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Law of Attraction & Manifesting: 3 Signs Your Conjuring Abilities Are Blocked

Updated on November 22, 2017
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Amanda Carter has been following her passion through coaching, writing & helping to improve the lives of others for 20+ years.

When it comes to either manifesting or mountain climbing, the rougher the climb, the more worthy the summit! Keep climbing!
When it comes to either manifesting or mountain climbing, the rougher the climb, the more worthy the summit! Keep climbing! | Source

Where are you currently in terms of your manifesting practice?

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Traps & Pitfalls...

I don't care who you talk to, or how long we hooman beings have been naturally endowed with the capability to conjure up whatever our souls desire to create -- manifesting isn't easy at first! The human-hive-mind we've all conjured up, is strange enough and strong enough, that it fights hard to hold onto every scrap of the fabric of our beings, especially when it comes to those of us who'd like to get off of the hive-train at the next nearest stop.

When this happens, there's dozens of little tricks the collective consciousness and even our own minds, can play on us to keep us subserviant and compliant with the rules we're supposed to believe we need to follow in this shared reality. Simple but horrid things, like television or radio commericals, can set a person back months in terms of their work to undo subconscious deprogramming. Just one commercial reminding you of how hard your life is, and how much you lack -- can topple down what is essentially just a house of cards for most newbie manifestors.

Heck, even for some of us intermediate conjurer's, there are still plenty of things that can set us back. Especially things that are lurking within our subconscious minds. Things like doubts, complexes, negative self talk, and so on.

The Next Level...

If you're like me, you're ready to get over this manifesting hurdle and really put the universal laws of attraction and manifestation to better use in your life. And I wish I had some magic button for you, that we could all push that would act like a super-megatronic-blaster-gun that would totally disintigrate all of your current and potential future manifesting blockages. Though sadly, I don't have that capability (yet). Though even if I did, to be honest. I wouldn't offer such a magic button to manifesting, because part of the secret to conjuring, is the journey to get yourself in sync with yourself, the universe, and all of the genuinely unworldly elements of this reality. Without taking those steps, not only is immediate manifestation impossible, but if it were, there'd be all sorts of people out there pushing the big red button whenever something in their lives was challenging. Can you imagine that? What might happen in this world if everyone could just instantly manifest anything they wished for? Especially people who would wish for things that would hurt other people... Even just touching the surface of that train of thought leads into instant desire for everyone and everything everywhere within any time in all of space.

It'd be disasterous.

And more importantly, in this collective-reality we've all manifested to share with each other, it's against the universal laws that we entered into accord with when we decided to incarnate in it; Laws of which exceed just the one that everyone knows about (the Law of Attraction). This means that even if you or a few other readers just so happened to be okay with a lassie-faire waterworld take-no-prisoners style manifesting free-for-all -- it wouldn't happen. The universal laws wouldn't allow it.

Nope. If you want to become a guru of manifesting, you have to work for it.

The work doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't even need to take a ton of time to learn. It technically doesn't cost any money either, especially with so many free on-demand information resources (like these hubs!), that basically give you all you need to know.

No. The true price of becoming a manifesting master (or mistress), is time & courage. The time to learn it all (as fast or as slow as you're ready for), and the courage to step into your truth without blinking or beading up in sweat.

The Choice:

One of the universal laws includes that of free will, of which is one of the only laws to be immutable in that we always have a choice in everything we do, that happens to us, and that manifests around us (with or without our own help). That is the choice of thought -- the ability to actively decide how we will think about or mentally and energetically digest anything and everything, regardless of how it's present to us. Thoughts are one of the most powerful universal abilities yet known, and also one of the most taken for granted and underestimated.

Thankfully though, there are more and more of us waking up and realizing just how much we've all been missing out on by not thinking about our thoughts, our innate & instinctual abilities that have been hidden away, and our own ability to manifest every miracle & regular resource we could ever need. It's this very same drive and level of resourcefulness; the same energies that have compelled you to keep searching for answers and finally find a few resources; like this hub, which will help you grow as a manifestor, and build your instinctual capability to stand in your truth and shrink the time it takes most humans are able to manifest what they want and need.

If, like so many other of my readers, you've done a sufficient amount of self-work to have brought up your vibration enough to keep you going in your journey to master manifestation, then you'll be able to use information such as what I'm providing -- to build your manifesting muscles, and learn to unblock, overcome and heal from anything that gets in between you and your desires from now and every day beyond.

Sometimes it's only our perspective that keeps the things we desire most from manifesting right into our laps.
Sometimes it's only our perspective that keeps the things we desire most from manifesting right into our laps. | Source

Sign 1. Everywhere but here...

