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Kratom -- Why Big Pharma Hates It & People Love It

Updated on November 2, 2014

Kratom Satisfies Human Needs Better Than Prescription Drugs

The herb Kratom -- Mitragyna speciosa -- has become surprisingly popular for a growing number of Americans with various conditions that the pharmaceutical industry has poorly served and often ignored. Fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain due to arthritis and injuries are some of the conditions where patients are turning to kratom out of frustration with pharmaceutical drug side-effects and lack of benefit.

Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are not pleased with the loss of revenue that this humble herb is causing them. With their financial pull they seem to be behind a nationwide, state-by-state campaign to demonize the herb with lurid TV news reports and simultaneous legislative moves to ban the herb.

For those who know and use kratom daily, without incident, this David vs. Goliath battle is almost comical in its heavy-handed distortion of the truth -- and plainly reminiscent of past media campaigns against marijuana, which also turned out to offer relief for many conditions (and is now belatedly receiving respect and increasing legal recognition as a non-problem).

While it is not completely accurate to say that Big Pharma "hates" kratom, they seem to prefer to take it apart and sell it piece by piece, as new drugs. Ultimately, their plan appears to be to patent beneficial alkaloids contained in kratom, while using the force of law to deny access to the natural herb.

Will they succeed? That depends on you, dear reader.

Many Americans Are Tired of Being Lied To

We're tired of "being treat like mushrooms -- kept in the dark and fed manure".
We're tired of "being treat like mushrooms -- kept in the dark and fed manure".

Classic Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

When you step back and look at this propaganda battle from a business perspective, it is all about competition for market share.

The pharmaceutical industry has legislated and -- with its growing affluence -- bought its way into a position whereby drugs are the only permissible medicine for any physical complaint. This has all happened in the past 100 years. Before that, most Americans used herbs, herbal teas,poultices, and tinctures of herbs to treat their own medical issues.

How Is This Switch to Pharmaceutical Drugs Serving Our Health? The Results Don't Look Good

In the past 100 years we have forgotten much of what we knew about herbs and how to wisely use them. We have moved to the cities and lost the cultural familiarity bred by thousands of years of using plants as our medicines.

We Have Been Taught to Fear Herbs, Germs, Raw Milk & Our Own Immune System

This is not to imply that there is no benefit to the standardization and enforced dependability that some regulation can bring to the table. It is merely mentioned to point out that we, as a nation, have lost our self-reliant, self-responsible approach which is useful when dealing with herbs.

We now generally assume that products that make it onto store or pharmacy shelves are safe, which -- as we have seen -- is not always the case.

The assumption that the FDA is "on our side" and there to protect us from danger is itself dangerous. The FDA approval of unsafe drugs can be bought in various ways.

Setting up the FDA as the drug watchdog for safety can present another obstacle when a "new dietary ingredient" arrives on the scene. The FDA can force the new herb to jump through extensive hoops to receive approval -- or they can refuse approval.

Many appointed officials and advisers to the FDA have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. This creates a massive conflict of interest, making America's health less important than pharmaceutical industry profits.

Entering the Media Gauntlet Poses More Hoops to Jump Through

It doesn't serve the public's need for "fair and balanced" reporting of all sides of an issue to use inflammatory reports that "In places where it is available, kids are ending up in the hospital after using it(kratom)."

Yes, and don't kids end up in emergency rooms a lot more frequently from drinking too much beer -- or taking Mom's prescription meds? These can be fatal and frequently are, but no similar campaigns are underway to remove the dangerous pharmaceutical medications that are killing about 100,000 Americans every year, based on one very conservative estimate by the Journal of the American Medical Association a few years ago.

Kratom, like that other demonized herb, marijuana, has never killed anyone and is unlikely to, as medical research has shown.

What is really shocking is the license the TV news reports take in pulling no punches to paint this innocent herb as a public health calamity in the making. This would be ludicrous for those of us who know and like this herb, if it wasn't such a departure from what media claims to be: Fair and Balanced.

Why Are the Media Automatically On the Attack?

To start an a news article with the lead-in. "It's been called "the legal form of heroin", rather sets the tone and lets us know we're in for some Yellow Journalism on steroids. Religion has been called, "the opiate of the people", but would devotees of religion find that factual...or slanted?

The glaring irony of reports like this that claim to be concerned about children getting their hands on kratom, is that this type of reporting guarantees that underage kids will become aware and approach the herb with the reckless abandon that will quite possibly send them into the ER with nausea and malaise, which will fuel more frantic cries from the media. "See, we told you so!"

Meanwhile, perhaps a million adults are quietly using the herb responsibly, but little mention is made of that reality.

Instead, "experts" on drugs are brought in from the sheriff's department, the state Office of Narcotic Drugs, and local rehab clinics -- all of whom have a financial conflict of interest that clouds their judgement.

You might think the media, the sheriff, local politicians and doctors would be glad to see heroin and opioid drug addicts kicking their habit with kratom's help -- but you would be wrong.

Just ask yourself, "Who is one of the largest buyers of TV and other media advertising?" Do you see that whole chains of TV stations that are dependent on ads for pharmaceutical drugs might be hesitant to say anything that might displease their best customer?

In a war for market share, Truth is the first casualty. (my apologies to Aeschylus, ancient Greek philosopher.)

Propaganda Has Eclipsed Common Sense

The most useful information this author learned in 3rd grade -- apart from the now nearly lost arts of spelling, doing math in one's head, and learning to hide under my desk if the Russians drop a nuclear bomb on our school -- was a class about the principles of propaganda.

This, of course, was intended to protect my young mind from the dangers of Commie lies at the height of the Cold War, but it has served me well to this day. These days, most of the lies come from agencies of my own government and the money-mad media.

The raucous screaming from media anchors about kratom brings to mind the quote from author Robert Ringer: "The louder the abuse, the greater the lie."

