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Updated on March 13, 2012


Hello, welcome to my site. Life-experience-crazy-working-mom is exactly about that. The total experience of a woman who as a 19-year-old moved out of her small-town-home to the big city(maybe not that big but big to me!) and went to college; in the process meeting many-a-challenge and gaining valuable life- experience to become a well-rounded-working mom of three. Notice I did not say perfect-mom-of three. Sometimes life gets crazy-busy and then I become a crazy-working-mom. Being a working-mom isn't for everyone, I applaud those women who are courageous enough to stay home and do the never-ending-task of mommiehood. In turn, I applaude those men who work two-or-three jobs so their partner can do the work of home and raise the children. This site is NOT for females only--men could learn alot from here about relationships with their spouse or children. I've been married three times(twice to the same man!) and have seen many-a-marriage destroyed by men who lack strength of character: giving way to selfishness, self-fullfilment, immaturity in decision-making and daily conduct...but no this is not a men-bashing site. I believe that people can learn from other's mistakes and in doing so hopefully will make a course-correction and have a better life. So read my philosophies, my ideas, my experiences and hopefully we will all learn something together and grow further. If you have a question let me know. Maybe I have an answer. :-) P.S. this site is still under construction. I'm just learning. Be patient with me! I am a Dental Hygienist, I also manage a couple rental units, and I'm now trying to learn about blogging and websites. This is my new adventure, but as a busy mom it will take me a little while since I'm not technology savvy. So far I'm not really sure what to even do with those tags to the right, but I never feel dumb. I believe like my psychology teacher said in high school "no question is a dumb question, " and my philosophy is...whatever I don't know, I can learn--eventually.

Life-we are all like water lillies sharing the same pad. Different sizes and shapes yet still beautiful.  Life would be quiet and lonesome with only one lilly in the pad.
Life-we are all like water lillies sharing the same pad. Different sizes and shapes yet still beautiful. Life would be quiet and lonesome with only one lilly in the pad. | Source

My philosophy

Life is a collage of pictures meshed together into one big memory. The only thing worth taking when we die. Some have meaning, some are pretty, some are gross, some are just a picture and nothing more:put them together and they are life-ART-a part of you. As everyone knows happiness is relative, but has a great deal to do with a person's attitude. With the right attitude anyone can turn a bad experience into a good learning experience. It's a matter of focus: If you focus on the negative then good luck finding happiness. So when you have a bad day and everything seems wrong take time to focus on the little things that matter most-- like the smiley face my daughter made, or the picture on the fridge your son /daughter made for you and don't forget to laugh. If you don't feel accomplished at work hopefully you will feel accomplished at home giving yourself credit for doing one of the hardest jobs I know of--parenting. Like the picture says "it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it" and no matter how good a babysitter you have, I'm afraid there are no real substitutes for a good parent. I have a good babysitter sometimes my kids call her mom too(it doesn't bother me, I'm secure, any mom is a mom), but every day my daughter still asks me, "mom do you work tomorrow?." She's always happy to hear me say no or a little bit.

In my line of work I see personal health histories on a daily basis and it's amazing to me how many women and men are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Don't get me wrong I believe in medication when nothing else seems to work, but if possible I'd rather people figure out the problem without medication. The number of people on such medications is in my opinion too high. Many stay-at home mom's are overwhelmed by staying home all day, and many dad's who work two jobs to help mom stay home are tired and overwhelmed by the workload. Can these people find a balance? when life gets overwhelming, I believe in talking or writing or both. Just like the body needs exercise and good eating to stay healthy, so does the mind need a release and a workout. Sometimes it gets cluttered up and needs talk to your friends, go out once in a while to get away from the daily routine. Lock the door and take a nice-hot bath when the kids are asleep(get a babysitter for just one hr!). For men(mow-the-lawn, go hyking) Sometimes everything gets cluttered up, the mind, the spirit and the body--at his point seek professional help, talk to a counselor (religious, non-religious whatever your beliefs). If you can't afford one contact community agency's or clinics(they are often inexpensive or no fee at all depending on your income). There is nothing wrong with unloading. Remember life is like that lilliepad we ALL HAVE TO SHARE IT so have a good attitude and be kind to all the lillies at work; specially at home, and on the road; don't forget to smile at the other lillies and don't forget to laugh!! even if it's at yourself.


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      Robert 2 years ago

      I got 1 case of HGSS and 1 case of unleashed when they were first reealsed. Both of those sets caused headaches and very non user friendly patterns. They seems to have 2-3 patterns combined into a single box in most cases. I actually had to open about 75% of the packs of each set to get all the expected primes/legends.