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Updated on March 20, 2013

A few days ago in a city bus I met with a local guy or say a student as myself sitting on my side. After a short silence I started talking to him regarding his study interests, future endeavours etc. A little chat proceeds further and a question arise, whether the field chosen by a student should be of his interest or just a need.

This question is of a great concern in every student’s life of any origin, any city, nation or any ethnicity. A student when start growing up have to face a lot of trouble in and out of the school. They have to face peer pressure, study pressure and other growing problems.

In order to get a bright future they have to choose specific streams like science, maths, arts, commerce etc. After choosing a subject and completing high secondary they have to choose a course for further studies.

These two subject choices one after secondary and another after higher secondary surly change the direction of a student’s life. The sole decision of choosing a course to study can let a student awake for nights. Which subjects can provide a good career to them and which make their future dark, is the only concern for them.

Now at this point two possibilities occur, a student is able to take some subject of his/her choice or s/he will not able to take subjects of his/her choice. After I read books and talked to several people about that most of them say that one should always take subjects of their interests so that one should work whole-heartily and become a successful person in life. And I know that we all agree with that including me. But now what I want you to do now is to think the other way. Think the condition if a student is unable to take a course of his choice due to any problems be it finances, personal troubles or any such problems. Now what should he do,first, he can take this as his ill fate and work just for the sake of working or in other case he take it as a new opportunity and work in order to achieve a new position in that field.

After being a student for so long now what I really understood is that human beings doesn't want to come out of their comfort zone. They don't want to work in a different field from the field of their expertise, and I think this could be a good reason for this "work in your favourite field" hoopla. We as human try to neglect problems. Now these problems will surely come either initially or lately in every field and I know many who give up in these difficult times in their chosen field and don't able to figure out their favourite ones even after trying in many fields because everytime they found difficulty in that field they give up.

At this point I want to quote few words said by Ms. Priyanka Chopra,a well known name in indian film industry. On the release of her first music album she was asked by a journalist that why she made a music album though she is a leading actress and this could make her career down as an actor. She replied that this world is full of things to accomplish, one can take any field and work hard in it and will surely become successful.

I think this should be the spirit of a person and one should never give up whatever fate brings to him.

Waiting for your comments on this matter.



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