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Law Of Attraction For Idiots

Updated on June 30, 2011

We will make Law Of Attractions works for all people, we will discuss its scientific background, and how to clear your mind to implement this law.

Modern science tells us that the way we used to think of universe is wrong. Universe is formed of a continuous sea of energy that is always changing, and not composed of discrete solid building blocks separated by space as we thought before.

Everything is energy and our thought is the most potent and productive form of this energy, since thought can make energy takes different shapes and forms, it can also multiply any amount of energy (water falls were always there until came the idea of generating electricity).

This dictates that our internal world is more real than the external world we live in. We have the most potent type of the thing the universe is made of. The human mind creates cities, roads, technologies, phones, factories, televisions, computers, weapons, wars, and robery, i.e. our reality.

Individuals can spend all the time with their minds occupied with cultural, scientific, and financial aspects, or with play and entertainment. It is the intention and not the ability.

The energy in our minds are manifested in the form of electrical signals . The intricate signaling system inside the brain creates either happy, relaxed and peaceful mindset or worried, fearful and desperate mindset, the difference between these 2 types is the difference between success and failure (isn't it strange that we attract miserable feelings to create poor life, and attract happy feelings to create prosperous life?).

Individuals can create either of the 2 types of mindset, and how they do that is what you will read now so keep on.

How to Use Law of Attraction to Attract What You Want

Your mindset is the most valuable asset in this life.
Fortunately, the repository of our memories and experiences is the subconscious mind which we are not consciously aware of. It is the part of ourselves that is in touch with our feelings and desires, and it is what propels the conscious actions we take.

The feelings and emotions that we have in the conscious state start communications between conscious and subconscious minds, and this happens every time we take actions.

Without the subconscious mind, our conscious mind can not execute a planned action, because it depends on experiences we feed to our subconscious (you can not do a completely new job to you without training). Our brain depends on what we have fed our subconscious with.

Attracting what we desire is easy, we just implant positive ideas and changes in our subconscious to consciously get what we want

Examples of ideas that you need to implant in your subconscious mind to attract happy life are:
- Live from inside out. Remember that both thoughts and objects are energy and our type is the predominant one
- Good thoughts can shape good form of life. Remember that wealth is not money, it is ideas
- What you would like to do in your life is much more easy in today's life than before. Forget about deployment and jobs, life is full of resources
- Do not study rocket science to make money, prepare yourself to pick up the opportunity when it comes and sit. Do what you like because this motivates you
- See yourself living your dream of success and attracting all what you thought of

Law of Attraction : How to Prepare Your Mind

On your way to attract what you want, self limiting beliefs are your biggest obstacle. To overcome that you should identify any opposing or self limiting beliefs that would stop you from attracting an abundance of prosperity.

Consider these mental activities to clear your mind of anything that may interfere with your new way of life :
-- Define your vision of success, live your own dream and not others', then set a release technique to let go any beliefs that is not in alignment with this vision
-- Install positive, empowering beliefs that let your subconscious mind attracts the full picture of a spirited, success minded entrepreneur, how he looks and feels
-- Understand how thought is controlled to bring in desired results. It is the nature of subconscious mind that it can't standstill a certain moment. When it is under influence of negative attitude, one negative thought in the head expands and attracts several other negative thoughts, thus this one negative thought leads to emotional displeasure and creates unfavorable reality. Remember that the exact opposite happens in case of a positive attitude
-- Train your mind not to allow a single negative thought, you should create a relaxed state and achieve emotional harmony. You should be alert about this all the time until it becomes a first nature to you, and it will be
-- Do not volunteer speaking too much about your problems with others, they will forget, and your subconscious mind will give it energy and attracts more of it
-- Be aware of these thoughts : "I can't do that", "I don't have enough", "There is no way out of me", "I can't get out of this bad situation", "I am unlucky, I know it", "I am afraid that things will go wrong". DO NOT LET ANY OF THEM to get into your mind

Law of Attraction : Quotes

- "The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can't do"
Denis Waitley

- "Today you are a magnet, for infinite abundance, divine intelligence, and unlimited love. Actually, this has always been true.'
Mike Dooley

- "Every regret, every mournful thought, take so much out of your life. It is force used to pile on more misery"
Prentice Mulford

- "What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts"
Brian Tracy

- "When the voice and the vision on the inside are more profound, and more clear and loud then all opinions on the outside, you have begun to master your life"
John Demartini

- "You control your future, your destiny. Put your future in good hands - your own"
Mark Victor Hansen

- "Anything we focus on, we create"
Hale Dowskin

- "Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind's eye, and you will be drawn toward it"
Napoleon Hill


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    • CaroleGayle profile image

      CaroleGayle 6 years ago from Chicagoland

      Thanks for the LOA primer! A solid grasp of the Law of Attraction can make your life so much easier.