It is so obvious what is being done to cultivate fear of kratom by cherry-picking hearsay and anecdotal evidence, that it should be recognized by all -- even if they have no direct knowledge of this unfamiliar herb.

Unfortunately, so far as I know, that propaganda course that we took 55 years ago is no longer taught. Nevertheless, now we need it more than ever.

Here are a few of the outrageous "talking points" that most of these TV news stories have in common:

  • Kratom is like legal heroin. (More accurately applied to Oxycontin, a deadly prescription painkiller, which is FDA approved.)
  • Kratom causes delusions, hallucinations like LSD (Kratom does neither, but long-term abuse of alcohol can cause both.)
  • Kratom is like Cocaine (Really? In what way? A double espresso is stronger!)
  • Kratom has no medical use (Then why do Glaxo-Smith-Kline and other drug companies hold multiple patents on key kratom alkaloids?)
  • Kratom can depress breathing, leading to death, says the DEA (The medical research says just the opposite, but why let the truth get in the way of a good sound-bite?)
  • Thailand outlawed kratom in 1943 because of the problems it created. (No, it was outlawed to protect the government's revenue from the sale of opium.)

Notice that all the abuse is directed toward this herb. There is no counterbalancing alarm about the 100,000 deaths caused by products of the pharmaceutical industry. All the talk is about the purported dangers of kratom; nothing is mentioned about the fatalities caused every day by FDA-approved products like Tylenol, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Vioxx, vaccines, etc.

Wait a minute. We thought the FDA was making sure everything is safe for us -- so why are these products still on the market, but kratom -- the painkiller that has never killed anyone -- is treated like it's poison?

Why Is This?

This is due to the power the pharmaceutical industry has as one of the largest advertisers on TV and in other American media. It is a well-known adage in business and private life that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Here is a Perfect Description of the Power a 900-lb. Gorilla Has To Corrupt the Truth

The Image Doesn't Match the Reality

This is more like the reality of what American-style diet, lifestyle, and drugs do to us.
This is more like the reality of what American-style diet, lifestyle, and drugs do to us. | Source

Why Has American Health Become So Poor?

The U.S. health care system has fallen under the evil spell of the pharmaceutical drug industry, which would like you to believe that drugs are good, clean, safe, and healthful -- and that herbs are dangerous, unknown, and scary.

So, where has this philosophy taken us? We are dead last among 17 industrialized nations surveyed for health outcomes.

We spend the most for "Sickness Care" and we are the sickest -- What Does This Tell Us?

Even though there is a natural, healthy way to solve most or perhaps all of the problems drugs are claimed to solve, we are urged by drug commercials to choose the easy way out.

"Don't take a walk, take a pill!" Don't correct your diet, have some insulin!"

Our doctors, in the few minutes they have to spend with us, are more likely to write us a prescription than to urge us to eat more vegetables.

Our human weakness for convenience has been exploited by all manner of modern corporations, resulting in a physically/morally/emotionally weaker and sicker population.

We are being mercilessly marketed to by a tag-team of professionals who sell us the convenient dream meals enjoyed by energetic, slim, photogenic youth in TV commercials and the pain and symptom relief enjoyed by oldsters who benefit from prescription meds.

But what is the reality of our situation? The reality is that the more health care we receive in the form of pills, vaccines, and surgery, the sicker we become.

When doctors can do no more for us, they prescribe narcotics and anti-depressants, to keep us "comfortable". Nothing gets cured in the realm of chronic degenerative diseases, which is where we spend the most.

What Is Your Experience with Kratom

Have You Ever Used Kratom to Break an Addiction to Prescription Drugs?

See results

Medical Students Are Kept In the Dark, Too

Because Medical Doctors know virtually nothing about human nutritional needs, they have given us much bad advice, which has led us to get sicker and sicker. Which, coincidentally, is good for their and Big Pharma's business model.

Pharma's money has a lot of influence over what gets taught at medical schools across the country, so it is not totally the medical students' fault that they fall for Pharma's version of Reality. By keeping them "in the dark", they can innocently advocate treatments concocted by Pharma that often have no basis in common sense or science.

The Best Liar Is One Who Doesn't Know He's Lying

Most doctors don't seem to know that our food is only a shadow of what it used to be. Vegetables, animals, grains, all our food crops are deficient in minerals -- minerals which we must have in greater abundance than is practical to get from our mass-produced "food".

So, they're telling us to eat a "healthy balanced diet", but the reality is that few people do even that -- and the ones who do, still don't get enough of these essential minerals.

So, we may develop type-2 diabetes, due to a deficiency of chromium and vanadium, but our doctor gives us a pill containing neither one. Metformin interferes with the processing of blood sugar in the liver and also depletes a very important Vitamin, B-12, which makes diabetics feel even more tired.

For another example of this insanity: We get "Restless Leg Syndrome", because we are deficient in calcium, we rarely get any exercise, so we can't sleep soundly at night, so we wake up tired, and we must drink coffee all day to keep us going.

Then, the next night the scenario repeats itself.

So, rather than taking a long walk and/or supplementing with bio-absorbable calcium, we ask the doctor for a pill. (Your doctor knows very little about the many important functions of calcium -- and besides, he doesn't sell it!)

But, Boys and Girls, does your doctor have a lot of drugs to choose from for this "syndrome"! It's a gold-mine for the pharmacist!

However, the prognosis is not good. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has this to say: "RLS is generally a lifelong condition for which there is no cure".

They seem to have a lot of diseases and conditions these days that have no cure -- and I know why! It's because humanity is meant to do a lot of walking daily, not sit around in an office or at home watching TV. We're supposed to eat real food grown in fertile soils, not some washed-out industrial farm field sprayed with cheap fertilizer!

Our lifestyle and diet, stress and a variety of chemical exposures are the causes of most of the diseases, conditions, and syndromes but how much effort is directed at correcting the causes of our illness? None, usually. We get prescribed some drugs.

