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Lactose Intolerant - 5 Milk Substitutes

Updated on September 22, 2012

Milk it does the body good. It does! Yet we know that millions of people suffer with lactose intolerant digestive problems.

We need the calcium we can get from milk, especially women and children, because it is good for our bones and other healthy body needs.

Truth is nothing can beat a good cold glass of milk with cookies, or a peanut butter sandwich or a piece of pie, especially not over a bowl of cereal.

Yet, Lactose intolerance can develop at anytime in one's life but most of us have heard about all of the issues normally developing later in a person's life after drinking milk all of their life, or for a long time.

The problems occur when our bodies can't break down the lactose, the sugars in milk, through digestion.

That is what happened to my son. He started developing his problems with milk a few years after puberty. If he had too much milk the symptom's were full blown, the runs (diarrhea), stomach bloating and cramps.

So he had to find a balance that would not cause him any digestive stress.

Signs or symptoms

  • bloating
  • cramps
  • diarrhea
  • pain
  • gas

Lactose Intolerance VS Milk allergies

  • Intolerance means the body will not absorb the milk sugars
  • Allergies means your body will accept or absorb the milk but you will develop some type of allergic reaction like hives or others

Lactase enzyme is added to break down the sugars in milk. Lactaid is an example but it can be thick and a little sweeter than normal cow's milk.


  1. Soy
  2. Almond
  3. Coconut
  4. Oat, Hemp
  5. Rice

Other milks

  • Goat,
  • sheep
  • buffalo milk

These can be substituted or tried instead of cow's milk but may not help with lactose intolerance because they do come from mammals and have sugars.

The substitutes are considered non dairy milks that you have to get used to but they can make the enjoyment of eating cereal worth a try. Most people say, it is some getting used to after drinking cow's milk, yet they can get used to another type of milk so that they don't have to deal with the symptom's that cause them such distress.

Another milk that is offered is Lactaid milk, but it does take some getting used to as well because it is a thick creamy liquid. A cow's milk that has had the lactase enzyme added. My son, who developed symptom's of lactose intolerance as a teenager thought it was disgusting, because it was too thick.

I agreed, so to get him to drink it, we added water or even a little more cow's milk but he still refused to drink it or eat it with his cereal.

Some people if they are careful can actually measure how much cow's milk their body can tolerate without full blown symptom's but it is a fine line through testing, measuring and reading their own personal bodily reactions that they can track.

Some people can have milk with food and tolerate the milk, so they can balance their symptom's.

Other foods that can give you the amount of calcium needed for the human body.

Calcium subs

  • Salmon, bone in
  • almond nuts
  • spinach
  • smoothies with strawberries & rhubbard
  • plain yogurt with dried fruit


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