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Knowing When To Replace Your Air Force One Shoes

Updated on March 20, 2011

Air Force One Shoes Are Ergonomically Designed

How do you know it's time to replace your Air Force One shoes? Knowing when to replace your Air Force One shoes can depend on many factors. Many people believe that a shoe is acceptable to wear until the sole wears out, but this is not always the case. The inside of a shoe is where all the support and cushioning is, and this wears out a lot faster than the rubber on the soles. For athletes, the support inside an Air Force One shoe is very important in preventing injuries.

Air Force One Shoes Are Extremely Durable

The standard way to determine when to replace your Air Force One shoes is by how far you've run. Professional runners like to keep a log of their runs or jogs to track the distance they've travelled. Experts suggest replacing running shoes about every 400 - 500 miles, or after 4 - 6 months if you run often.

Air Force One Shoes are stylish and attractive
Air Force One Shoes are stylish and attractive

Replacing your Air Force One shoes after 400 miles is fine if you use them strictly for jogging or running. However, if you also wear your Air Force One shoes for everday use, they will wear out even quicker. Use a cheap pedometer to track the every day use of your shoes and add this total to your running journal.

It is recommended that you have two pairs of running shoes, one strictly for running or jogging and one for every day use. A really good pair of Air Force One shoes can be quite expensive, so you'll want them to last as long as possible.

There are some cases when you should replace your Air Force One shoes earlier. Heavier people tend to be harder on shoes, making them wear out faster, although you can get specially designed shoes from athletic stores that are made to last longer.

Air Force One Shoes for women even come in pink!
Air Force One Shoes for women even come in pink!

Air Force One Shoes Are Some Of The Most Famous Shoes Anywhere

Air Force Ones are some of the most renowned athletic footwear in the world and are present in the pantheon of great shoe brands such as Pony shoes, LAMB shoes, clogs shoes, Dexter shoes, MIA shoes, Report shoes and K1X(Kickz) shoes. These are definitely not wholesale flip flops, we're in the extremely high quality category here!

The Air Force One shoe is the standard for sports footwear both for men and women. Women's Air Force One shoes are extremely popular as womens Air Force One shoes and Air Force One tennis shoes are suitable for a wide variety of everyday tasks as well as being great on the court. Given the fact that you can get Air Force One shoes low design and Air Force One shoes mid design, there is a style that suits anyone!

Although there is no such thing as cheap Air Force One shoes if you look hard enough online you can find bonafide genuine discount Air Force One shoes, even the higher priced ones like the Jordan Air Force One shoes and the custom Air Force One shoes. You don't have to limit your color style choices to white Air Force One shoes or black Air Force One shoes, as you can also find red Air Force One shoes and even pink Air Force One shoes!

Jordan Air Force One Shoes are among the most popular models
Jordan Air Force One Shoes are among the most popular models

Air Force One Shoes: Quality Shoes Can Prevent Injury

 If you're just starting an exercise routine, carefully consider the quality of your Air Force One shoes. Exercise can be extremely hard on a person's feet, back and legs, and having a high quality shoe with comfort and support can minimize potential for an injury. If your Air Force One shoes aren't comfortable then it's time to buy new ones!

How To Customize Your Air Force One Shoes

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    • fresh2def05 profile image


      9 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      Good hub. even though I switch mine out as soon as they get that crease at the toe


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