Of course there is no cure because we as a nation are not living a normal life -- and our doctor is not taught what to do about it, except give us a series of pills, trying to find something that works, more or less.

This is often how addiction to opioid narcotics begins for average people who never took an illegal drug in their life. With powerful drugs like oxycodone, becoming addicted is a cinch!

Key Points About Kratom

  • Many Americans could benefit from Kratom
  • Our pharmaceutical-centered Sickness Care Industry is causing the shocking decline in our health -- there's more profit for them that way
  • The love of Money, not the desire to heal Humanity is driving our U.S. medical system
  • Big Pharma has so much money that everyone wants to play along with their immoral, unethical conduct: the Media, the FDA, the DEA, state legislators
  • Many Americans are well aware they are being lied to -- and they're tired of it
  • All Americans are being robbed of their Health, their Looks, their Youth, so Pharma can increase its profit margins and market share
  • For the vast majority of Kratom users, this herb is the key to breaking unsatisfying addictions to Pharma's drugs
  • All users of Herbs are threatened by the same forces that want to outlaw kratom (Codex Alimentarius)

Kratom Is the Perfect Elixir for Breaking Addictions

The care of chronic diseases and pain in the USA is profit-driven -- set up to sell pharmaceutical drugs, which it does very well.

It doesn't matter that these drugs are little better than a placebo. It doesn't matter if they occasionally kill a few thousand people. What matters is that they have paid the gatekeeper to say they're safe.

They may turn out to be very addictive and sometimes lethal, but they're FDA approved.

So, to keep this simple, the person with Restless Leg Syndrome, which could easily be corrected with mineral supplements appropriate for their weight and perhaps a little light walking and a little less coffee, goes from dopaminergics, to sleep drugs, to ultimately opioids and becomes addicted.

This is where Kratom comes in, for some who hate opioid side-effects.

Kratom is a natural herb that could help with the underlying symptoms -- as well as letting them fairly easily escape their addiction to opioids.

But the FDA, like the good Pharma lapdog they are, has begun to restrict kratom from entering the country. So, Mr. Jones -- an appropriate name for an opioid addict, eh? -- can't get kratom (and besides, he's heard the media say it may be dangerous and is on the DEA list of Drugs of Concern).

So, Mr. Jones is stuck with his addiction to Vicodin, Percocet, or Oxycodone, which together with other drugs he is taking may accidentally kill him.

But at least the FDA kept Mr. Jones and millions of other hurting Americans safe from kratom (which has never, by itself --even at huge doses -- killed anyone).

What a tragedy that we have allowed ourselves to fall under the hypnotic spell of people who profit massively from keeping us broke, sick, and in pain.

This may be the reason why Big Pharma, specifically GSK wants kratom off the market.

The Bigger Story Behind Kratom

The push to outlaw kratom tells a much bigger story about why health care in America is so ineffective and expensive. Perversely, the system -- including the FDA -- we have in place, is fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way.

Kratom is merely a convenient example of an herb that has successfully been used to treat opiate, alcohol, and methadrine addiction for many years in Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, but that evidence will not be considered by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

"Kratom has not proven itself to be reasonably safe," they will say. (As if the FDA-approved opioid and other drugs that killed 38,300 men and women in 2010 are the Gold Standard of safety!)

Here, kratom must plead its case before a kangaroo court stacked with former officials of the pharmaceutical industry, who see the herb as a powerful competitor that can take away Pharma's lucrative market for addictive, though often fatal, painkillers and antidepressants.

In this Hub, we see the true colors of Big Pharma. They are all about the money! The money is in treating symptoms, certainly not teaching the public how to prevent disease!

An herb that allows addicts to break their addiction to Big Pharma's home...without professional counseling or medical supervision -- all at a huge savings to Medicare/Medicaid and private employers? This is what Big Pharma hates about kratom!

Kratom is by no means the solution to all of America's health care problems. That is a huge topic and outside the scope of this Hub. Kratom is -- for the most part -- just another, healthier form of symptomatic relief from pain, anxiety, depression, hypertension, etc.

Kratom is simply a symptomatic treatment that is being used by close to a million Americans, which has never killed those who use it.

Ironically, it is being opposed by those who have a vested interest in all the painkillers and other drugs that regularly kill their patients.

This is the crux of why this style of so-called "Health Care" has let Americans down and is draining this once-great country of its health and its economic competitiveness.

The "bottom line" in all this controversy comes down to this: In America, "the land of the free", do we still have the freedom to decide what we will consume as food for our body and our soul? If we harm no one, accepting responsibility for our actions, and are productive happy citizens, why should the FDA usurp our God-given rights to use kratom like others use coffee, willow bark, or ginseng?

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    • profile image

      Eric 6 weeks ago

      Good article my friend. I know it’s old but it still is very accurate and hard not to believe. My girlfriend suffers from epilepsy, kratom prevents and helps her seizures along with Phenibut which i wouldn’t be surprised if they try to ban that too. If they ban Kratom or other supplements they won’t just be effecting me but those I love too. I’ve been on many medications ranging from benzodiazepines to psychostimulants I’m also an addict. Kratom is like 10 different meds in one plant, it is an anti-aggregant, anti-diabetic, has SNRI properties, helps addiction, helps moderate to severe pain and much more. I’ve had Bipolar my whole life and still suffer from it to this day but atleast kratom helps even out my moods and suppressed my urge to use other drugs. Before kratom you could say I was a mess. All the hospitals and rehabs are awful, especially hospitals and how they treat their patients at times. Good job spreading the good news I’m tired ignorant kratom being called a bath salts like substance. I’ve done Bathsalts (MDPV) and it’s nowhere near what kratom is like. I surely hope this herb remains legal, luckily in NJ there’s no legislation to ban it which surprises me since we have governor Christie who doesn’t like any medicinal herbs it seems. People need to stop selling kratom as a legal high because it’s not a high at all I mean it’s a little euphoric but I wouldn’t call it an intoxicating substance just very gentle. All the propaganda of people dieing from kratom is ridiculous and uncalled for especially since all these people have pre medical conditions that did the trick and not the kratom. If a man has a heart attack from unhealthy habits and there’s kratom in his system then BOOM a big front line article “Legal Bathsalt kratom kills man” it’s crazy. I certainly hope one day the drug war will end once we as a country peacefully stand up for ourselves, I mean we are “the land of the free” but yet we have the highest incarceration rate in the world! Yeah that’s really free! Yeah we aren’t the worse country but I definitely believe other countries of more freedom in a lot of ways. Anyways I don’t know if you’ll reply since this is old but that’s okay I feel better that I gave my 2 cents. See you later Paul I read your articles quite a bit for the non bias truthful views you possess. With love from an internet stranger - Eric

