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"Law of Attraction" Summary

Updated on August 29, 2017

My Summary of the "Law of Attraction" Process

I have put together a number of lenses which describe and challenge the conventional "Law of Attraction", as commonly presented throughout the Internet. Arguably, the most widely recognized presentation of the "Law of Attraction" was Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" (available as both a movie and book).

"The Secret" does briefly acknowledge Action as a component in realizing (manifesting) one's goals, dreams and/or desires, however, it is certainly not emphasized as being equally as important a requirement for success as visualization. Action, either Direct or Indirect (or both), is required to some degree in order to realize one's objectives in Llfe.

The "Law of Attraction"

A powerful process employed for the realization of one's goals, desires and/or dreams.

My "Law of Attraction" Lenses

Compiled here for Convenience!

I have written a number of lenses pertaining to the "Law of Success", clarifying my understanding of it (consistent with Napoleon Hill's Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich). Several of my lenses attempt to clarify the "Law of Attraction" as requiring two critical and complementary components for success, namely, Visualization, followed by Action.

The other category of my "Law of Attraction" lenses challenge aspects widely presented throughout the Internet, both misrepresentations with regard to science and, in particular, Quantum Physics, while others challenge the premise that one need only Visualize one's desired goal or dream, then simply release it to the Universe in order to become manifest.

I have two major objections to this widespread presentation of the "Law of Attraction". First of all, the advocates of the "Visualize, then Release" model state that if one's desires do not become manifest, then it is due to Negative Thinking on the part of the practitioner. Furthermore, if / when "Bad Things" happen in one's life, one somehow visualized them into being, thereby causing them to manifest into one's life. Therefore, according to this model, victims of rape, murder and other crimes have brought these crimes into their lives through their "Negative Thinking". The fallacy of this presentation is glaringly evident in the case of a significantly premature baby.

Lets assume a baby is born prematurely at 26 weeks and has, therefore, a very low statistical probability of survival. If the baby does survive, then there will likely be a considerable number of medical complications the child will have to deal with, particularly in its early life in order to survive, grow and remain healthy.

Is a baby at 26 weeks capable of cognitive thought such that it could manifest a premature delivery upon itself? Unlikely.

My second objection to the "Visualize, then Release" model is that it's proponents utilize misquotes and misinformation to deliberately misrepresent legitimate Natural Laws of Science. It is scientifically impossible. As stated above, the "Law of Attraction" violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Proponents of the "Law of Attraction" commonly misrepresent Quantum Physics and make unrealistic, unproven claims with respect to the power of thought vibrations spreading outward into the Universe in order to manifest desired realities.

Napoleon Hill

"Action is the real measure of intelligenceā€.


It is my belief that the modern appeal of the "Law of Attraction" is that it is, in effect, promising "Something for Nothing". No effort or action is required to manifest a desired outcome, simply visualize it and wait for it to become manifest. If it were this easy, the abundant guru's on the Internet would not be soliciting your cyber-business but buying islands in the Caribbean or ocean side resort complexes around the world with their mental earnings.

The fact that they are expending "Effort" building web-sites, preparing digital, downloadable e-courses and undertaking e-mail campaigns to sell their courses and training should make it abundantly clear where they expect to receive their money - from active, aggressive sales rather than thought vibrations.

The following lens summarizes my understanding of how the "Law of Attraction" actually works:

The Law of Attraction Process.

The lenses below are divided into two Groups. The first, Introductory Lenses present my understanding of the "Law of Attraction", comprised of Visualization, followed by Action toward making goals and dreams a reality.

The second group of lenses, Challenge to the Law of Attraction, address specific misrepresentations, misquotes and/or misunderstandings with regard to Natural Laws and how they relate to understanding how the Law of Attraction works.

Finally, I have to state that the lenses compiled on this site represent my understanding and experience with the "Law of Attraction", consisting of Visualization, followed by Action and Effort. On rare occasion, one may have a goal or a desired outcome occur, seemingly without effort or action on the part of the recipient. I suggest careful examination of the event will reveal successful Indirect Action on the part of the recipient or others working Directly on behalf of the recipient.

It has not been my experience, nor have I encountered legitimate cases where a practitioner repeatedly and successfully visualizes and realizes a goal, desired outcome or dream without working toward it.

Visit the Integrated Success Program for more material related to Personal Development.

Clarifying the Law of Attraction

How the "Law of Attraction" actually works as opposed to how it has been misrepresented elsewhere.

Common "Law of Attraction" Errors

Articles addressing specific errors with Regard to how the "Law of Attraction" has been presented.

The "Law of Attraction"

I have argued on my "Law of Attraction" lenses that Action taken toward one's goals is every bit as important as Visualization. Many other sites on the Internet advocate the premise one simply Visualizes one's goals, then releases these desires to the Universe to become manifest.

According to the Natural Laws of Physics and Thermodynamics, this is impossible - the New Age equivalent of a perpetual motion machine (i.e. something from nothing). Misquoting and deliberately misinterpreting Quantum Physics, these Law of Attraction gurus misrepresent the "Law of Attraction" leading to failure and disappointment on the part of the new practitioner.

In considering your successes in using the "Law of Attraction", has it required a component of Action?

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    • profile image

      Misty Bernandes 3 years ago

      It is a knowing, you just feel it, beyond doubt.

      For example I went on a job interview, nothing, I mean now way I should of landed the job, but as I was standing there, I saw myself behind that desk and I knew no matter what I said or did, if I wanted it, it was mine, and I took it.

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 7 years ago from Iowa

      Interesting resource. :)