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Kundalini Awakening Process with Chakras Videos - Awakening Your Kundalini Energy for Powerful Healing Benefits

Updated on September 8, 2013
Awakening kundalini is awakening our inner self.
Awakening kundalini is awakening our inner self. | Source

The most important benefit of kundalini awakening is the awakening of inner joy and peace through which we can attain nirvana (extinction from delusion, hate, and lust) through which we can heal various types of physical and mental disorders. Today, I will explain a few ways to awaken kundalini I learned from a yogic guru so people searching for information on awakening kundalini get all the info in one place. So below is the kundalini awakening process with and without chakras for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of this powerful healing energy:

  • Meditation: The meditation techniques can be divided into three parts. 1. Beginner. 2. Intermediate. 3. Yogic. 4. Master. There are approximately 112 meditation techniques which different religions and healers use and they all lead for one goal, reaching Supreme Soul. Today we will just talk about main highways to reach and awaken kundalini.
  • Yoga: The yoga practices are divided in six major parts and then various sub parts. Some powerful yoga braches are Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga etc. The yogic practices are highly powerful and very fast ways to reach the enlightenment.

Time Is Less Work Is More: If Kundalini awakening is your prime objective of life so wake up and start practicing, as time is less work is more. Imagine in a lifespan of 80 years, you have got only 20 years for yourself as half is gone in sleep and 20 years are spent doing other activities, so in rest 20 years, your speed should be four times of your original one so no time to rest. The other thing to remember for kundalini activation is that one can activate his 6 chakras from muladhar to ajna or agya chakra the 7th chakra or crown chakra activation depends on two things only, A. The wish of almighty. B. The grace of guru. And yes both need strict discipline in practices whether you practice or meditate only five minutes. Due to your busy day schedule, do not leave blank days, as that’s a deadlock in reaching the destination.

Learn safe kundalini awakening process from Tao Semko - the methods are different but goal is the same.


Now for starting kundalini activation process, we will follow some daily practices as we have discussed above, but before starting the practice, one has to measure some special things about himself and that is honesty which is must for a spiritual life, the beginning of spirituality destroys many faiths of a person about what he learns and understand from religions. So remember you are going to spiritualism through kundalini though your goal is not an empty box of superstitions and traditions but it is now spreading to a greater sense of life, the attachment with GOD. As kundalini activation progress is different for different people, because of their starting times about setting and practicing the goal is responsible for their success time, which includes past birth karmas and current birth karmas as good or bad in your account so by practicing and ease of understanding we can divide the process in three categories:

  • Layman
  • Intermediate
  • Master in spiritual thinking

1. The Layman Approach: For a beginner who wants to enter the spiritual world and awaken kundalini has to work hard (in manner of disciplined life). You have to understand that you have enough faith in yourself and God and you have that wish to want him and only him from spiritual practices. So the first thing you have to do is reading about spiritualism, reading religious texts, reading the words of great seers you know and the great persons you like to know. Reading will awake your spiritual mind which was sleeping before and will start the purification process of mind through it. Do daily prayers, go to anywhere which gives you peace with yourself, prayer halls, spiritual lectures, etc. Start small meditation time sequences of one to two minutes, do whatever you can do to purify your mind to set it free from worldly desires. When you become enough spiritual to be with one thought God, then  whenever you will pray to great God, his image will come to your mind as a bright light or whatever you pray for now, this means your path is open for linking yourself with the great divine within yourself. Remember purification is too much needed in both body and mind and if you are sick, then first cure your body as you cannot taste the flavor of divinity without the proper functioning of the body mechanism. Now you are a qualified intermediate for spiritual world by all your honest practices and helping others and your pure thoughts. The holy spirits of ancestors and seers are happy with you so it is a good time to start moving deep to your goal. Now the real journey to inner self is going to start. All above practices can take more then years and less then months from person to person. This laymen practice is same as archaeological digging for discovering the lost treasure to come out to surface with all its shining. Now you are prepared with all your mind, soul, and body and this is the best time for moving into next level of spiritual advancement or moving to the next phase to reach enlightenment and cosmic energy.