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 2 years ago

      Thanks for saying so, Tim. Those who would ban it because they hope to profit from it, my someday wish they had easy access to it, if we fail to preserve our rights.

      Assuming that everyone is going to abuse every herb is a grim view of humanity's innate intelligence when they are allowed freedom of choice, instead of having government protect them from any bad choice they might make.

      It seems that every drug they want to ban makes most people who use it smarter -- and the FDA "zombie drugs" they promote make us aggressive and dangerous, not the other way around.

      We have formed the to protect the public's right to use this herb and we're getting a lot of support and funds, so don't despair. Join us and leave your story on our Web site. It will help.

    • profile image

      Tim Kramer 2 years ago

      This is really a great article. You really hit the nail on the head about this herb. I have been using Kratom for my anxiety for almost a year now and I can say that all of the negative things the press is saying are false. Kratom is so much more effective than the zombie-drug xanax that the doc prescribed me. So sad that the almighty dollar is more important to big Pharma, the FDA, and news companies than the health and well-being of the people.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 2 years ago

      You are very kind. It's words of thank like yours that keep me going. So many people depend on the relief from this herb, which is nothing like the numb stupor of opiates or the Happy Daze of MMJ. If only the people who want to ban it would try it, they would see it is nothing like it has been portrayed.

      This weekend we did a fundraiser and Grand Opening for so we can send a rep to a strategy meeting with lobbyists to defeat a Florida ban on kratom. Stay tuned for more on this.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 2 years ago

      Thanks, Scarlet. A woman with Lyme Disease and I have started a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting to keep kratom legal throughout the U.S. We're starting the battle for Florida with a successful fundraiser to send my partner, Susan Ash, to Orlando for a strategy meeting shortly. There are some big players who are coming to bat for keeping Florida a legal state for kratom. Susan and so many others need kratom, which they prefer as their medicine.

      Don't despair. I'll be doing a new article largely on this topic here on Hubpages. Stay tuned. Check out for more information.

    • profile image

      scarlet moore 2 years ago

      I've been suffering from fibromyalgia,lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. Yet,because I have the bad luck to live in Florida I have to suffer in pain daily. Thanks to the famous pill mills and pharmacy fraud we that live here deal with the fallout that causes someone with only one prescription to fill for (1) 20 mg a day of adderall for add&CFS to be treated like a shady character & that's by pharmacy staff. I'm to fearful to ask my Dr. For something for my muscle spasms and pain and I suffered through months of dental work to correct a deep overbite that led to root canals,etc with only enough medicine for 2 days of pain relief after 8hrs of dental work in one sitting. I've only recently heard of Kratom on medical consumer posts because, right now there's a serious problem with generics making thousands of us sick. I pray I will still have the freedom to try this before the powers that be remove that option because, like many of us out there I desperately need a new one. Thank You

    • profile image

      thanks you 2 years ago

      You sir, are my new hero. You are a light in the dark shadow of big pharma. I am glad to have people like you on my side, fighting for what I and so many others know and believe. I grew up on ritalin and adderall. It took me 25 years to get clean off the poisons they fed me over the years. Kratom has changed my life and i now work a 9-5 job and contribute to society instead of being hooked on legal speeds and oxycontins. Please keep up the good work. I will refer any of these kratom hating journalists to you in their comments every chance i get.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 2 years ago

      Thank you, jwillett, for the encouraging comment. I try to be fair. We certainly hear far too many of the negative predictions of what may happen to those who abuse this herb. Why do reporters always assume that everyone must be taken over by an overwhelming desire to consume too much?

      Most reporters are paid to present an article favoring an agenda that their publication wishes to put forth. They don't even try the herb to see if it is as terrible as they are depicting it.

      I simply try to tell it as I see it.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      jwillett 2 years ago

      Great Article. Thank you for reporting exactly what is happening, we do not see articles like this unfortunately. Most 'reporters' have some agenda. Of course during the process of researching I'm sure reporters, if they do go into whatever they are reporting on with an open mind, do come away with an opinion. I would still hope the facts with some input from pro and con folks would be reported. Once again thank you for the great article.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Hello, Nick:

      Good question and good to hear from you again! We are ready to explain what I was referring to, so your timing is good.

      We have formed a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit group with a small Board of Directors and a Web site at, which can accept donations and work toward the scientific recognition of the unique benefits of this herb. We will be filling out the Web site in the coming weeks, selecting other Board members, and setting our project goals and priorities. The project has been very well received by the online kratom community on Facebook.

      I believe that the more people who have tried and appreciate this amazing herb, the better chance we will have to preserve its legality. I would not hesitate to let other vets know about the herb, while we get in position to petition the VA and others to study the research on kratom and (hopefully) agree that it is worth conducting human trials with vets.

      As I'm sure you are aware, the wheels of government agencies turn slowly. On our side of things, we are actively seeking medical doctors and other professionals to work on our Board to establish our credibility to even request such a study.

      I am optimistic about the ultimate success of this timely project. The timetable is anybody's guess, however. We are moving with all due haste, but there are many moving pieces to this equation, as you can imagine.

