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Laughter is the ANSWER to good health, prosperity, and successful careers!!

Updated on August 16, 2014

Develop your sense of humor

A recent survey of 737 CEO's stated that 98% of them favored hiring somebody with a sense of humor versus someone who's a stick in the mud. Laughter is the key to happiness and if you're not happy then why hire you to make others unhappy? Makes perfect sense!

  • First, you have to find out what makes you laugh, giggle, or burst into laughter randomly. Some folks have mastered the art of fighting back a laugh (which rarely works). With this being said laughter is in fact contagious and you will most likely laugh around a group of friends than alone. Why? Because it's social and laughter doesn't feel forced.
  • Recent studies have shown that the things that make us laugh the most are: Superiority over others who are "dumber" than us, a difference of expectation over what actually happens, and welcoming relief from an anxiety.

Laugh at Work Week


Laugh at BORING circumstances

When you think about the most boring place you are during the day what would it be? Many would say the workplace. Right? Being at work all day long can be the most outrageous and boring aspects of our everyday lives. So it's perfect to figure out an office joke or inside joke to get all of your coworkers through the day. Just look at some of the hit TV shows like The Office and the NBC Show they are based in the workplace. This is because when in a working environment it's so boring that the jokes are even more hilarious. Think about it folks will laugh a lot more in a work place than a comedy night club any day.


Who has had the last laugh?

When was the last time you laughed?

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Accept the IRONY

Irony is an event characterized by an incongruity, or contrast, between what the expectations of a situation are and what is really the case, with a third element, that defines that what is really the case is ironic because of the situation that led to it. could say its just a fancy way of saying that the expected is unexpected. Why not laugh at these situations? Irony is the top-rated answer to cracking a smile and not worrying about that mortgage payment so much. OK, but it will still be there next month. Here's some great irony served on a funny dish that helped me get through the worst days.

  • One thing for sure is that I used to like my neighbors, until they put a password on their WiFi.
  • A quiet man, is a thinking man. A quiet woman, is usually mad.
  • I'm afraid of 3 things women, snakes, and the police. They all have the ability to hurt me and make it look like it was my fault.
  • Why do doctors have a "practice"?
  • Why is the man who invests all of your money called a broker?


Keypoints to laughter and living healthy

  • Don't take life so seriously
  • Find humor in a terrible situation
  • Think of funny moments from your past
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Adopt a pet

Time to look at yourself a little less seriously

Remember that one time at band camp....This is a great way to get the giggle glands a going. Think of a really embarrassing moment and laugh at the outcome from a previous point in your life. Like when I was performing for the talent show at school and thought drinking a bunch of soda before was a GREAT idea!! Midway through the song it was the BURP heard round the world and classmates haven't let me forget it yet. Let's face it! We all have obstacles and hurdles in everyday life, but if you lightly laugh for 45 seconds the worldly pressure seems to disappear. Look at that increase on your insurance premium you just received through the mail. Yes, its $100 more than last year, but laugh at it while calling your insurance company. You will be less likely to upset the representative over the phone. Being serious is wonderful when disciplining kids, talking to irate customers, and handling an out of control employee. Just keep in mind that laughter can suppress anything and the message may come across better. Better even use the mirror in your bathroom or hallway and just laugh uncontrollably.

Dancing Animals

Adopt me!



Pets are an awesome way of getting that laugh in daily. Sometimes our animals will do something hilarious without even meaning to and next thing you know the entire room is crying with laughter. Just look at America's Funniest Videos? Get a pet who's funny, video the pet, get cash, and another reason to smile. Not to mention pets have been known to help their owners in many other ways like companionship. Studies have proven that owners of a pet in a single household suffered less from depression, anxiety, heart disease, and stress. So, why not make a trip to your local ASPCA and find that perfect ball of fluff to help you maintain. Personally my chihuahua has been my provider of laughter and companionship for over 4 years now and "Fido" couldn't be more spoiled. Better yet if you're the traveling businessman and have little to no time to care for a pet, just look online. Explore the many wonders of YouTube and their many videos of funny pets guaranteed to have you laughing for hours.

Laughing Babies

Eat Drink and be Merry

Summarizing life is one thing, but making a joke out of it to make yourself feel better is another. Never forget that the world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people like yourself to help it turn around. Always smile and keep your surroundings positive, no matter how bleak they may seem find the light and laugh. Laughing today instead of crying tomorrow could help you benefit in health and all around help you strive to be better.

The Laughing Cat (Great Restaurant Great Laughs)

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The Laughing Cat


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    • JulianaDragoness profile image

      Mariah Aiken 3 years ago from Moncks Corner, South Carolina


    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 3 years ago from england

      You may have a point. But laughter is no cure for serious money issues . One lot of allomony payments would be bad enough. Try laughing off two! Then the insurance for Parkinson would've sky rocketed. Especially in his profession. All Im saying is allow time for yourself if you feel sad. Dont hide behind a facade even humour! And don't be ashamed or afraid of seeking the right kind of help!

    • JulianaDragoness profile image

      Mariah Aiken 3 years ago from Moncks Corner, South Carolina

      Robin Williams had issues with Depression and never laughed at himself only made others laugh...just let that sink in.

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 3 years ago from england

      Didn't do Robin Williams much good in the end!