eyes on the front of the barbell rack holding the bar.

How to bench press: Step one

Ideal way is to start the first few lifts without any weight at all, to determine spacing of hands on the bar as well as for a little warming up.

How to bench press: Step two

Add some weight on the bar when you find yourself a comfortable position.

How to bench press: Step three

Unrack the bar; bring it down close to your chest with a strong grip of your closed fists, with the thumbs facing outwards. Hands should be placed slightly apart than the shoulders and the abdominal muscles should be tightened while lifting the weight.

How to bench press: Step four

1. Now raise the bar up again to its previous position in a straight line, slightly backwards starting from the level of your ribcage and towards the face as you work your way up. Exhale forcefully while doing so. This helps in a sustained weight lifting, which is more effective than just pushing all the weight at once.

Do as many repetitions as you need or advised by your trainer following the procedure mentioned above. Proper safety measures are to be taken while doing a bench press. It is suggested to consult a certified trainer or physician before starting with any workout routine. If you want to know more you could check out these books from Ebay. They are very well written, and detailed descriptions are given for your convenience!!


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