Why does everyone else have what I've been working so hard to manifest?

You've been working diligently on your daily affirmations, vision boards, mindfulness, and everything else you've dove into fervently in order to be an active participant in what manifests in your life from here on out. Though it seems like no matter how much energy you put into your active conjuring, you just can't seem to manifest the things you desire in your life. And for some strange reason, you start to notice more people around you who do have or who obtain the very thing or situation you've been working so hard to manifest!

To add salt to that wound, it might just start as you noticing strangers with the thing or situation you want, and then turn into the people you know very well, suddenly finding themselves with the thing you've been working hard to conjure up. Your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends... your siblings andor parents... It might start to seem like everywhere you look, everyone else seems to be manifesting everything you've been working to get, even if you know they are completely oblivious to the universal laws and not even aware that they could be and are manifesting anything.

This energy block is one I like to call the "Green Eyed Monster", because it often highlights within us, certain memes or traumas stuck in our energetic membranes, where in the past we have felt like other people have it so much easier in life than we do, or that others are somehow more deserving of ease and happiness in their lives than we are. These memes stick to us until we actively work to heal them, popping up whenever we get close to feeling like things could or already are becoming easier in our lives, or like we are worthy of what we're asking for -- and those memes force us to look for all the things we are lacking, that other people have. And because it feels so familar to feel that way, rather than breaking down and proving those memes incorrect so they can heal, we easily slide right into that familiarity and push away the very things we've been working so hard to manifest.

If this energetic block sounds like the place in your manifesting journey where you're feeling stuck, it's time to step back and start asking yourself deeper questions, such as;

Why don't I feel joyful for my friends, family and others when I see that they've manifested the very thing that I desire? If it's desirable and wonderful enough that you want it in your life, doesn't it stand to reason that everyone else is worthy of having that in their lives also? Or will you only be satisfied when you alone are the only one with the thing or situation that you've been working to conjure up?"

Why is it that when I start to see the object of my manifestation, appearing all around me in many different ways (including through people I know), that I feel fearful, jealous and anxious -- rather than excited, curious and certain that my efforts truly are working?"

What would I need to do, what would I need to see, how would I need to feel, and what would I need to know or experience in order to feel completely and unconditionally worthy of being able to manifest anything and everything I could ever want?"

Did you actually stop, ask yourself these questions & discover your answers?

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It might take some time to answer these questions, especially if you're radically honest with yourself, which is what it takes to really master the art of manifestation. Without this sort of radical honesty with the self, you'll never be able to step into your truth and really own yourself and your power to manifest; another secret they don't tell you in the secret.

Those once you're able to bring yourself to even answer those questions truly honestly, you'll be ready to move forward and break down that green eyed energetic block and develop a new fondness for seeking the joy and beauty in seeing and actively participating in the abundance that manifests all around you, whether it's manifesting directly into your hands or into the hands of another deserving soul you're blessed to know.

If your manifestations are materializing as mini's, read on...
If your manifestations are materializing as mini's, read on... | Source

Sign 2. Could I supersize that manifestation please?

Why is it that I keep finding pictures, toys or small unusuable versions of what I'm trying to manifest?

Have you found yourself in the position of finding all sorts of pictures, paper money, toys, or other totems that represent everything you're trying to manifest?

I've had this happen often. Though whereas at first I used to worry that it was a sign that there was something wrong with my manifesting muscles, now I see it as a sign of how strong my abilities truly are. A sign that what I'm actively conjuring is literally about materialize.

A friend of mine experienced this the first time he really put his effort into actively manifesting, and his first big goal was to conjure up a brand new 4 door red Jeep Wrangler with the hardtop (soft tops suck), straight 6 engine, commanche trans, and all the interior bells and whistles -- alarm, remote start, top of the line 6x9's, and so on. Basically, everything he'd never been able to afford before, but had secretly coveted whenever he saw a commercial or someone else flying by down the freeway in one.

So my friend worked hard to get his mindset and belief's in order, so that he could really give this manifesting thing a real chance of working -- if that really was a real possibility.

After some initial work on his doubts, he began to see four door jeeps around him more often. Then he'd see the same year, color and generation that he wanted. Then he started to notice more people talking about Jeeps around him, or car deals for people with bad credit... or that friend of a friend's cousin who was selling one that wasn't the right color, but had all the other things he wanted... This both scared and excited my friend, who then started to allow himself to actually anticipate that his Jeep was going to manifest for him. And my friend maintained that sense of wonder and excitement up until he stopped seeing as many Jeeps around him, and started finding little toy jeeps on the ground, followed by kids Jeep stickers, lose-leaf ads, and pieces of Jeeps laying around (like hubcaps in ditches). That was initially was exciting too. After a while though, my friend started to feel like a strange sort of trick was being played on him. Like either he was doing something severely wrong, or like someone who knew what he was trying to manifest, was playing a big joke on him -- by putting Jeep toys and the like all around his path, making him foolishly believe in such quackery as manifestation and the law of attraction.

