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Laser Fat Removal..Does it Really Work?

Updated on October 8, 2012

Too good to be true?

So today on Groupon (a voucher site) I saw a sale for laser lipo. Not the latest kind of liposuction using a laser instead of the thrusting of a needle but the kind where pads are placed on to areas of stubborn fat and lasers "apparently" go through the skin and melt the felt cells which are then absorbed by the body.

It sounded to good to be true..but it was cheap, 3 for $99 so I thought what have a got to lose, my stubborn fat or a smallish amount of money.

I lay on a massage table on my stomach in my underwear and explained I wanted to target the outer part of my thigh. I am lean at 46kg and work out but this area is stubborn. I was told the laser melts the fat like butter in a pan and after the treatment my leg would feel soft and jelly like. The body then absorbs the fat and expels it through our digestive system. It would rid itself of about 15-20% ...BUT to remove more I would immediately need to work out to help my body remove the butter or after a few days it would turn back into stubborn fat. It took half an hour with pads strapped to my thighs and there was no feeling coming from them, which was disheartening. After the treatment my thighs felt slightly warm but not very jelly like. After the treatment he put me on the vibrating exercise machine for ten minutes and advised me to go home and exercise for at least half an hour, drink lots of water and eat well and exercise every day over the next few days.

I have now had three of these treatments and although they have made me hit the gym a bit more and drink more water than I usually do I sadly have to my experience removing fat while having a snooze is too good to be true. I have seen no results and my thighs look exactly the same.


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