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Knowing our options while aging in this century

Updated on January 22, 2015

The legal system we must live with as we age or find ourselves disabled, as our course is a quest of Mt. Everest. We built this legal system and now we must be prepared to use it to our advantage, not have it use us. Just as the American Family has evolved over the years; so have the legal steps we lined up for ourselves. This article will cover just a few of these new rules to play by.

There is a very good possibly that our property taxes can be decreased due to our age and income. The theory is that we should pay less as we have a limited income. Being one of the more pleasant changes we will live with as we age. Too find out if we qualify, check with the county assessor or the Township clerk.

We are the group who developed CPS (Child Protective Services) to help protect our children. Although this was a very positive idea, the tables are now turned and we have APS (Adult Protective Services) for our protection. Just as there are inherent problems with CPS the same is true of APS, partly due to the realization that we are adults and have certain rights under the law. While reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights tells us what rights we have. These are also rights we can lose if there is a legal case regarding our ability to care for ourselves. And anyone watching the debates concerning the ability to have guns will be the first to say ‘guard our rights’. Legal rights when either a Guardianship or Conservatorship is initiated can be withdrawn, depending on the state of residence. These can be very scary and upsetting as we have never had any real problems with the law and now these people are going to impose their wishes on us.

We are now without many of our friends and/or family, due to our age and limitations. Our friends are passing on and our family maybe as well, where do we turn? This is a question to be tackled by us with the full knowledge how we can safeguard our person and property. And if we are the adult children of the people these laws are meant to protect, we now must learn to live within these parameters.

This column will weekly look at these and other issues to help us understand and advocate for our or others rights as we age.


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