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Know the Force Frequency

Updated on May 8, 2011

Know the Force Frequency

     There is an odd connection between all of us that exists through psychotronic equipment.  Some people have become part of this massive group-consciousness.  Being around them makes you feel disturbed.  I've discovered that this is probably due to the frequency they are on.  It is very fast-paced and fills the imagination with horrifying thoughts and images.

     I talked about imagining yourself as a huge beast, being nice, praying to God...........and this NEW FREQUENCY that you can make by splicing all the ee-ee-ees! into eeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeee into what sounds like an operatic chorus.  Now, this frequency not only protects your mind from disturbing ideation - it repels people from the "in" crowd.  I've noticed this at work.  I'd use the "God Code" and things got done quicker.  Other times, people turned on power tools to make it harder for me to do it.  It's like 2 psychic armies who communicate with each other and us through 2 distinct frequencies.  People from the "in" crowd do not like it when you produce/translate this energy into what I'm calling "The Power Frequency".  Just a note:  I received a death threat as I began writing this article. 

     Now, it is good for more than just defending your mind and driving away "in" crowd members.........this thing helps you win whatever it is you are working on.  All you do is simply focus on the "Power Code" and you will excel at whatever it is you are trying to get done. It works EVERY time.  The only things I've used it on are:  keeping from going insane, work and video games.  I cannot overstress the need for you to find out how to turn your "tinnitus" into this code.  I've done it repeatedly and I KNOW it works.  Smart drugs really help give you the focusing ability to access and even MAKE this frequency.  

      So, we are not defenseless in this game of "psychic mobbing".  It's clear that we can "make waves" just like they can.  You can even flex it like a muscle and do things at the very same time to get you used to using it.  It also calms unconverted people.  Perhaps this is what is meant by  "Providing shelter to my little ones".  Perhaps it is not wise to use this newly-found means to do better at things.........I just don't know.  What I do know is that if you aren't making thoughts or working diligently on something or using the "Power Code", your mind is being gradually eroded.  We get subliminally-bombed all day and all night.  Either you are winning, losing or screwing off (my worst problem). 

    So - sleep with microwave-shielding around your head and ears. has such materials and they WORK.  I actually had a good dream for the first time in years!  So, protect yourself with shielding when you are vulnerable and protect yourself with "The Power Code" when you are awake.  You can passively conduct it or actively make it happen. 


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