      If you and other veterans will help us sign petitions that are being circulated through in response to the states, cities, and counties which are considering banning this herb, this would be most helpful. The more support we have from citizens, the better.

      Florida is currently a battleground state, where a new member of their legislature will be bringing forth a a bill in the coming months to ban kratom in that state. So far, kratom supporters have been successful in causing 2 counties there to put any ban on hold.

      Because there are lives at stake, with vets committing suicide daily, I would urge you to share your experience with others. There are several very active user groups on Facebook that will help vets learn how to use the herb: KratomAssociation, Free Kratom to Spread Awareness, and Kratom(New & Current Users) are dedicated to help.

      I took the liberty to use your comments in an article -- -- and there is also a New Users' Guide newly posted on their blog.

      I and many others are determined to get the word out about the benefits of kratom for the many people who are not being helped by conventional pharmaceutical medications.

      As always, I appreciate and am energized by your follow-up for the sake of the others who could benefit, if they only knew about this very misunderstood plant. Please stay in touch and share any new ideas you have.

    • profile image

      Nick 3 years ago

      Hello Paul, I have a question. When you say you are getting in a position to press for clinical trials, what are you referring to? I hope that something like this will actually come about, before it is banned for being safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. I feel like this could work wonders for people suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. It certainly has worked for me. I have only been using Kratom for about three weeks. I notice on days when I don't take it, I still feel relaxed and in good spirits.

      I would love to spread the word about kratom to as many veterans as possible, to increase the chances of them getting off the harmful medications that they are being prescribed. However, I fear that by spreading the word it will increase the chance of it getting banned.

      Anyway, I was just wondering what exactly you (and your team I suppose) are doing to raise awareness of the benefits of kratom.



    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thank you, Nick, for leaving your story that gives me perspective for a future article. I have long thought that the problems of combat-induced PTSD could be very effectively treated with kratom. I will definitely do an article on this subject soon.

      Getting the VA bureaucracy to try using kratom in legitimate testing would be ideal. I am aware of the harm that using psychiatric drugs causes. (I can also imagine the bureaucratic resistance to trying an herb for this purpose, but we are getting in position to press for using kratom in clinical trials.)

      When your sister is ready to quit, kratom can make easy work of breaking opioid addiction. She can find caring support groups on Facebook.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Nick. Your success illustrates the amazing healing potential possible with this plant. I assure you that we are working to defeat Big Pharma's sly campaign to spread fear and misunderstanding of this simple natural herb.

    • profile image

      Nick 3 years ago

      Paul, I can't say enough about how spot on this article is. I have felt this way for some time now. I stumbled upon Kratom at the beginning of this week and have been doing my research. As somebody who has seen his sister have her life destroyed by prescription pain medicine, I see great potential with this. That being said, I knew big pharma would be out to stop it. That's how I found this article actually. I was doing a google search to see if they were pressing to ban it.

      I myself have suffered from moderate PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder after several deployments to Iraq. So far Kratom seems to totally alleviate those symptoms. It is mostly the anxiety I deal with, constant worry. While in the military they prescribed me various anxiety medications and I stopped taking them after about six months. I understood the risk and the harmful side effects that came with it.

      I have long believed that for every synthetically made substance, there is a safe and natural herb that they are trying to mimic. At first I thought this must be too good to be true, but the more I read, the more I am impressed with the benefits and safety of the plant.

      I have told my father about Kratom, as he has been dealing with my sister's addiction and all the problems that come with it. He is hopeful that it might help her kick her addiction, but we need to make her in buy into it. I have also told a few veterans that suffer from moderate-to-severe PTSD and other mood disorders, and they are excited to give this a try. The VA, and American health care in general, tend to try to put a band aid on problems by prescribing numerous prescriptions. They often don't mix well, and have terrible side effects. I hope that America will wake up to the tricks of big pharma, before harmless naturally remedies are banned. Thank you for this article.


    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Sarah. It is all about money, as far as Big Pharma is concerned. It's not personal, it's just business. First you paid them to get you hooked. Then, when you're sick and tired of opioids, they will sell you ways to get off opioids -- but it won't be cheap.

      Kratom has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans get off opiates and opioids, benzos, alcohol, and other drugs. It makes detoxing fairly easy and almost pain-free. It's no joke and not a sales pitch.

      So, of course, Big Pharma does not like to lose customers and they are the invisible sponsor of so much negative publicity on kratom. And yet, people like yourself are flocking to FB groups where they can learn how to use this herb to get un-hooked from narcotics inexpensively and for good.

      The Kratom Association group on Facebook is a good one to join, as are "Kratom, New and Current Users" and "Free Kratom to Increase Awareness".

      I am also blogging on the site, keeping the fight to keep this God-given miracle herb available for all to use for their benefit.

      Stay in touch, Sarah. I'd like to hear your success story. Know that many of us in the kratom community are pulling for your success.

    • profile image

      SARAH S 3 years ago

      WOW! This article is eye opening for sure! I am just so shocked that i haven't heard of this KRATOM plant before. I personally have been broken and slave ridden thanks to opioids! I literally have been fighting for my life the past few years looking for an answer to cure my addiction to IV pain killers and always wondered why I couldn't grasp the help I really need to get off this crap. Now it all makes sense! I couldn't get into a detox because its nearly 40,000 $ for 90 days at a nice rehab facility . Money became the issue. I tried getting on suboxone and that didn't last because YUP AGAIN Money was the issue. Its nearly 500$ to go through the doctor process and get a full script of just ONE MONTH SUPPLY ! I just barely have had a few different options since obama has made medical insurance become mandatory but i can see why its mandatory because they just keep raising the prices higher and higher for someone who is trying to save their own life?? Just unbelievable to me. So this morning i clicked on you tube and literally typed in "THE BEST WAY TO GET OFF PAIN KILLERS" and very first thing that was posted was a video about KRATOM! I eventually got the link for face book and just sent my address to get the free sample which is awesome.. I then kept researching and came across your article! I can't wait to try this GOD PLEASE let this finally be the thing to save my life. I will update you on what i think about it and if it helps me with my situation. Thank You again for all of your information I agree with every word truly! ~~~~SARAH

