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Las Vegas Crystal Portal Conference - The Speakers

Updated on October 20, 2008

Lauri Cloud

Lauri Cloud is a Certified Spiritual Healer and a 4th Dimension Intuitive Life Coach. She travels around the world offering retreats, seminars, classes, workshops and private sessions that assist in moving this entire planet into WorldWideHarmony by 12-21-2012. Her approach is soft, loving and nurturing and her guidance comes from Spirit. Assisting you in knowing your highest potential is her greatest pleasure. To contact Lauri call (888) 769-8967 or email, Web:

Don Vacca

Don has been called many titles in his life. He has been called a Life Coach, an Inspirational speaker, a Hospice volunteer, a Big Brother, a Good Will ambassador to third world countries, A facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, a successful business man, A Transformational Breathe facilitator, a Minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement, and even an Angel. Don does not consider himself any of these titles. Let’s see who shows up on September 27th.

Regina Murphy

Founder of “Emotional sound Techniques” now being used by physicians in India, South America and Africa as well as many of the EFT Masters and Energy Psychology Diplomats. Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Thought Field Therapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques Masters, Author of “The Elusive Gift of Tragedy”, A journey of Energy Psychology through the life and death of my son.

Sonia Kara

Dr. Sonia Kara ND originally from UK. She has been a Nevada resident for 41 years. Certified Practitioner for applied and behavior Kinesiology for over 13 years. Certified in: 3 in 1 concepts Burbank, California, Holographic Repatterning/Resonance Repatterning System Scottsdale, Arizona.Studied and built programs for Rife technology. (Beam Ray). For the last ten years owned and operated Alternative Health Care Clinics through-out the Las Vegas area.

Will Linville

As a “walk-in”, I came into this body on Dec. 20th 1996 on a surgery table. When I stepped into this body, it began to shut down. The physical body I had chosen lost it's ability to walk for 2.5 years and began to eat itself away, from the mialyne sheath of the nerves, to the organs shutting down, all the way to temporary blindness and complete loss of memory. I began to integrate and marry with this body and within six weeks it was fully rebuilt and the organs regenerated. I now assist you in remembering and Embodying who you are.

Jospehine Forrester

Josephine for the last 5 years has been blessed working with Energy, first as a Reike Master and now as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technician. The road was long and winding. Someday the whole story will be told….but for now, Clearing emotional disruptions and blockages are Josephine’s life blood.

Vickie Smith

Vickie Smith is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner / Instructor, Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Cranial Sacral Therapist, specializing in Emotional Somato-Release. Vickie is co-owner of a Wellness Center in Las Vegas and has been in private practice for well over a decade.

Sheila z Stirling

You may call her a healer, a conscious channel, a shaman, an alchemist of the mysteries, a composer. All of these labels would be true. Sheila z Stirling has experienced the other side and now shares divinely channeled insights on how we all can achieve the next step in our evolution and embrace the life we have dreamed.

John Bigelow

As a teacher's teacher, John can masterfully guide an individual to a place of self-empowerment and self-awareness whether they've been exploring a spiritual path for twenty minutes or twenty years. As president of Humanworks™, an organization whose mission is to “reawaken humanity to its divine magnificence and unlimited potential”, John masterfully embodies that potential and authenticity in being a clear channel for transformation. With a Mystic's insight, his loving and non-judgmental facilitation has had a profound impact on thousands throughout the United States and Canada over the past 3 decades.


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