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Updated on December 16, 2009

What part of our body that we used to express our opinion to let other people to know? Does the words that goes out from our mouth was an honest expression of our feeling or it just a way to conceal something through a wonderful rhetoric of honesty and obedience. Have we said something of substance or just to mislead others of our true intention.

Not all words we expressed are honest. Sometimes we used these to express our lies, doubts and deceit for the purpose of protecting our own personal interest and protection from harm. Words are dangerous. It can damage others' own reputation and it can even brought disaster.

Our freedom of expression was the reason why we can talk whatever comments, clarification or information we like to voice out from our mind. We all have the liberty to say something good or bad. It was our nature to give constructive or damaging reaction that we believed proper to amend and for correction. We don't mind if someone get hurt from our injurious remark. It was a potent instruments that can bring down a man in highest authority if the words can convince people to take action. It can put someone in a risky situation if not handled properly. That was the reason why there were so many libel case in court filed by complainants refusing to acknowledge the lies.

Whatever we have learned in school were good information. We were molded to be a good person for the purpose of creating our own dream and vision. But there were others who said differently. Sometimes we have our doubts if they were honest of their promises. They can easily sow confusion that made us the victims of misinformation. We can no longer determine what is right and wrong. If we will not spare a time to seek the truthfulness of their intention, we will never know of their lies and deceit. They are ready to devour us if we are weak and ignorant. They can easily manipulate things in their favor because they know we are vulnerable to believe a wrong information. They are smart and they will use that knowledge as an excuse of their wrongdoing.

There were people who lost lots of money because they became a victim of deceit making them believed that the scheme will work. The trust he give to him lead to his downfall thinking that the words spoken are full of promises for a quick profit, but it was not. We are prone to human error and that mistakes cost us fortune and opportunity.

This kind of a man is ready to devour you. They are always looking for your weaknesses before he strike, He listen where you are most vulnerable. He will not give you time to response. All the chances are in their favor. What is left for you is surprise for the suddenness of a situation because the person you are dealing with was best in convincing. You immediately trusted him. His rhetoric fascinated you and lead you to your mistakes and damaged dignity.

Don't immediately believe whatever he says. You have the right to check the honesty and sincerity of the person you are dealing with. If you have doubts then don't do. Use your good deduction. There maybe something fishy you can find. Secure your life and property and do whatever necessary to protect your integrity. Don't let them conquer you. Act immediately. Don't waste your time expecting when there is none.


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