That feeling was so foreign and so highly improbable in nearly all ways, that my friend found himself stuck there for a long time. He wasn't sure exactly what he was doing wrong, and couldn't prove that anyone was really messing with him. He was stuck, and didn't know where to turn or what to try, or if he should just flat out give up.

At that point, even if they try a few more times here and there, most people often give up and withdrawal from the process of actively manifesting. It's definitely a stage that often weed's out future manifesting masters, and future naysayers. The former will either continue trying, or will come back to the process again and again until they understand, whereas the ladder will either never try again, or they'll only partially try just to confirm their belief's that manifestation doesn't work -- or at very least, doesn't work for them.

If this is where you've found yourself in your journey to master manifestation, or is very close to what you're experiencing, then you've definitely come up against an energetic block. These blocks can come from memes just like the first sign, though they also have other more common origins that take only a small bit of work to overcome.

That works starts with examining your internal monologue and force of focus; especially in terms of how much you're interacting using;

  • Negatives - Using words like "never", "no", "not", "anti", "without", "don't", "can't", etc... when you're thinking about what you're manifesting, as well as the rest of the your days. How much of your headspace do these 'negative words' take up in your mind at any given moment? If the answer is a lot or you're not sure -- then this could be the source of your premature manifestations.
  • Broadness - If you're too broad about what you're focusing on manifesting, then you're much more likely manifest your desires, but not as you pictured you would, or maybe not in the way you thought you would get it (like my friend manifesting the very Jeep he wanted, but as a toy car that he couldn't actually drive).
  • Specifics - Once a person learns that being too broad is a problem, they often jump into the opposite extreme and start being way to specific about how, what, when and where they will manifest the object of their desire. Problem is, this creates a sort of energetic constipation, either in the person, or in the process. If you're too specific about how you want to manifest, then you won't be open and able to see any other opportunities that you could manifest what you want -- many of which might be easier, faster and more fulfilling than the specific way you've devised. Likewise, even if you can keep your own mind in a positive place while you happily wait for the very specific thing you want, you still create a logjam of energy, because you give that energy only one pathway that it can manifest through. Universal energy, like electricity, follows the path of least resistance. Whereas being to broad can manifest the thing you want in a different form or function than you thought you had intended, being too strict can make it take forever to actually manifest your desires to you.
  • Impatience - One of the most difficult arts that every conjurer has to master, is the ability to maintain excited anticipation without becoming impatient -- which can create serious resistance against whatever you're manifesting.
  • Doubt - The killer of nearly all conscious manifestations.

The universal energy that comes together to manifest into your desires, is just like electricity or any other form of energy -- it follows the path of least resistance. Just like we do as engineers, electricians, technicians, inventors, energy medicine workers, and tinkerer's, the trick is to create a balanced path for energy to easily flow into. To put it in simple terms, think about the battery in your car or truck. The wires that are connected to your battery clamps and terminals, are a very specific size (gauge). If they used one or two sizes bigger, the electricity wouldn't make it from the battery to the starter or the alternator, or it would only do so some of the time and not at others. Likewise, if you were to use a wire that wasn't big enough, you would likely melt the wires, blow up the battery or fry the starter or alternator.

Just like with the battery anology, we as manifestors, are basically search for just the right gauge of wire that's not too big or too small, which can provide the easiest and strongest path of current from us to the universe and earth. For us, the "wires" are our Thoughts. Leave them too scattered or not focused enough, and cosmic energy won't flow well. Likewise, focusing too much or making your desires too specific, melts the wires. Either challenge slows the rate of flow, and either makes your manifestations take considerably longer to conjure up, or turns them into things that wear on your mental circutry, often until your beliefs in manifestation melt.

After genuinely investing in investigating your internal monologues and levels of focus, the best course of action is to become your own sort of cosmic detective AND electrician. It's challenging to put into practice the ending of the use of "negatives" both inside your head and out of your mouth, though the concept is easy to understand and start applying. Doubts are likewise easy enough to spot and work to dismantle; they only require our honest courage to do it, not some fancy tools or footwork. Impatience is another one that more or less just takes practice to build the ability, so these three elements should be easy enough for you to start breaking through with or without help (of which there is plenty all over the internet). Though when it comes to broadness vs specificity, there really aren't any books or articles you're going to find that can describe for anyone, one perfect degree of broadness and specificity. This is because this is where things start to become much more personalized to your DNA, unique energy signatures, the energy signatures of the things you desire to manifest, and the routes through which you're most comfortable conjuring up your desires.

