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Updated on December 17, 2012

Laugh at It !

by JR Hager II
by JR Hager II

Between you and me ....

In the morning, before my feet have a chance to feel my weight, I make myself do it. It gives me a whole different way of looking at the rest of the day.

I'll sit on the edge of the bed, starting to get bombarded by the stressful thoughts I had before I slept, and I'll just do it. There for awhile those thoughts had me trying to make myself do it. I had to, between you and me now, I tickled myself. (Can you go blind if you tickle yourself too much?)

But now, since I've been at it for a good amount of time, I don't even have to make myself do it, I'll just do it naturally. I'll LAUGH at those incoming thoughts, and sure enough; they'll leave the same way they came. It's as if they can't survive if they aren't taken seriously.

This is my 'wake'n bake,' not that I haven't done others; just that this way saves me money and isn't illegal. Maybe it will be soon; because it does work.

I was never one to let things get to me, and really, aside from my health, what else do I have to worry about! Although a lot of people, including friends and relatives, have become quite perturbed at my reaction to things they feel so damn important at the time, I don't stop. Life is too precious, beautiful and brief to get tangled up in all the fears and mendacity's and to dwell on things that don't workout as we planned. Some 'loved-ones' would love to see me sent to the 'ha ha hotel' not for my own good but to simply get back at me for laughing 'at' them. Even if I made the situation better for them and made them stop being so gloomy and depressed; they would still be contented to have me committed. What is that?

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Are they so hooked on their depression....

....that they despise any one that makes them high and feel good? Anyone that brings up an attribute to their ugly disposition, any one that has the gall to make them smile. Like they spent good, hard earned, saved money scoring their stash that gives them their bummed-out buzz. I know these people are out there, I worked with some, and at the same business; no less. They were pissed that I didn't get pissed with them. Upset that I didn't indulged in their upset-ness. Cranky I wasn't about to get cranky with them. One guy, that seemed to pride himself on his anger and wore it like a badge, eventually came into work the back way because he knew I was going to be at my usual spot and greet him in the morning. This stint only made it funnier for me, but worse for him. I ended up yelling out, "Good morning Derick," but he didn't answer, as usual. And get this; the boss was the same way. Nothing ever went well; and when it did it was ignored for something that did go wrong. Is there any surprise that this business is no more - and to think they blamed it on the economy. Funny, I was the first to be laid-off, and there were other employees that were there not even a year; but they were part of the gloom and doom crowd, they were more welcome there than I ever was. Luckily I can look back objectively and not get swallowed up.

You know, I've heard of stories......

of people that got the dreaded news from their doctor, given so long to live, and had gone and taken all their money out of the bank and left town, and done what they had dreamed about doing most of their life. And not only did they survive long past what their doctor prescribed for them, they are happier people, and in most cases, have lived longer than their doctor - which tells me they weren't happy to begin with, and their gloom and stress was instrumental in affecting their immune system and made them sick. "Laughter is the best medicine," comes to mind, but I never heard a doctor say that; that would take business away. Healthy people will lay-off doctors and put drug pushers, pharmaceutical businesses, out on the street and in the unemployment lines.

Most of the time....

.... when I'm in public, I'll just laugh to myself. I'll think of something funny, and if there isn't any situation or comedic monologue I can grab on to at the time; I'll picture myself laughing histarically in front of all these people. That will do the trick, the corners of my smile will damn near touch my ears.

And there's one thing that I certainly won't do; watch the news; at least for any length of time, or on a daily basis. The reason being; it wouldn't be there if it wasn't bad news. The 'station masters' wouldn't get the high ratings if all they had was good news. And there would go the sponsors. What, they can't sell stuff to happy people? They certainly can't sell drugs to them, now can they? And 80 to 90% of all the ads I've seen on the toob are for drugs.

So don't fret, my friend or follower, be good to yourself, give whatever is troubling you a chuckle, and if that doesn't help; tickle yourself and laugh at it.


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