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Law of Attraction and Angel Therapy

Updated on September 12, 2011

The power of the human mind is as infinite as the universe itself

The mind is a wonderful thing. One second it is looking at the chair you are about to sit down in and the next it will flit to how you sat on your mom's lap when she sat in that chair. One minute you are looking out the office window and the next you are thinking of how nice it felt when you were tucked under your warm quilt in your bed this morning.

The mind can literally take you places in a matter of a few seconds. It can be fickle and difficult to train. It can also be a great tool to get what you want out of life once you decide what it is and focus on it. That is called the power of attraction. You use the mind to play with the law of attraction to bring from the universe that which you want.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that you can bring what you want to yourself. You think about something long enough and wish that it was with you and viola the universe will attract it to you in a matter of time. The fact is that while it sounds fantastic at first you can actually see that it works just fine it you give it a chance.

It may be difficult to control your negating thoughts when you say I want a million dollars. Instantly your inner mind will recoil with a thought that says yeah, like that's going to happen. The universe will sense that you don't really believe that you can get the million dollars and then it will not present it to you. So start with small things and work your way up to get less skeptical.

Doreen Virtue is the founder of Angel Therapy
Doreen Virtue is the founder of Angel Therapy | Source

Angel Therapy

Even to manifest small things by your own self can be a daunting task. That is where manifesting with Angels helps. You see yourself as weak, and angels as all powerful beings. So you project your desire to them and then wait for them to bring the object of your desire to you.

Thinking that it is not your mind, but the power of the angels that will help you make effective use of the law of attraction. Plus you don't negate your wishes as you know in your heart that angels can overcome any problems that may be in the path of manifesting your desire. That is why it is all the more effective to use the law of attraction along with Angel Therapy.


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      That is exactly what the secret is. The trouble is controlling what we think.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      We are what we think! Thanks for sharing. Flag up!