The process of figuring out just how specific to be, is one that takes time, practice, motivation and the ability to keep yourself open and wondering; like you used to wonder when you were a child. How much time or practice it takes, is up to each individual. The easier it is for you to let go of societies belief's and honestly open yourself up to the possibilities of the universe without doubting them, the faster you'll be able to break through this energy blockage.

So the sooner you're able to bring yourself back into a place of child-like wonder while utilizing your experienced adult-like attention span, the sooner you get back into enjoying the process of conjuring. Once you're able to get yourself back into the place, start working on manifesting smaller desires on your list, while experimenting with broader and stricter "wires" or ways in which your desires can manifest to you. Instead of demanding only the million dollar jackpot from the lotto, see if you can manifest 3 tickets that each win $25 and more. Instead of demanding that you be able to manifest that new red Wrangler by purchasing it from a dealership without changing jobs or circumstances, why not try being more open, like allowing yourself to be given that Jeep through a contest or a new friend who just wants to give you one. Or maybe you'd be okay with trading something you no longer want, to get your Wrangler. There are so many more options that you might find acceptable, why not give the universe more opportunities to bring you what you desire, rather than fewer?

Cosmic snail mail got you down?
Cosmic snail mail got you down? | Source

Sign 3. Cosmic Snail Mail...

Why can't I manifest things faster?

For some conjurers, things like manifesting the toy versions of your desires might seem like far away miracles that they'd be excited to be able to produce, even on accident. Heck, when you're manifestations seem to arrive slower than a constipated snail delivering heavy urgent packages, you'd be happy to see any form of signal or concrete totems manifest around you. It'd certainly feel a lot more exciting than feeling like you're working just as hard (Sometimes harder) than everyone else whose working to consciously manifest, and yet all you seem to get for it is more time to sit on your thumbs.

This is another very common energy block that often cuts through those who will become conscious manifestors and those who are more comfortable settling with mediocrity. And again, not because it's difficult to breakthrough this blockage. More often it's simply because manifestation, like any other muscle and skill, takes actual work to build, understand and put to use. The process can be frustating, confusing, maddening, overwhelming and boundary pushing when we're still learning not to fight it. Though once we have it, it's easy to look back and laugh at how hard we expected the process to be, or made it out to be.

Like many blockages, slow manifestations can often be sourced back to a doubt or fear you've not yet fully worked through, or the continued overuse of negatives in your internal and external speech. Though if you feel secure in your grasp of those fundamentals, then it is much more likely that the snails-pace of your manifestations is likely due to some missing information, or a simple misunderstanding about some fundamental element of the overall process (of which there are many, and because of marketing hype, is easy to misunderstand).

On the other hand, if you truly feel confident that you have the fundamentals down, and you're sure you're not missing any meaningful information, there is a small chance that your slow-growth could be sourced to someone or several someones in your life, who are aware of your pursuits, and is being a negative nelly either outwardly to you, or just in their own internal monologue. Either way, they are not likely aware of how powerful the energy of doubt can be. It certainly is powerful enough to effect or even infect others.

If you have really dug deep, and you're sure that your constipated conjurings are being caused by someone other than yourself, the next step is to find out who it is, and then to either work to clear up the doubt within them, or to get yourself as far away from them as possible. Neither option may be easy, nor fast or foolproof. I don't recommend either decision lightly, but also don't spend too much time wringing your hands over what to do either. It can be difficult to turn a naysayer into a believer at first, but it certainly is worth it to have someone to celebrate with, rather than more people to comiserate with. Likewise, it might be a lot easier in the long run, to just end your relationship with that person, but you might feel like you don't have that choice, especially if that doubter in your life is a family member or loved one who is otherwise a good person, despite their skepticism.

Short Summary Table

Here's a short summary table of these three common trouble blocks for conjurers, their cause, and routes you can take to troubleshoot them.

Troubleshooting Manifestation Blockages

Everyone But Me
Doubts, Fears, Negatives
Dig Deeper, Let Go Doubts/Fears, Work on feeling Worthy
Manifesting Totems
Doubts, Negatives, Specifics
Investigate, Experiment w/Specifics
Slow Manifestations
Doubts, Fears, Negatives, Missing or Misunderstood Info, Toxic Relationships
More Research/Learning, Deeper Internal Work, Ending Toxic Relationships

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    Kenya Averette 

    13 months ago from Detroit, MI

    This is very helpful. Thank you.


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