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La Muscle Nobese Fatburner Review: Does it work?

Updated on February 11, 2012

As Im now starting to get a grip on my diet, becoming healthy and energetic again to get back in shape, I have turned to a product that I have used in the past to get me results. That product is,LA Muscle Nobese. Nobese in is La Muscle's weight loss line of products and, it works. It's hard to get the ball rollinh when you've been inactive for so long. Back in my "Yoof" i was a keen bmx'er and skater so weight never bothered me as fat never got a chance to stick to me. Then in my early 20's I started going to the gym and could do sort any blubba out pretty quickly but now that Im getting older, the fat seems to be sticking a little harder and being inactive is making me pay the price. I can't get away with riding a bmx anymore, although I reckon I could still pull the longest wheelies and I refuse to pay for a gym membership ( Financially savy now :) ). I know that I need to up my exercise and eat cleaner increase my water intake for my 6 pack to cast a shadow over people again but having stubborn belly fat that has been glued on is hard to shift. That's where La Muscle's Nobese comes in. As I said previously Nobese is part of La Muscles Weight loss range and this product is designed to target stubborn fat that has built up for years by breaking down fat cells molecules, targeting the areas you've always held weight, your butt, belly, legs. Nobese is designed to break fat down.


 Weight loss pills have had a bad rap over the years. This because the usual method weight loss pills use to make you lose weight isn't healthy. They use artificial ingrediants to elevate heart rate to make your body burn calories. A clever trick but not very clever for our bodies. This is another reason why I use LaMuscle prodcuts. Their products are 100% natural. I've seen weight loss pills on the net for uner $10 for a months supply I dread to think what is in those.

Here are the Nobese ingrediants and their properties, taken from the website.

Octopamine :A new agent which stimulates fatty tissues, thus aiding the liberation of calories and body fat. Octopamine has been shown in metabolic studies to be a naturally occurring and very potent fat-burner.

Pomegranate Extract:A natural ingredient which helps the body absorb less dietary fat.

L-Tyrosine:This powerful product can regulate growth, metabolism, skin health and mental state. L-Tyrosine will help alleviate the negative feelings and irritation that you may get when you are trying to lose bodyfat. L-Tyrosine will counteract any lack of norepinephrine, resulting in more energy.

Green Tea Extract:Have you ever wondered why there are not too many obese Chinese or Japanese people? One thing they regularly consume is Green Tea. Green Tea Extract in Nobese will help burn more fat and improve well-being.

Guarana: Guarana is a thermogenic herb and very effective at fat loss. It is used world-wide by men and women for long-lasting fat-loss.

Sea-Vegetable Extract: Known to absorb fat-soluble toxins and curb appetite.

L-Carnitine:Perhaps the best-known and most effective fat-metaboliser, L-Carnitine is the universal fat-buster. L-Carnitine increases the burning rate of calories stored as fat. L-Carnitine also reduces feelings of hunger and weakness which result from oxidisation of fats. L-Carnitine also has the ability to increase physical endurance and muscle mass.

Ginger:Ginger is widely used for its many benefits. These include lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing the circulation. Ginger is especially useful for expelling gas from the body. Many fatburning supplements do not take into account this side effect of fat burning. Nobese addresses this with the inclusion of ginger.

Amount per capsule

Octopamine 100mgs   Pomegranate Extract 80mgs   L-tyrosine 50mgs   Guarana 50mgs   L-carnitine 50mgs   Green Tea Extract 50mgs   Ginger 10mgs   Sea Vegetable Extract 30mgs  

As you can see from the ingrediants above this is a superior product. A general rule with LaMuscle's products. LaMuscle's reputation has grown tremendously over the years, which it wouldn't have if their products didnt produce results for so many people. Speaking of so many people, this can be used by men and women.

How to make this product work to it's fullest.

Nobese is not a magic pill, you can't expect to get a six pack if you stay sitting on the sofa eating potato chips, although will start to work just by taking it. To get serious results you need to do moderate exrecise atleast 3 times a week, a workout that will make you sweat, you don't even have to leave your home to workout these days. Get yourself a Ninetendo Wii, their Wii Fit package or any of the number of Dance games and you will be burning calories and probably enjoy it. Or you could get really serious and get yourself a gym membership and workout program. You definitly need to stop kidding yourself about what you eat. Start eating cleaner and regular. Aim for 6 meals a day ( small meals ) this will keep your metabolism burning fat all day long. The final point that will get Nobese working to its fullest is, drinking plenty of water. Aim for atleast 2 Litres a day, this can dramatically speed up the fat burning process with or without taking a weight loss pill. Combine these 3 tips with Nobese and you will see results fast.


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