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Updated on October 15, 2010


Today, my hubs take a new format at the request of the Hub Page Team who have asked that the hubs should reflect the medical aspects of the condition whilst adding a link to communicate personal information on events and progress.Thus at the end of the hub you will see link. Please find there for specific details of my actual progress. You will already have noted we are now titled LYMPHOMA NEWS.I am not at all sure why the Hub has decided this route must be taken, but it is their site and they have the right to call the shots and so we must comply must we not. I do not think it will make things too difficult for readers, so here we go.

As part of the CHOP CHEMO programme after CHOP 3 and before CHOP4, final dose, these being administered at 14 days distance, a meeting is arranged with the top man to assess progress.CHOP you will recall is the name given to just one type of Chemotherapy treatment.

The top man can change, as in my case but the consultation is the same. Basically it is a superficial assessment of progress, a chance for the medic to read the notes and to decide on the fact finding next CT scan for the patient.

More on CT Scans.

The CT scan is all important for it gives a no mistake picture to the Medics of any growth that is there but should not be. A case again of the camera does not lie. No one need fear a CT Scan for it is not claustrophobic, painless, and takes only 20 minutes or so. The results are then relayed to the treating unit who study before the next consultation to advise on the situation to the patient and tell them where things go from that point forward.

Having had 3 treatments of 4, the Medics look for any effects on the previously discovered Lymphoma and any mesenteric mass that may obtain or, significantly, any new areas of concern or increase in the size of the tumour. This is key information and is vital in determining further progress, so the CT Scan is central to just about everything to do with Lymphoma etc.

I hope this general information is of value and the link below will put you in touch with my consultation yesterday, and my next CT Scan.


An efficient administrative day saw us through the whole visit in just 50 minutes.The top man appeared in the consulting room, as a different top man drafted in from Kingston whilst our top man was away. He clearly knew his stuff ,if not my actual notes and after 5 minutes left to actually contact the Chemo Unit ,who I had advised him, had prescribed 8 Prednisolone daily for this section and if I took 4 at 8am 4 at 8 pm, I wondered about sleep. He agreed dose should be 4 only and went off to ring them, and also, I suspect to read up quickly on my notes.He returned 10 minutes later to confirm a mistake had indeed been made, congratulated us on spotting it and remarked later that though I am an NHS patient I think like a Private Patient with whom he is more familiar. Food for thought but also, suppose my 87 year old father in law had been given that mistake. He never questions Authority and would have done what it said on the box. My advice, know what you take, question why you are to take it and understand Medics are not infallible at all levels. Top Man, for example, diagnosed that District Nurse had injected me too deeply on final immune injection, causing the stabbing pain which is now thankfully subsiding a lot.. I shall be on watch when they start again next Monday.

Chop 4 is on 27 Oct and Top Man is trying to book a scan before then, so that at next consultation they have results available. I asked if I could then go for a month in Egypt, but his wiser Counsel advised it was risky as my immune system would still be low. Had not thought of that, so back to plan B and Jan/ Feb when he said all things  should be fine subject to scan results..Sound professional advice must be taken heed of.

Weight is going on, 11 st 11.25lbs this am from a low of 10st 9lbs. and my skin and hands back to normal virtually.These are all good signs of course as they indicate good, or at least better, general health, as does appetite and I am eating like a Horse, all Gluten free, but flavourful


Still all to play for and CT Scan No 2 will reveal the true picture in around 12 days.Watch this space for more developments and the return of the District Nurses.


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