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Bill and Bekkah. I like to write and Kratom is such a natural topic for me to take on. Obviously, a plant can't defend itself from lies that are told about what it does. I enjoy it, myself, and know first-hand it isn't harmful. I have read the research that has been done on it, so I find no grounds for the alarmist news reports. Don't the DEA and FDA realize they lost all credibility long ago with those who defied their warnings and used another herb that now turns out to have medical and psychological benefits? Let's not repeat those mistakes. Many people need this herb. Why shouldn't adults have the right to choose how they will treat their pain?

    • profile image

      bill and bekkah morris 3 years ago

      we finally found your articles! and frankly, this is very refreshing to see someone actually go out of their way to defend the herb that many people benefit from and cannot 'widely' defend themselves. you're spreading a great message and we are very proud of your writing! keep up the good work!

      Bill and Bekkah

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Chris. I -- and many other kratom fans -- appreciate your help getting the word out.

    • profile image

      Chris 3 years ago

      Hey Paul - sharing this with 28k twitter followers and on my website

      Great job.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      God Bless You, Hermanto! This is definitely a gift to humanity that we are fighting to protect. We kratom-lovers world-wide appreciate your valuable contribution to our well-being and health. Let us know any ideas you have about supporting the freedom to enjoy and benefit from this enlightening herb. Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      Hermanto 3 years ago

      Thank you for all notifications about Kratom that were created by God to man,. To date, more than 10 years I still maintain and strive in produce Kratom in Indonesia and I would not care,.

      Let everyone know that there are lies about prohibiting Kratom

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Amy, for your frank and courageous testimonial. Too often, if the public hears anything about kratom, it is in connection with using it to quit heroin or opioid painkillers. I am glad to have you step forward to give what I am finding is a side of kratom that more people can empathize with.

      Returning soldiers with PTSD, auto accident victims with PTSD, people with severe fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and back pain -- all are like walking dart boards that doctors try throwing one med after the other at them, trying to find one that sorta "works". It's ironic that one of the common side-effects for many anti-depressants is, literally, depression. Another is suicidal thoughts.

      I've seen studies that show that regular light exercise like taking a brisk walk for 40 minutes is better at relieving depression and anxiety than SSRI medications -- and think of how much money the people of this country could save if they went back to using herbs and exercise and healthier nutrition to treat our ailments!

      I believe we are reaching a "tipping point" where the public (the smart ones, anyway) will increasingly be willing to pay out of their pocket for healthier alternatives to the unsatisfying treatments we might get covered by health insurance.

      Thanks for being outspoken and in the vanguard, Amy!

    • Amy Coyle profile image

      Amy Coyle 3 years ago

      Thanks for your reply Paul!

      I absolutely agree with your statement, "I am meeting people online who have rid themselves of not just opioid addictions, but antidepressant, and anti-anxiety addictions. Losing customers-for-life is conceivably not something the pharmaceutical company would enjoy, either."

      One of the major reasons I suffer from chronic depression is social anxiety. It's a negative feedback cycle--the anxiety keeps me from socializing, and the lack of socializing feeds the depression. And then when one is depressed, it's harder to get out there and be social!

      Kratom helps me to overcome my social anxiety, to make more friends, improve my social interactions, therefore helping me feel less depressed! I am also on an anti-depressant, but it has it's limits. It also has it's side-effects...

      Also, to watch tv these days and see all the commercials for this or that medication, prescription and non-prescription, I can't help but think with many of them: "Kratom could probably help these people!"

      Unfortunately in our culture today, many people are only motivated by money, and big businesses are always looking for another way to make more. I fear that if they believe that kratom could undercut their profit margin, they will not hesitate to limit it's availability. And you're right--they would rather have us prescriptions for life, than to have us ultimately fix what was making us sick in the first place!

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Okay, Johnpilsner, to answer your questions one by one, we'll begin with "But where is the evidence that "Big Pharma" is behind this push to outlaw Kratom?"

      There is no hard evidence that I am aware of. If there were, it wouldn't be to their advantage to publish it, would it? Like any good murder mystery, we must ask, "Who has a motive to quietly coordinate a public relations program in multiple states to get the herb kratom off the market?" I believe some large pharmaceutical company, that feels the time is right to release a new opioid painkiller bsed on 7-Hydroxymitragynine, might want to get the herb itself off the market.

      For another thing, I am meeting people online who have rid themselves of not just opioid addictions, but antidepressant, and anti-anxiety addictions. Losing customers-for-life is conceivably not something the pharmaceutical company would enjoy, either.

      But no, I don't think any corporation of the power and status of the large pharmaceutical companies would publish a press release announcing a national campaign like this seems to be. The same general talking points are made over and over on TV stations has the feel of a coordinated campaign. That's all. It is speculation based on some personal knowledge of public relations and how to leverage connections with the press, government agencies, and NGOs to accomplish a purpose.

      I grabbed that old patent by GlaxoSmithKline because it was near the top of the list. Here is a very recent one:

      To respond to your point about the states that have banned kratom in Schedule 1 controlled substance category: Don't you think a respected pharmaceutical manufacturer wouldn't be granted a waiver on such a beneficial new pain reliever? Methadrine is a controlled substance, but it is sold by prescription as Desoxyn to help the obese lose weight. Extasy(MMDA) is being used in PTSD research, for another example. Where there's a will, there is a way.

      Those who can't control their addictive propensities either need to stay away from the herb -- or they could, I believe, learn to master themselves. It's a great place to learn that, "More is not necessarily better."

