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Late Complications And Prognosis of Hydrocephalus

Updated on June 13, 2011

Late Complications And Prognosis of Hydrocephalus

Prognosis depends on the cause of the dilated ventricles & not on the size of the cortical mantle at the time of the operative intervention. we cannot clearly predict the outcome of such patients. Therefore it is important that the hydrocephalic child receive long term follow up in a multidisciplinary setting.

        Hydrocephalic children are at increased risk for a variety of developmental disabilities and also impaired intelligence and memory function compared with the general population. They may end up with cerebral palsy. they would be benefited by physiotherapy speech therapy, occupational therapy  ect…

        They can have visual problems such as strabismus, visual field defects & optic atrophy with decreased visual acuity. Visual evoked potential latencies are delayed & take some time to recover following correction.

        They may develop epilepsy needing long term anticonvulsants.

They may even show aggressive behavior later in life.


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