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Laser Mole Removal Bad Option For Removing Moles

Updated on December 15, 2016

Which mole removal procedure is best?


Before you choose the way in which you want to remove your moles, you should know the dangers involved with clinical treatments.

Skin lesions are common among humans. We all have freckles, skin tags, and moles. As we age, our childhood freckles may turn into raised moles and the inner folds of our skin may grow skin tags.

It's best to consider removal of skin tags, and moles after you are sure they are not cancerous. There are many outdated procedures for removal, and a few great new options for removing moles. Mole removal has been done in the past exclusively by a dermatologist or doctor in a high priced outpatient surgical facility but now that has all changed.

Again, before removing moles, consult your doctor or dermatologist "on your first visit" to ascertain whether the moles are cancerous. If the moles are benign, they may offer to remove them for you.

If they believe it is cancer they will perform a simple biopsy on your mole. Using a scalpel, the doctor removes a small sample of skin extracted from your mole for scrutiny under the microscope.

Sometimes, the sample may have to be sent to a laboratory for further testing. Upon confirmation of the malignancy of the mole or moles, the dermatologist would then cut off the entire mole including the surrounding skin tissue to prevent spreading of the cancer. The wound would then be stitched up. Non-cancerous moles may be removed safely in a number of ways.

Most of the mole removal procedures today are outdated. Common mole removal methods such as burning, freezing, or laser treatments can leave unsightly scars or actually stimulate growth. Natural mole removal treatments are preferred.

One method of mole removal is "Cauterization" or burning off the mole by using an electrical current. The pain involved with this procedure is described as a sharp snapping pain. Numbing of the area is required.

"Cyrotherapy" is the term for freezing the mole to facilitate its removal. A doctor will apply "Liquid Nitrogen" to a metallic tool such as forceps to freeze the mole before it can be removed. These procedures may sound simple but the results hinge on the skillfulness of the dermatologist just like the success of a surgery depends on the surgeon. Skin burns or diachronic lesions could result from the treatment. There have also been complaints by patients about permanent scarring.

"Excision" with scissors or scalpel is another method of mole removal that your dermatologist may recommend. Beware. It can be an excruciatingly painful experience for those who are sensitive to pain and blood. Though local anesthesia is administered, patients who have multiple moles can still find the sting rather irritating and uncomfortable.

"Laser treatment" is also available for removing moles. Your dermatologist may suggest using this method to remove smaller moles. This treatment procedure is not suitable for mole removal as it may stimulate growth. Lasers also cannot penetrate deep beneath the skin surface. Though this method is reputed to be thorough and neat, the expenses can be substantial ($400 per treatment) if you need to remove multiple moles.

Mole removal is a cosmetic procedure, so it does not fit into the criteria for "medical procedure" covered under your insurance policy. Read your policy document carefully and call up the insurance company to verify if the expenses are claimable under your insurance policy.

Now there are other safer, natural removal options available for removing moles. Natural products such as Wart Mole Vanish, & Dermatend or: NoNevusTM will remove moles from the skin without surgery. Each one of the above mentioned products remove moles with natural ingredients. Wart Mole Vanish removes one mole per treatment, Dermatend removes two moles, NoNevus removes 4 moles with each treatment.


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      Joecy 4 years ago

      Mole removal is a cosmetic procedure and there are many products like which will help to remove skin moles with surgery and pain.

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