Before awakening kundalini, kick off lust, hatred, and delusion from your mind and medidate about the Almighty who has made this world so beautiful and pleasant so that you remain joyful and happy with devotion and awakening of inner self.
Before awakening kundalini, kick off lust, hatred, and delusion from your mind and medidate about the Almighty who has made this world so beautiful and pleasant so that you remain joyful and happy with devotion and awakening of inner self. | Source

2. The intermediate approach: The intermediate approach works only for whom who are honest with the layman approach; rest who want a jump sorry this is not a way of jumping or flying or shortcut to reach your goals. Awakening kundalini is a way of climbing a mountain and not jumping. And after starting this level, God will start testing you maybe by your past or maybe from what he can see your true devotion. Remember a goldsmith always makes the gold pure before making jewelries from it. The fire burns everything but when it burns iron, it becomes steel. So now you are all set with skills of calmness, purity, and meditation with peace within yourself. All these skills will be helpful for you to reach further journey. Also now you have enough faith and knowledge about your inner self and the creator and you can easily link yourself with the Almighty.

3. The yogic approach: According to the yogic style, the activation of kundalini starts from nadis and one can move through chakras directly but that sometime creates illusions of mind so I don’t believe in this half way. The nadis become purified with benefits of pranayamas (simple breathing exercises), satvik food (pure vegetarian easily digestible food for achieving pure mind and desire less state). If you can make your mind pure without leaving non-vegetarian food, then it is not necessary for you, but it is still a sin if you like killing animals for mere taste whether you don’t cook or make it yourself, you are still a part of killing one soul. Direct or indirect does not matter in spiritual path, but you can do prayer to god for this condition where you cannot leave such food) and perform brahmacharya (controlling sexual desire). After purification of nadis, more then half of bodily diseases are gone forever. This is an ultimate way of healing with energy. Small problems like fever, pains, etc. are gone forever. The gross time for a pure vegetarian person for nadi purification is approximately three to four months with regularity and discipline. After that you can go with chakra meditation, but for that time when you purifies your nadis, you must have to go with simple meditation techniques regularly which will be used for further advancement with chakras.

In the below video by Alex Grey on chakra and kundalini awakening, one of the most beautiful art work is of the smiling baby who is free of any hate, lust, mental worries, and free of any desires. This art work video depicts that how a man can awaken his inner self or kundalini by thinking just like an infant.

Exploring the subconscious - An excellent compilation of kundalini and chakra awakening art works by Alex Grey

Now starts, the meditation process where you meditate with loud and clear sound of AUM as AAAAUUM, AAUUUUM and AUUMMMM. This is the proper pronunciation of AUM in three divisions so chant it this way only or you can choose your own mantra or name whatever you like but the vibration power of AUM is too much then others (try yourself). The vibration of AUM goes in body chakras like this: Crown chakra to muladhara chakra and then again from muladhara chakra to crown chakra. This helps the seeker in advancement towards meditation path and acquiring energy.

Aum Meditation: Learn how to medidate using the most eternal word "AUM" - Hearing it on this youtube video is making me relaxed.

After this, you can concentrate on meditation of ajna or third eye which is the very sensitive place of body and is popular for very fast awakening of kundalini. The awakening of ajna gives a person unlimited psychic powers and future visions which is known as divya drishti in Ancient Hindu scriptures but whoever go to the greed of power and use it for joy and fun become degraded from spiritual paths and after some times, his all powers go away and he suffers a lot in his life so one have to go through only his ultimate goal “GOD”. Some yoga poses also accelerate the process of kundalini awakening and some of the major poses or asanas are surya namaskar asanas, vrikshasana, paschimottanasana, janushirasana, vajrasana, halasana, chakrasana, , sarvangasana, and matsyendrasana,  many more but learning poses needs instructor because every asana in yoga are done in pairs as left with right posture forward with backward bends, etc. for a balanced way.

4. The master in spiritual thinking (one who awakens kundalini): This is the time hwen a person reaches mother kundalini and awakens it. This happens when a master in spiritual thinking lives with a spiritual essence in his every deed. A spiritual master gives all his success credits to God. His all good enjoyments and bad sufferings are gifts of god. His thoughts are pure and his all deeds are to make his God happy. For such person, the simple breathing exercises with mantra and above described chakra or deity meditation is too much powerful tool, so if you don’t attend such awakening till this time, the most probable thing which is holding you is lack of meditation or some past life deeds or karma, but by god grace every thing becomes vanished. Just breathe in and chant a mantra or name or hymn whatever you do daily and take the breathe concentrating about third eye with meditation and make a brightest light form of your goal which is brightest as million of suns from which the light emits as cold pure whiteness in the form of divine energy. The above are the teachings of my guruji who believes a person can awaken kundalini by following this process and reap the powerful benefits.

