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Laser Therapy For Pain Relief, Cost Effective Care that Works

Updated on January 4, 2015

Pain Does Not Take a Holiday

Cold Laser Therapy Costs Very Little Compared to Drug Therapy

The cost of a laser treatment is about $45 to $125 depending on location of pain and length of time you have had the pain. You would require about 10-12 treatments to see lasting results. The idea would be that you would see enough of a decrease in pain that your physical therapy would become more significantly effective.

Laser therapy if it decreases your pain will act as a bridge to your next level of care. There has to be a progression from injury to repair. By adding an active form of treatment you can progress faster especially if your pain is stuck in a medicinal stage of treatment.

Pain medication will only cover your pain. The chances of you progressing to a higher level of functionality is limited if you are reliant on pain medication for your back pain.

Laser Therapy Relieves Severe Back Pain

Back Pain is an Epidemic Costing Us a Fortune

The cost of treating low back pain is estimated to be around 62 billion dollars a year. This takes into consideration lost time at work, surgeries, medication and other treatments. This is a significant amount of money especially when there is no end in sight towards controlling the cost.

Looking at cheaper alternatives should be a priority if we are to control costs and help people get out of pain. We must explore more solutions besides surgery and medication which make up the bulk of the expenditures.

Would You Use Pills or Laser for Pain Control?

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Laser Therapy for Pain Relief Stamford, Darien and New Canaan

Why Not Try It?

Light has been around a long time. We are using solar power for energy more than ever. Our bodies rely on energy to sustain us. By utilizing light energy in the form of Laser we can control and eliminate pain adding quality of life to millions of people now suffering.

Light energy is inexpensive and has virtually no side effects. It has the ability to decrease pain allowing the pain sufferer to advance to higher levels of rehabilitation faster. Once a person is able to rehabilitate they can achieve complete resolution of the pain causing issue.

Laser Therapy for Pain

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