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Known But To God Alone.

Updated on October 12, 2009

One of so many victims at Pompei

 Known But To God!

The pompous doubted

the scrubbing of the

lava flows at Pompeii,
sitting high in their castles

that dissolved beneath them
as they melted into the common mass
becoming stone monuments

to extinction by fire.

The sinful scoffed at

the prophets of doom
and fled not the lust filled

walls of Soddom and Gomorrah,
even one who ran, turned back

to look with remorse
upon what she was losing

and became a pillar of salt
a crystalized monument to vices mourned.

And as huge waves washed

over Atlantis those who chose
not to struggle swallowed the sea

and became fish bait,
as a civilization was erased

in a sudden wave of nature's fury
grinding the flesh into sand blasted

monuments to those forever lost
beneath the ocean's grasp.

Even on a smaller scale,

the Amelia Earhart's

and the Dr. Livingstone's
and the M.I.A.'s from all wars

became immortalized by the methods
in which they parted this world

without a trace.


Empty ground
holding hollow coffins

marked by monuments of granite
to all those never recovered by earth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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