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Remembering Elder Joshua Burton Maker of Music

Updated on August 21, 2022
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Missionary work is the bedrock of Rodric's Faith. Read about these stories of faith and hope while in the service of God.

Elder Burton understood the importance of music and how it can change people if only for a moment to move them to tears or fill their hearts with love and charity.

This is not meant to be just another news article, but an editorial on the faith of a family and the genius of a man of God with a gift that will always be here to share, his music.

Monday night, July 29, 2013, God called Elder Joshua Burton to another missionary assignment in the next life. He suffered serious injuries to his spine and a concussion to his head after an automobile accident involving several other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and missionaries going to assist a local resident moving a dwelling. Elder Burton served in the nation of Guatemala. His home was Leavitt, Alberta, Canada

Miraculously, the injuries to Elder J. Burton's vertebrae did not cause his death, which is attributed to the healing power of prayer offered by hundreds of family members and loved ones who served with Elder J. Burton.

There was an expectation that the missionary would live, but the swelling in the brain is what caused this minister of God to cross to his mission on the other side.

According to one of his 8 siblings, Robert Burton, his father, is quoted saying to those who entered the Burton home to express condolences,

When the Lord showed us the miracle recovery of Josh's back, he let us and everyone that prayed for Josh know he heard our prayers. There's no doubt about that. But God knew it was Josh's time, so once he'd shown us, he called Josh home.

What incredible faith this father shows in the gospel of Jesus Christ affirming through his words that he believes in life after death and that God is truly alive! That, however, will not stop the family and friends from missing this servant of God as he serves the choice spirits of God experiencing his ministry on the other side.


Music Man

Elder Burton was not only a servant of God, he also was an accomplished pianist who touched the hearts of everyone who heard his music. Before Elder Burton went on his mission, he shared his ministry of life through the art of music.


Elder Burton adored music according to his brother Robert. He enjoyed the classics and composed his own music and performed it for the first time a year before going on his mission. He planned to study music when he returned from his mission.

Now, he is a missionary until he gains a glorious resurrection promised to all people and he will share his music through the Holy Spirit to all that have the sensitivity to listen; for as an angel, he speaks by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Burton in Guatemala
Elder Burton in Guatemala | Source

The Word Continues

Music is a very intimate part of worship. Elder Burton understood the importance of music and how it can change people if only for a moment to move them to tears or fill their hearts with love and charity. In the video above listen to him play and express his feeling about music and its effect on his life.

Each time a person passes, the best parts of their lives are remembered. Elder Burton's family has one of the best gifts a family can have when a loved one departs. Elder Burton left a legacy of music in such a short time in mortality.

Elder Burton is doing what he knows is correct. He is sharing the gospel now, but he did so in mortality because of his testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ and his special designation as a witness of the Apostles of Jesus, who are witnesses of the physical resurrection of the Savior.

His devotion to God; his willingness to leave a budding talent on hold while he served the Lord is an indication of his devotion to God. Now, he serves God full-time.

People may mention platitudes during a grieving time to give comfort even if they do not believe the words they give themselves. The Saints believe and have a firm hope in life beyond the grave. Elder Burton has not gone very far. He is here on the Earth working with spirits and mortals alike.

Not only is a memory of his mortality fresh in the minds of his family and friends, but his spirit, his holy spirit observes the heartache and joy that fills the hearts of loved ones. Because of the Savior, Elder Martin will heal their hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost as a ministering angel. It is the hope of all Saints who have lost a loved one to know that person, that righteous person is allowed to watch over and assist through the Holy Spirit, and they are.

How comforting to know that a righteous relative is watching over the family and doing the work of the Lord? This missionary left mortality in the service of the Lord and is assured a place in the celestial heavens. Now his family must await to be reunited with him at the resurrection, but he will always be near guiding them and speaking to them in whispers that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and encouraging them to live the principles.

In a world where music has become increasingly superficial and insincere, the music of Josh Burton is a refreshing change. Trained as a pianist and immersed in the classics,

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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