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Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Updated on May 9, 2012
One of the few genuine Kurt Cobain Death Photos that Exist in the Public Domain
One of the few genuine Kurt Cobain Death Photos that Exist in the Public Domain

The death of Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, in 1994 shocked many fans across the world, and judging by the number of searches for Kurt Cobain death photos, it appears that it is still a subject of great fascination, nearly 20 years later.

Anyone searching for these photos will however, be sadly disappointed, as it appears that, to date, no autopsy photographs have been leaked. There are however, many fake photographs of his death on the internet, some more skilfully reproduced than others.

No Kurt Cobain Autopsy Photos

The only genuine Kurt Cobain death photos that appear are those that were taken whilst the police were at the scene. The most famous of which was taken from a tree and you can see part of Cobain’s body and some of his hair lying on the floor.

Because of the many conspiracies; Courtney Love killed him, he was killed by drug dealers etc etc; perhaps some people do feel the need to see the Cobain death photos to believe that he is really dead and that it was a suicide. Well; I’ve always liked the theory that he staged it and is living a quiet life somewhere; writing and painting, but I don’t believe it for a second.

As for suicide or murder; whilst there were certainly murky areas of his life, I have no doubt in my mind that it was suicide. I never had any real doubts, but after reading ‘Heavier than Heaven’ by Charles R Cross, I am now as close to 100% certain as I ever will be.

Cross had access to many people close to Kurt and in particular, Courtney Love. Of course, conspiracy theorists think this is a major flaw, but she did have access to Kurt’s journals and other information.

The great thing about this book is that it uncovers, in a good way, many of Cobain’s ‘flaws’ and exposes the many lies that he told, sometimes in jest, but others perhaps more in denial. Whilst denying his heroin use initially; once it had been proven, he continued to underplay it. The reality however, is that Kurt Cobain had a large heroin habit and according to the book, overdosed quite a few times and came close to death each time.

That, combined with the suicide attempt in Rome and the fact that three of his uncles had taken their own life suggests, along with many other clues, that Cobain was indeed suicidal, and even if his death really wasn’t suicide, it would only have been a matter of time. I also feel that it would have happened, whatever path in life he had chosen.

Of course, many people want to see the Kurt Cobain death photos purely for the gore factor. They would, however, be sadly disappointed as the gun which Kurt shot himself with, and was bought by his best friend Dylan Carlson, was a make used by police which has insufficient force to penetrate walls and would be used to limit injury to others not involved in a crime scene. Cross describes Kurt Cobain’s body as being very recognisable but the force of the hundreds of pellets expanded his head but there was little blood.

So, sorry gore seekers but the reality is that there are no Kurt Cobain death photos to date that will satisfy your blood lust. If you really want to see that, Cross mentions in the book a film that Cobain obsessed over (which perhaps offers a clue too) of aUSstate official, R. Budd Dwyer who committed suicide live on TV using a magnum gun to blow his brains out. Cobain apparently watched this over and over and if you really want to, it is on YouTube but be warned, it is very gory.

For the rest of us though, why would we want to see any Kurt Cobain death photos, surely the memory of a great artist should be enough.


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