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Last Call For Alcohol

Updated on July 18, 2010

Anyone who has hung out in bars for years "as I have" knows of that dreadful statement coming from our bartender's mouth, calling out, "Last Call For Alcohol"

The lights start to dim and we all knew then our night was only minutes from ending..

I used to cringe when those words were announced at quarter of one in the morning. Everyone sitting on those well marked out personal bar stools would get so nervous, saying, wow, we have to drink up and order two or three rounds more to hold us over for a couple more minutes.

Yes, everyone sitting at the bar would start to panic, thinking want are we going to do now?

We would even ask the bartender if we could get some take out from his cooler behind the bar. We felt desperate and needed more even after basically drinking most of the night. We still didn't have enough alcohol in us.

You would tend to think to yourself, "when is it that we would say we had enough alcohol for the day and or evening"? Some people I know including myself, would answer, "it's never enough".

When thinking about all those nights, now being sober, I can not believe that with all that we had to drink, it still wasn't good enough to satisfy the demons that we all had inside of us.

It seemed to be that as time went by we consumed more and more as our tolerance to alcohol continued to build up. I could write forever on those so called good old nights of drinking with so many stories that half the time I wouldn't believe they even happened. Nothing to be proud of for sure.

What I am proud of, is how I beat the odds with finally saying that I'd had enough of the so called good old times, and I surrendered to those demons and called my own words out, "Last Call For Alcohol For Me!  I'm through with playing games with these demons that are ruining my life. Now it's time for me to call the shots.

I'm sure everyone has heard the words "Pay Now or Pay Later". That is the question we should ask ourselves, because we will pay one way or another when battling addictions. We need to make our minds up by asking ourselves, "Just how do we want to live the rest of our lives"? Do you still want to lean on that crutch to support you in everyday live"?

One day, no one knows when, but that crutch will be kicked out from under us and that's a true and almost Positive thing. So be prepared to have this happen to you if you are not willing to surrender to your addiction.

It will NOT get any better. Your life will only decline and fall to pieces a little at a time to you finally hit Rock Bottom.

Everyone that is addicted to one thing or another truly wants deep down to be able to live the clean life. I know that I did and I'm so very happy and proud that I did, not only for myself, but my family and friends as well.

You need to just bite the bullet and quit drinking alcohol, surrender to those demons and start to plan a bright and healthy future.

For myself, I was able to achieve sobriety on my own, but not completely.  My wife and family were a huge support to me and gave me their full attention to help me get though it all safely.

But, most of all, I must say that the true power that was given to me was through "God".  He has given me the strength, the willingness, the drive and the determination to achieve a clean and sober life again and to live a normal life as it should be.


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    • Lifeallstar1 profile image

      Lifeallstar1 7 years ago

      Another great article. You should print them out and frame them as keepsake reminders of how happy life is and that you will never want to go back to that place you were before, that was basically good for nothing!!!!

    • trenb8qemc profile image

      trenb8qemc 7 years ago from London

      It must have taken great courage to write these articles (as well as obviously giving up the booze). I respect your honesty and achievment.

    • John C. Evenstar profile image

      John C. Evenstar 7 years ago from Portland

      Good Stuff, keep up the work!