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Know your "WHY"

Updated on February 2, 2016

Why do you want to improve your health, wealth and happiness?

I know you’re getting super excited to get started for the 90 Days to a Better YOU, but before you dive in, there are two things you need, that are CRITICAL to your success…

It may seem odd, but honestly, these two things could mean the difference between success and failure.

1. A support team
2. A strong WHY

A Support Team

Danish researchers found that people whomaintained contact with their diet clinic were twice as successful as those who didn't. That’s exactly why my team and I are here - to be your support system and keep you accountable, throughout your 90 days. Message me, come to our classes, and just stay in touch.

Simply being connected is a HUGE part of why you'll be successful with Zeal for Life & Lai Rupe Choreography's 90 Day Challenge.


A Strong Why

Think about it: what is it that's driving you to lose weight and tone up? Is it your health, your kids, your desire to feel confident in your own skin?

Whatever it is, that’s your WHY!

*Your why is what started you on your path to fitness. It is your self-motivation!

I know you want to reach your ideal shape, once and for all, and in order to do that, you NEED to be honest about what motivates you!

~Today, I'm going to help you identify and strengthen your why.

When you do this, you’ll be able overcome the obstacles on the path to the body and overall health that you have always wanted. Having a strong why and a great support team could sincerely double your chances of success!

That is why, it is so important for you to strengthen your WHY.


Let's take this challenge together!

Personally message me, Alaina Rupe, to share your "why" with me. I will send you a personal response and together we will change lives!

Alaina Rupe

Health & Wellness Mentor
(801) 577-2095

A little bit about "90 Days to a Better YOU" with Lai Rupe!

"I'VE SPENT MOST OF MY LIFE spending hundreds of dollars on vitamins, minerals, and 'nutritious foods.' When I found that I can get all of my vitamins, minerals, and super foods in ONE delicious drinks, for less than a Starbucks Coffee, I knew my "healthy-lifestyle" would change for the better. Little did I know, it would lead me to change other's lives too!"

~Alaina Rupe

Thanks for joining us as we work on

90 days to a better YOU!

For the next 90 Days, we will be posting Videos, Pictures and written out workouts for you to take on. The first few will be more simple, to ease you in. YOU know your body, so always be sure to challenge yourself, without going too far.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

Changing lives, one person at a time!

Contact Alaina for more details:



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