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Knowing the Types of Depression

Updated on May 13, 2012

There are several types of depression that people suffer from. While there are many kinds of depression illnesses such as anxiety depression, clinical depression, chronic depression, and postpartum depression: most of these still fall into the basic three categories that are:

Major depressive disorders: These people may find themselves continuously feeling sad, hopeless, unable to feel pleasure or enjoyment of anything, or become very irritable. They may find themselves unable to sleep properly or their eating patterns suddenly turn into one of excessive eating or not wanting to eat at all. They may also have a hard time trying to concentrate on any one thing or even thinking in a clear manner. Feelings of guilt or unworthiness of love are also emotions felt in major depressive disorders. Depending on the extent of their depression, some people may also hear imaginary voices talking to them telling them that they are worthless. They start believing these things about themselves and others and this in turn makes them spiral into unhappiness. This can also lead to thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts for up to 15% of people suffering from major depression. This type of depression will generally go away though within a few months if proper treatment and medication is prescribed.

Dsthymia or depressive neurosis is another of the common type of depression afflicting people of all ages. This type of depression can be known to last for years at a time. This can often be harder to diagnose as it can be mistaken or confused with other forms of physical or mental illnesses that produce chronic distress.

Bipolar depression is the third type of depression known to many. This was once called manic depressive illness. This type of illness involves periods of highs and lows. Sometimes there are symptoms of major depressive disorder and other times there is a manic phase where there is a lot of mental excitement felt. Little sleep, increased social, sexual and physical activity is often experienced in a manic phase. Manic people can feel like they are able to do anything and can often overlook areas and situations where they could be harmed. It is said that about 1 in 10 people with a depressive disorder has manic periods of activity.

While there is constantly research going on into the types of depression that are found today, there is still much to learn on the exact brain chemistry and why some people are more susceptible than others to depression. With the treatments that are available, it is possible to learn how to deal with depression without the fear or concern for anyone's safety and mental health.


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    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 

      6 years ago from UK

      Useful succinct summary of the types of Depression, ebookshack, well done.


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