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Known But To God.

Updated on October 4, 2010

Known but to God.


Did he live on Main street?
Did he have a dog as a boy?
Did his Mom and his Dad smile at him
as he went off to war? their pride and joy.....

Did he leave behind babies?
Did he leave a wife?
will they wonder where he's gone to?
for the rest of their life?

In a white sarcophagus
lies a soldier who remains
forever more anonymous
a mystery with no name

Here the mothers, and fathers,
and sisters, and brothers,
they come and gaze in tears,
wondering if he could be the one
they've been missing all these years??

Could he be Bobby? or Timmy? or...Bill?
wondering if they'll ever know for sure
but I guess they never will......never still.

Did he love to play baseball?
Did he one day dream he'd find fame?
could he ever foresee
fate would claim him to be
a man with no name???

Did he die as a hero?
Or all alone in great fear did he fall?
staring up at the sky
with a small anguished cry
answering his countries call?

In a white sarcophagus
lies a young man all alone,
who not by choice left all his ties
buried here so far from home

Where the Grandmas, and Grandpas
and neighbors and friends
they come to gaze through tears
wondering if he could be the one
to bring answers to their fears

Could he be Frankie?....or Brian?...or John?...
wondering if they'll ever meet again
somewhere in the great beyond?

where he's gone.

Did he often send home a letter?
saying," I love you all, things are fine?"
While the distant guns boomed,
scribbling, "I'll be home soon."
then vanishing for all time

Have you ever stopped for a visit
just to lay down a wreath by his side?
it was for you he gave
up his life and his name
and for your country he died.

In a white Sarcophagus
where elite guards gently trod
lies a hero to the masses
with a name known but to God....

and all races of people, all ages...all creeds
come from miles around to see
this place where the laid
the men who gave all they had
when they died to keep us free.

"Hail to all unknown soldiers
tears for all you never knew
you have paid a great price,
and what we'll give in return
is to honor, and cherish you...
as heroes true"



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