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Updated on January 24, 2010

Achievement of good health needs the presence of fruits, fruit juices, vegetable herbs to make us strong and healthy. Fruits are the sources of life that provide energy to the body. There are many fruits claimed to cure hundreds of minor and major illnesses. But it is not widely used because it needs a lot of time in its preparation. What we always wanted is the ready-made cure easily to be taken without any major effort on our part. Cure to an ailments is there in our surrounding unnoticed, plants and herbs that we see everyday in our entire lives, in our own backyard and those sold in the public market. Both fruits and vegetables, herbal trees and other herbal plants have a healing properties that most of us are not interested to apply in our own health condition.

Lemon fruits found to be the destroyer of acid in the stomach even if lemon is an acid in itself. It is proven to be effective against hyperacidity. We can apply it by eating the whole fruit or by making in into juice. Drinking juice is more preferable by many.

Lemon destruct foreign matters in the body. Majority of the diseases have acid in the bloodstream and accumulated foreign elements that need to be flush out in our system. Raw meat we bought in the market contains bacteria causing typhoid fever and sickness. Application of lemon juice can kill this bacteria immediately. It is clear evidence that lemon has the power to heal.

Lemon is the alternative replacement for iodine to treat infections from bites or wounds. Lemon has chemical properties known as bases that has the ability to destroy poisonous acids and other foreign matters inside our body. Lemon contains many kinds of vitamins aside from being a curative agent. It enlivens and strengthen the body by performing its function to cleaning the internal organs.

Lemon juice is an excellent choice in the cleansing and purifying the blood. Application of the right number of fruits to be made into juice will depend on the nature of the disease, its seriousness and duration in the body. Experience showed that a certain minor ailments can be cured by only taking few lemon extract or lemon fruits everyday. But there are also instances of using lemon in a longer period of time to obtain a complete recovery from certain disease.

Taking 10 pieces of lemonĀ  for juice everyday can protect us from any infectious disease like flu and cold. It has the capacity to bring down body temperature to normal level especially in the event of high fever. Lemon can be taken by using glass tube or with straw sipping a little every hour. It should not be taken during meal time. It should be done one hour before and after taking meals.

Lemon contains many useful elements having curative and preventive capacity to destroy the presence of harmful bacteria in the body to allow normal functioning of body's internal system. The positive effects of lemon in the prevention of scurvy had been noted. Such disease is due to lack of vitamin C. Lemon is vitamin C in itself.

Lemon is a refreshing drink during hot weather. It can quench the thirst and feel full satisfaction of its taste. Adding a little sugar to control the acid, a better and healthful refreshment is on its way to our stomach.


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    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 5 years ago from Dubai

      Very informative hub. Thank you for sharing.