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The Secret to Lady Gaga's Amazing Body

Updated on December 13, 2016

Ever wonder how the famous Lady Gaga got those killer washboard abs and performance-ready body? Part of Lady Gaga's secret is celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

Pasternak is the author of the New York Times best-seller The 5-Point Diet and trainer to other celebrities like Megan Fox, Hillary Duff, and Jennifer Hudson, among others. Lady Gaga jet sets and tours with Paternak in tow and religiously sticks to his 5-Factor-Plan.

Lots of Crunches

A big factor to Lady Gaga's fantastic physique is her personal trainer. Harley Pasternak helps train her at home doing basic, reversed and double crunches to help get those killer and rock hard abs. She even brings Pasternak along in some of her tours just so she can still maintain her routine. But in those rare instances when Gaga is on tour and Pasternak is not around, she still manages to keep fit by packing on Harleybars, a barbell and dumbbell combination ready for her hotel room workouts.

The 5-Point Workout

The multi-awarded performer swears and strictly lives by a regular workout regimen that includes a 5-minute warm-up by jogging, use of barbell and dumbbells, a set of 3 exercises targeting different areas of the body, and eating the proper healthy foods as recommended in Pasternak's book.

Step 1 : Use HarleyBars in the the 5-Point Plan workout

Step 2 : Warm up for 5 minutes by jogging

Step 3 : Doing three circuit exercises in 25 repetitions each: DB deadlift, back rows, and side bends. The DB deadlift help tones the muscles in the legs, thigh and butt area, while the DB backrows train the upper back muscles. Side bends does wonders for your belly fat and obliques.

Step 4 : Skip rope for five minutes

Step 5 : Eat healthy and Lady Gaga does this easily through Pasternak's book The 5-Factor World Diet Plan full of easy recipes to get you started.

30 Minute Workouts

Getting those tones abs, arms and legs are not that hard after all. Lady Gaga's workout session only lasts 30 minutes and she does it three to five times per week. For someone who does not have much time in their hands, this short workout is just perfect.

Eat Right

Furthermore, Pasternak swears that its NOT JUST about the abs workout, but eating the proper kinds of food, cardio and burning the fat on top of the ab muscles. Surprising as it seems, Lady Gaga is quite a good cook herself and follows the 120 recipes in Pasternak's 5 Factor World Diet Plan book.

Pre-Performance Workout

Lady Gaga known for her eccentric and shock-value costumes does another unusual habit when it comes to workouts. Would you believe she works out before a performance? You should, because that's just what she did before her controversial MTV VMA performance last year. The pre-performance workouts gives her that added boost of energy and confidence.

No doubt, Lady Gaga's killer abs and toned body is the result of an effective fitness strategy and the her focus. No wonder Lady Gaga can rock any skimpy outfit she wears and has the strength and endurance to last her through those complicated dance sequences.

Video credit: Young Hollywood


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