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Krav Maga: The ultimate Self Defense program for women

Updated on March 19, 2013

When you are walking down a deserted street at night, it is hard to feel entirely safe from harm. Do you have a plan to put in effect if an attacker or robber comes at you from out of the dark? It is the worst scenario to imagine, but attacks on women continue to haunt communities all across the country. The truth is, according to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network that each year there are about 213,000 victims of sexual assault, 80% of the victims are under the age of 30, and 38% of the rapists are a friend or acquaintance. These statistics alone should be enough to get you in the door, yet women still don't feel the need to take action and prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

Instead of buckling under the fear or changing your lifestyle to avoid going out alone, the solution is to get a plan for self-defense and start practicing it. Krav Maga, the martial arts technique designed for self-defense, can work for women who hope to confront any dangers that arise. Krav Maga training focuses on rape prevention, combating assault and instilling the fighting spirit in women.

Krav Maga for Women

Recognizing the Danger and Anticipating an Assailant’s Move

The inventor of Krav Maga was a street fighter who faced danger every day in the Jewish ghettos of Bratislava. The technique he honed some 70 years ago still applies to street combat and self-defense today. Do you see a corner ahead with shadows moving behind it? Do you see a suspicious character reaching into a jacket pocket while walking quickly in your direction?

It is difficult to read every warning sign on the street, but keeping your eyes open and being able to spot danger is crucial to a self-defense plan. Noticing a hand in the air or a bear hug about to be applied can help you react before it has completely hit you. Anticipating these moves and having the strength to soften the blows is essential.

Krav Maga for Women
Krav Maga for Women

Neutralizing the Danger and Halting Further Attacks

Krav Maga is more than being able to stop a punch. In many cases, the follow-up punch will already be on its way. Krav Maga teaches how to stop a punch and deliver a return blow that will make it harder for the assailant to try again. It can mean a twist of the wrist or even a wrenching of the fingers.

When you are attacked, it can lead to a total shutdown in fear. Krav Maga tries to instill the fighting spirit in women and give students the fortitude to face danger and confront it head-on. Even when you are outmatched in height and weight, putting up a strong opposition could secure your safety.

Being in Condition to Outlast an Opponent

Conditioning like a fighter is another element of Krav Maga that empowers women and their quest for a self-defense plan. If you are in fighter’s shape, running away from an attacker will not concern you; nor will shoving an assailant back and hopping over a fence. Teachers show you how to use techniques to avoid rape and other harm that could haunt you for a long time. Meanwhile, the superior conditioning will lead to a sense of overall wellbeing in your life.

With the right self-defense technique under your belt, you can feel confident you have a good shot at avoiding an attacker who doesn’t expect such powerful resistance. Find out how Krav Maga can make this power a reality in your life.


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