Healing Benefits of Chakra Cleansing and Clearing Meditation - Very beneficial for Mothers

Do's and don’ts (precautions) before starting to awaken kundalini:

  1. Choose a clean and peaceful place for meditation.
  2. Don’t sit directly on the floor and use any cloth or bed sheet or carpet before sitting.
  3. Try to be calm to get full results of your meditation practices. Leave all your worries and problems behind the door before sitting in practices.
  4. If your present state of mind is not pure, better not to sit in any practice or prayer that can only create a headache.
  5. Never think on one level what you are capable of or what you get, just think what you have achieved till now is not more then a drop in the infinite ocean.
  6. Try to help others with your prayers if you think you have got some spirituality, as that will give you more wisdom and mental strength to reach your destination easily. When we help others, we get a satisfied feeling in ourselves which builds confidence. When we hurt others, we feel guilty and become unsuccessful in our tasks due to lack of confidence, as it somewhere lies in our heart that we have done a wrong deed, so it is better to help others.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Dear Soni, I am meditation lover and from past few years, I am practicing the same and get very happy to be in meditative state...I dont know the technicalities but i love to watch my mind hours by hours in meditation. In meditation i just observe my mind (just observer) and I try to be in mindful state in my working time. ( Also done Vipassana meditation prog for 10 days but not practicing ). I also try kundaliani Jagran by few you tube video that excites me as i feel sensation in my body. (especially near back of my neck, spinal cord). My problem or rather anxiety, from past 2-3 year, i find red spot (very dark) on my forehead (between eyebrows)...this happens during Poornima (full Moon days) and after that it gets faded. Earlier i ignored it but as it is happens on regular basis my family has startedt noticing it. This happens once in 2 months but on regualr basis...I discussed even with doctor but he didnt able to answer the same...My wife discussed with some Jyotashi and he came with an answer as my rashi Guru is Chandra so this happens.. Although it doesnt affect my daily routine but still i wanted to know whether its related to Kundalini?? (as I am non veg and take drink too whether any kundalini affect) Pls help

    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Min, you are on the right track. When we clear our mind of all the things and meditate, then there is a high possibility to awaken kundalini or the energy lying somewhere in the deepest cores of our own mind and body. Just keep doing what you have been doing. You will definitely achieve success in your spiritual endeavors. Best of luck.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Maybe you can help me under stand this past experience.Thank you .

      When I was young and unsure of life and my future, I tried meditation. I wanted to understand meditation and it's benefits. I mediated for 8 days almost straight. it just so happened that I was also eating a veg diet at the time. Then one day I happened to be meditating in the bathtub filled with water( as I said I just meditated pretty much straight for 8 days. I would go out and get lunch and bring it back and after lunch meditate.) and all of a sudden I felt my body rumble and then I opened my eyes and there was a stream of white light from my third eye. Which I did not know was my third eye then. It was mind blowing, spiritual, personally meaningful and holy but didn't last long. I was young and searching not aware of kundalini. I just wanted to meditate.

      I wonder if I can have a second awakening as I was not aware of the intuitive after effect. I was unprepared. Today I am more spiritual and more prepared and wonder if I can achieve this this amazing spiritual experience again. But, the truth is, I did nothing but close my eyes and clear my mind.

    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      It's my pleasure Simone.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 

      7 years ago from San Francisco

      You're always introducing me to new words, ideas, and concepts. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing, soni2006!

    • Ancillotti profile image


      7 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      I believe I'll have to read this Hub often until you get to understand so much information right. Anyway, I'm sure that the information will be useful. Thanks for sharing!

    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      @Storytellersrus, this is not a new thing which has happened with you. I think I have to face same things as you have faced because people here who don't believe in kundalini are telling me that this is insane, but I know what to do as I know the path for achieving nirvana.

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      soni, I would like to thank you for this amazing hub with one cautionary note: please add to your list of Dos and Donts the suggestion that one does not do this alone, but has help from someone who has experienced this. In the US, as opposed to India, such activity is not understood as it happens. When I had my awakening, I was placed temporarily in a mental institution. The joy I felt was therefore diminished and I became confused. There was no one to help me. I clung to the memory of my beautiful experience and it is only now, ten years later, that I am finding the truth of what happened in articles such as yours! Again, thank you for this voted up article.


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