      You say, "Finally, if "Big Pharma" is behind all this, why did three states remove their proposed bans because of some lobbying and testimonials from proponents of the plant?" Pharma can quietly ask favors of the TV stations that depend on their advertising -- and they can expect their participation will be kept quiet. Pharma doesn't have the same kind of power over politicians. It could be dangerous for politicians' careers if this influence got disclosed.

      Again, John, I think you're taking my speculative concept a lot more seriously than I am. It is an interesting speculation to hold a story together. More than 800 people have read the Hub and you are the only one who has complained -- and that is only how many read it in the first week! I think it is plausible, but I'm not betting my life on it.

      I agree with you that the plant should be kept available, perhaps limited to 18 and older. It should be respected. I have read that there are catechins and other polyphenols, similar to green tea, so it has great potential for benefiting Americans if we calm the incendiary rhetoric that is mostly coming from TV channels.

      One main point that wasn't covered in this Hub: Prohibition doesn't work. It is each individual's responsibility to research and carefully approach any substance they take into their body. I'm not advocating that everyone should try kratom. I think we, as a culture, have a lot to re-learn about respecting and wisely using natural herbs. I'll probably write more on this topic soon.

      I referred to kratom as a God-given herb, meaning that it is part of our inheritance in Nature. I don't want to see its use restricted or curtailed, just as you don't. No, you are making assumptions when you suggest I imply that all of Nature is good and healthy. Obviously, there are many natural poisons. Humans have created some clever stuff like this machine I am typing on.

      But...if I had to draw some general lines between good and evil. I will conditionally side with nature over pharma's profit-driven antics.

      "Where did you get your "1,000,000 Americans" figure? Out of thin air I presume." And you accuse me of jumping to conclusions! No, John, I actually got that figure from a very big kratom importer who has some knowledge of how much is coming into the country. It may be high. I was going to say 500,000 but -- out of respect for this source, I used his figure.

      I'm sorry you feel I'm using the same tactics as those who want to drive kratom off the market, for whatever reason. (I don't feel that I am, but I won't argue with you.) I had a lot of fun writing this and I am pleased that it has been shared. I want more folks to be aware that -- for whatever reason, nefarious or not -- we could lose access to this useful herb if we let ourselves get caught up in another slick propaganda campaign.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Scott. Good points. Will respond this afternoon/evening.

    • Scott P Williams profile image

      Scott P Williams 3 years ago from Miami, Florida

      I can't wait to see the response to JohnPilsner. I would say this: If bills or policies are being passed that outlaw this or outlaw that, we should take a look at the revolving door activity from the corporate world to our public officials. Today they pass a bill and tomorrow they get rewarded with a CEO position and vice versa. If the same person who passed a recent law used to work for big pharma then... you can blame big pharma

      Also I think that if he cites every source for this article, it may not be an article it might turn into a book. This article should be a starting point and not a cause for immediate action. However, JohnPilsner, I do understand your point.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Johnpilsner, I will answer it in detail later when I have more time to do it justice.

    • profile image

      Johnpilsner 3 years ago

      Interesting article, and one I'd like to see more similar too, but you seem to have really jumped to a few conclusions, much as the slanted articles against Kratom do.

      I for one want this plant to be freely available to all adults who should choose to use it. For some time it helped me immensely. But where is the evidence that "Big Pharma" is behind this push to outlaw Kratom? This seems like just another example of the usual Prohibitionist freak out and misinformation. By using your logic were Big Pharma then also behind the sensationalist stories about "bath salts" and "spice"?

      A few other points: that patent you link to is over 50 years old. Moot. The states that have banned Kratom have put it in schedule one, therefore off limits to "Big Pharma" as well, and have done so in bills banning bath salts and spice. Substances to which Kratom bears no resemblance, but were sold side by side in head shops.

      Kratom got me off a debilitating opioid addiction. But then I was stuck on Kratom for several years, and found it * harder* to get off because it is much more than a simple opioid. It has actions all over the brain. I tried and tried but couldn't stay off. I eventually used (gasp) suboxone for a one month taper and have been opioid free for some time. Kratom is just as addictive for many people as other prescription opioids, and for some people more. My story is not unique...the Internet will provide many more examples similar to mine.

      Finally, if "Big Pharma" is behind all this, why did three states remove their proposed bans because of some lobbying and testimonials from proponents of the plant? In the David vs. Goliath scenario you propose this seems unlikely.

      Like I said, I am a proponent of Kratom, but also of fair and balanced (ha) reporting. Kratom has not received such in the mainstream media, nor has it in this article. Close, but your Big Pharma scenario doesn't hold. Also, many underplay the addictive potential of Kratom in an attempt to keep it legal. Fair enough, but not fair to those who buy into it and end up with a monkey on their backs.

      Not sure where you are going with your "god given" angle either....does god play into this? Are man made creations "evil" and naturals "good" and "safe" ??

      Where did you get your "1,000,000 Americans" figure? Out of thin air I presume. This would mean 1 in 300 Americans use Kratom, and this estimate is far, far above others I have read. I have never even met another Kratom user in real life.

      All in all, a better article than most, but when you employ the same tactics you are raging against the whole thing kind of falls flat.

      Kratom has been swept up in the Prohibitionist frenzy of other "legal highs", and every other banned substance before it. Nothing more, nothing less. Until I see actual evidence to the contrary, this is what seems the most logical, it makes good copy.

      Ps- I will give you kudos for highlighting the fact that no one has ever died from Kratom, yet tens of thousands do from legal prescription drugs, and more significantly, alcohol. This is important!

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thank you, Janet Willer, for reading and commenting. I find it a fascinating story that reveals so much about the flaws in our health care system. Glad you enjoyed it, too.

    • Janet Willer profile image

      Janet Willer 3 years ago from Iowa City, Iowa

      This is a great article. So informative and well written. Excellent job!

