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LIVING - In Spite Of Depression

Updated on September 22, 2009

 Depression isn't the #1 "taker of life", but it can be the #1 "ruiner of life".  No matter what the cause, whether it is chemical or circumstantial - it can steal your joy, your strength, your energy, and your desire to get out of bed in the morning. 

If your depression is due to chemical imbalance - normally this can be greatly improved with medication.  However, depression due to worrisome circumstances in your life can be harder to deal with.  When there are situations in your life that are beyond your control, and which cause you anxiety and stress - it can lead to being, or making you feel, depressed. Depression will rob you of your desire to do the things you enjoy - and can almost cripple you in doing your day to day required activities.   A person who is experiencing depression tends to sleep more than normal - as an escape mechanism.  Upon waking, their thoughts usually go straight to whatever problems they are experiencing.   They feel as if they can't find the strength to function through their daily routine.  They may not feel like being in the company of people whom they love and whose company they normally enjoy.  They may feel empty, and incapable of carrying on even the most light conversation.  They are unable to plan fun activities.  They begin to be unable to stop obsessing about the problem.

I used to think that there was never a reason for a Christian to remain depressed.  I thought that if they would pray and stay hopeful, that they would be "cheered up".  I now realize that there are times and things that come to us which can paralyze us with worry to the point that we are temporarily unable  to rise above it.  Praying and staying hopeful are still the best answers to circumstantial depression, but I now know that we can reach a point where it can be extremely difficult to even find the strength to do that. 

If this experience ever visits you - it can be very helpful to meditate on the good things you  have in your life.  Do you  have healthy children?  A healthy husband - in a healthy marriage?  These are the things that will still be there when this particular problem is a only a bad memory...and that time will come.  Most problems that come up..even though they seem insurmountable at the time..will pass.  

You may find it helpful to keep your mind focused as much as possible on good things that are in your future, and on the happy occasions that you expect to experience once the situation has been resolved...and it will be.

Oh..and in the meantime...remember to pray and stay hopeful!


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