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Shirataki and Olive Oil: Latest Approved Ingredients in the Dukan Diet

Updated on July 15, 2012

100 Safe Food List

Dr. Pierre Dukan has identified the 100 ingredients to be eaten with no restrictions. After a thorough research and study, he mentioned in his official website that these ingredients are low in fat and carbohydrates (sugar), and high in protein and other nutritional elements that are very important to the body’s well-being.

Here's the breakdown of the 100 safe food list in the Dukan Diet:

  • 72 animal-based ingredients to be eaten from attack phase onwards
  • 28 plant-based ingredients to be eaten from the cruise phase onwards

The list of ingredients will appear in his new book, The Dukan Diet 100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods.

Latest Addition in the List of Permitted Ingredients

In the latest book, "The Dukan Diet Diet 100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods," Dr Pierre Dukan welcomes the 2 newest addition in the list of allowed ingredients. Konjac (Shirataki) and Olive Oil.

Konjac or the famous Shirataki noodles is a valuable fibre-rich ingredient is now officially permitted along with Olive Oil. For years in the diet, the use of olive oil is always present in any frequently asked questions in dukan forums and sites. Now, the time has come that this ingredient is officially acknowledged by Dr Dukan.

1 teaspoon of Olive oil is rich in omega 3, polyphenol and vitamin E (antioxidants). It is crucial to dietary well-being, and can be consumed from the cruise phase onwards.

Benefits of Konjac or Shirataki in the Dukan Diet

Konjac, also known as Shirataki, Miracle Noodle or Elephant Yam, are extremely low in carbohydrates, fat, gluten, soy and high in soluble fibers called Glucomannan. Shirataki noodles help in slowing down digestion process and suppressing hunger by giving a sense of fullness.

Here are some dietary benefits of Shirataki noodles:

  1. Glucomannan, the main component of shirataki, is a high-molecular compound, which is super absorbent. Its normal size expands by 80-100xs after absorbing water and swelling. It cannot be easily digested and absorbed after eating that usually gives a feeling of fullness.
  2. It has a soluble dietary fibre. Soluble dietary fiber is adhesive that can serve as a protective screen in the surface of the intestine. The result - it can bind together the molecules of cholesterol that reduce fat absorption.
  3. Konjac is a beneficial alkaline food. If konjac is regularly consumed in their diets, acid-base balance can be achieved.


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