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Handicap Scooters That Really Scoot

Updated on June 23, 2016

An Amazing Find on Amazon

I was actually ticketed for speeding in a residential area near my home. I was clocked at 15 in a 10 mph zone. I loved it. I am more careful now and keep my eyes open. My latest vehicle has a top speed just over 15 mph. It is equipped with a safety tested braking system, headlights, brake lights, tail lights, side view mirrors and a decent suspension system. Its 16” tires and sleek body design turn heads. This hasn’t happened since I was forced to get rid of my Mustang after my spine injury.

I can cruise almost 45 miles on a single charge, which allows me to head out to parts unknown. I am free again. The feeling is exhilarating and even if I exaggerate the sensation, it sure beats plodding along with my old mobility scooter.

My Challenger-Electric-Mobility-Scooter-3-wheeler was priced at an unbelievably low $2200, delivered to my door. It came assembled and needed only to be unpacked from its shipping container. Within an hour it was unpacked and ready to go. I probably should have read the instructions, but the operation is fairly instinctive. It's a guy thing.

When I am not out cruising on my speedy red scooter, it fits nicely into my enclosed lanai or in my van with the help of a special ramp, I can roll it into my mini van. I can take it on trails and test the limits every day. Don’t tell that to my wife, but I do wear a helmet and seat belt.

It is amazing how many people stop me to inquire about my vehicle. In fact, I know of two people in particular who purchases a scooter like mine and they were not even handicapped. It’s not a Harley but to me it’s an even better option. If you’re looking for more than basic mobility, this baby is the ticket. Live free and rule the streets again.

Yes sir, I’m free again. Dear Lord, I’m free again.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

This a mobility scooter that really scoots. Leave your buddies in the dust. !2 MPH and 45 mile range and street ready (where allowed). Who wants to plod along at 3 mph when he can zip away at 12.

Rumor has it that some mechanically inclined scooter speedsters have found ways to add extra zip to their scooters and are now zipping along near the speed of sound, well actually 25 mph+.


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