    • profile image

      Tony M. 3 years ago

      Thank you for this lovely informational article, I truly appreciate it.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Tj!

    • profile image

      Tj 3 years ago

      You nailed it Paul!

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thank you, Ed Hoy. I would love to hear your story, what kratom has done for you. (Leave me a message on Facebook @PaulKempIII, if you would share that privately. That would be tremendously motivating.)

      Thanks for the kind words, they keep me motivated. I think we can win this struggle. When enough people realize they have natural God-given alternatives to the sickening money-grubbing modern medical poisons, they (we) can do amazing things (like that rancher in southern Nevada).

      This is a MUCH bigger story than just this little herb, kratom. When a person, like yourself, realizes how perverse are the motivations of the rich folks hiding behind the curtain in Big Pharma -- and the human damage to friends and family is so stark -- it is very eye-opening.

      E pluribus unum. There is strength in numbers. Help me wake up those who have suffered at the hands of Big Pharma and their blind followers, the Medical Doctors who prescribe their addictive poisons. Let's win this battle for our health and our freedom to know the truth.

    • profile image

      Ed Hoy 3 years ago from Tea, South Dakota

      I can not thank you enough for this concise description of this important issue and information about kratom. Kratom has quite literally changed my life during the past 7 years. To see this non toxic plant being put into the cross hairs of yellow journalism is devastating for me. Your article here should be shared far and wide. You have my eternal and very sincere gratitude.

    • profile image

      Dusty K 3 years ago

      Well said. Pay attention to local legislation and petition any that have a vote to ban kratom. It's the only way to keep this legal. Everyone who knows better needs to stick up for Kratom. Use your voice as a citizen against bullshit, it still means something. They recently tried to ban Kratom in Illinois and Oklahoma, enough letters were sent to congressman to keep it off the table. Keep this legal and promote articles like this, maybe we can spread some good news on the subject and squash some of the hate :)

    • profile image

      John Boyd 3 years ago

      This article should be promoted across all the negative news stories that polute our tv screens. Well written and accurate. This sheds light on the current state of affairs and puts us one step closer to the truth. Thank you.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Joe Costanzo, for your support of this article. It is exciting for me to be a part of bringing awareness of a better solution to America's pain problems. We need a pain-killer that doesn't kill the patient, along with the pain as even acetaminophen sometimes does. Kratom fills this need and so much more.

    • profile image

      Joe Costanzo 3 years ago

      Great article! It has been way too long since I've read an honest and informative write-up of kratom. You cover so much here. Thank-you. We needed this. Thank god for kratom. ...and keep writing articles :) You've got a great voice.

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Jacob. This herb (and all the others) belongs to the people. It is our responsibility to learn how to use it, but there has already been a lot of research done on its safety. It is not a scary plant, as it has been portrayed in the media. The benefits kratom offers are vast and shouldn't be denied to those who prudently use it to free themselves from the egregious health threats posed by pharmaceutical drugs. Please share the truth about this with others who could benefit.

    • profile image

      Jacob Woodward 3 years ago

      Very thoughtful piece. I am glab someone is taking the narrative back. Maybe more of us will follow suit. Salutations my friend!

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks, Scott P. Williams for your perceptive comment. It is very interesting that people who should know better -- and are in charge of protecting our health and our food supply -- are steering us away from natural foods and claiming ostensibly dangerous things like GMOs, drugs, and vaccines make us healthy and are safe. I've noticed there are massive conflicts of interest, which could explain this, but they are so brazen about it! Fortunately, many people are waking up and rejecting this mental diet of falsehoods. Let's speed up that awakening!

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Amy Coyle. It makes me feel good to help you keep access to this wonderful plant. I can do without it, so for me it is the principle that people who are paid to work to keep us healthy are trying to tell us how to do it -- even though they know nothing about health! They are whores to the Big Pharma money.

      I suffer occasional bouts of deep depression, and kratom helps, but I believe (apart from how screwed up this world is) much of the cause is our lack of sunshine, exercise, and super-nutrition. And the same forces that want to take away kratom also want to remove our access to vitamin/mineral supplements, so I'm fighting for the freedom to be healthy...for all of us.

      I can't figure why the FDA and the UN World Health Organisation wants this Codex Alimentarius, unless they want to keep people sick and maybe kill off a few million or billion of us.

      The people with soul on this planet need to organize and resist their insane plans. I suspect that somehow they will be "hoist by their own petard". Instant karma will get them.

      Good to hear your appreciation. It makes my efforts all worthwhile. Keep smiling.

    • Scott P Williams profile image

      Scott P Williams 3 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Great info. More people need to read this and understand it. Not just about the herb but about the process of how information is kept from the public or how false information is passed on as truth.

    • Amy Coyle profile image

      Amy Coyle 3 years ago

      Great article! You hit the nail right on the head! I am so worried that kratom will become a target of pharmaceutical companies because it can do so much better on a variety of conditions than these man-made chemicals can. And then of course the politicians and media outlets that get money from these industries will push to spread lies about kratom and make it illegal. Kratom has been such an amazing tool for me in fighting my chronic depression, I cannot imagine being without it...

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 3 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, cloverleaffarm. Kratom is very interesting. It has both stimulating and opioid properties, but quite subtle at low doses. Allows for hard work, a more cheerful disposition, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and generally make a body feel good. So, of course, it must be outlawed! Anything euphoric that doesn't come with a hangover is a threat to our Puritanical rulers, it seems.

      I agree about the stevia fight. I find stevia very useful, but we mustn't hurt established commercial interests such as the sugar cartel, even if it is destroying the health of millions.

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 3 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Great information. I have never heard of kratom. I must go learn more. It doesn't surprise me at all about the US government, since it wasn't until 1997 that they allowed stevia to be sold here. Why? Because the sugar and "fake" sugar companies didn't want to allow it to be sold. Again, thanks for all the information. Voted up and shared!