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Bach Flower Remedy: Larch and an Inferiority Complex

Updated on February 13, 2013

The Bach flower remedy Larch is what people with an inferiority complex need. The sad thing about these people is that they are convinced that they just don’t compare favourably with others and it is almost impossible to shake off this feeling from them. So they just cut themselves off from growing in every way through life and paint themselves into a corner with no challenges and no new learning – all because they feel that they just can’t do whatever they have to do as well as everyone else.


In the negative state, a Larch person is always ready with why he or she cannot undertake something and how they just will not be able to do it as well as someone else. The benchmark they set themselves is very high and they feel that everyone else can attain that very easily – everyone except themselves. Thanks to this feeling, they look up and hero worship a lot of people sometimes and it’s a vicious cycle – this makes them feel even more inferior when compared to the object of their admiration.


They don’t even try to see if they can do something as well as others. They just assume from the word Go that they cannot and it’s tough to convince them otherwise. This mental block is hard to surpass but a few doses of Larch bring on a great change and the self-imposed barriers that made them believe they were inferior start to come down. Once they are mentally convinced that they are equal to others, they start becoming more competitive.


Larch puts back the self confidence emotionally too and they no longer feel that they are the inferior ones in any relationship. They are more objective about people and do not see everyone else in their lives as being superior. This makes them more objective and it helps in a more equal emotional relationship.


When the phrase ‘I can’t, others can do it better’ disappears from the other aspects of a person’s life thanks to Larch, slowly, there’s an opening up of the soul to take the person to greater heights. In everything, he feels that he now can do whatever is asked of him and it is a wonderful revelation to him. There’s a positive energy that flows from the higher self and it washes over the person making him filled with a sense of self worth.

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