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How To Make the Law Of Attraction Work For You – A Step By Step Guide

Updated on July 11, 2015

The Law of Attraction And How To Use It

Many of you have seen the movie "The Secret." Have you used the techniques? Have you figured out what it's really all about? In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it and I’ll hold nothing back. If you follow the steps, you’ll never need any more information than what you’re reading right now.

I’m going to completely explain how I figured all this out so you understand where I’m coming from. Please trust me when I tell you that this does indeed work. I have already proven it to myself (several times) and now, I’m ready to share my discoveries with you. So here goes…

(If you have questions or comments after you’ve read this, feel free to write me at: I’ll help you, all that I can…no charge. Everyone should have this information and no one should ever have to pay for it, because it’s a spiritual gift meant for everyone.)

How It Started For Me

One night, I was browsing the internet and by accident, found a link to "The Secret" movie that had recently come out. (You can see it for free on YouTube.) Can you imagine being able to just think of something, and it appears? Suppose you wanted a raise, or a new car, or a house, perfect health or that someone special. What kind of power could cause you to get any of those things, with just a thought? Well, that's what "The Secret" movie implied. And since I'm always up for something weird and puzzling, I decided to watch the movie (which was also available on the site), and judge for myself.

I was amazed! I read the movie reviews too, on a lot of different blog sites. Some people thought it was nonsense but most, believed it. I did a "hmmm" to myself, after reading those. Then I watched the movie, again. There was just something about the facts presented that rang true with me. Still, I couldn't figure out exactly how it worked. So I watched it two more times. Basically, the steps were to state a wish, think about it as thought you had it already, and zap! It would materialize.

One of the people in the documentary said that some people just take it and run with it. Others find it difficult to accept and can't seem to get passed step one. Then it dawned on me that I probably needed to stop questioning how it was going to happen, and just run with it. When I watched the movie for the last time, I wrote down all the steps, did them, and then waited for results.

It was all supposed to happen within a matter of hours or days or maybe even a few weeks. But for me, it didn't happen at all. I was very disappointed, but for some strange reason, I couldn't give up. Something told me that there was truth in this. I just had to dig deeper.

It Needed More Research

I got on the internet again and did numerous searches, all concerning the Law of Attraction, and how to get it to work. At last, a clue surfaced! Meditation had helped many people get into the right "mind mode" to ask for what they wanted. If you weren't in that mode, then it wouldn't happen, it said. So I researched until I found a company that sold the best meditation course on the market, and began to work with it.

(Note: If you feel you need help to learn to meditate, please contact me and I’ll help you do that, at no cost. The link to the site above is excellent, but it can be a little pricey if you’re on a tight budget. If you can’t afford it, just send me an e-mail and I’ll help you.)

Months went by. The meditation course did me a world of good, as far as calming me down and making me more focused and intuitive. Still, I could not make the Law of Attraction work. Back to the drawing board…

Another Eye-Opening Movie

Another internet search brought up a movie entitled, "What the Bleep." It didn't really say that it was about the Law of Attraction, but something told me to watch it, and judge for myself. And so I did. Again, it was amazing. Actually, it was related to the current uprising of a theoretical science called Quantum Physics. The movie explained how a person's mind actually works, using this new theory. Your brain creates its own reality, depending upon how you program it. And you program it by the way you think. (So YOU do the creating.) Another clue!

(Note: YouTube has a huge assortment of videos relating to “What the Bleep” and of course, it’s all free, so if I were you, I’d watch every one of them.)

The Final Search

Right after seeing "What the Bleep," I found my brain suddenly flooded with intuitive ideas. I can't even remember how I found this, but on one of my internet searches, I finally discovered the information that made everything fit together. (I will always be grateful for the existence of YouTube.) I entered the words "Law of Attraction" into the YouTube search box, and up came a list of videos called "Abraham-Hicks."

(Note: These videos are also plentiful on YouTube. And again, I’d watch every one if I were you – I have!)

These videos were more than an hour long but I remember staying up all night, listening to every one of them. There, I found the "missing link" to all of this. (If you've never watched these videos, I strongly recommend that you see them, and listen to every word, especially if you find this method hard to swallow. They're truly amazing.)

The Final Test

Two years later, armed with all this information, I decided to give it another try. This time, it worked, over and over and over again. I thought about something, did the necessary actions, and there was the thought, materialized in reality! I can't even put into words, the true bliss that I experienced, when I finally succeeded. Now, I'm going to show you how to do the same thing, by using one of my own wishes, as an example.

All The Steps

Step 1: You must know what you want. Pick something. (I picked a new house. My family and I were living in two, separate apartments and being able to buy a house and live together, would actually be cheaper and definitely more enjoyable.)

Step 2: You must be clear about what you want. I wanted a house, but I knew that I had to clearly visualize it, in as much detail as I could. I looked through magazines and found a picture of a house that I'd be happy with. I cut that picture out and taped it to the middle of a blank sheet of paper.

Then, below the picture, I wrote down everything I wanted the house to have. I listed the number of bedrooms and baths, the size of the lot, the condition of the neighborhood and the house itself. I put in the price and I wrote in that price didn't matter because regardless, I was going to be able to get a mortgage.

The fact that I had the worst credit history on Earth, would make no difference. The fact that I had almost no cash to work with, made no difference either. I was going to get that house because I was CREATING the situation, from scratch.

I wrote everything in the positive. In other words, I didn't say, "My credit is awful but that doesn't matter." I simply wrote "I will get a mortgage." (Note: I pictured a giant rubber stamp, coming down on my mortgage application that read "Approved!")

I basically played with that creation page. In effect I was creating something, from nothing. I knew, from all I had learned, that if you play with your wish, give it enough thought, detail it out and have fun with it, it will come. After an hour or two, I was done. I clipped the page to a clipboard and hung the board on the wall, next to my computer. I basically live in front of my computer, so I knew that it would be something I'd look at a lot…which brings me to the next step.

Step 3: Keep thinking about it. Be happy about it. Smile, as you're thinking of it. If you really want this thing, that should be no problem. Look at the picture on your clipboard. Read what you wrote. Think about the happy times you're going to have with that "thing" you are creating, when it finally materializes. (This point is VERY important.)

That's what I did when I wished for a house. Every time I sat at the computer, I looked at the picture, I read my own notes and I thought about what I was going to plant in my garden, and "saw" myself doing it; what fun it was going to be for my little grandson to have his own yard to run in; how much happier the dog was going to be, unleashed in his very own backyard!

These were all happy thoughts and visualizations of what would occur. I'd smile to myself, when I thought about it. I never gave a single thought to it NOT happening. (That's one of the rules and actually the MOST important one. Just accept it. Be HAPPY, when you think about using it, just as if you already had it.) Think about it as if it’s already in existence and you are mentally enjoying it, because it’s really there.

The Science Behind It All

Now, here's the science behind it, as I understand it. Your mind, and everything else around you, is electrical energy. Each thought is electrical, as well. When you think of something, the creation process begins. You have created a "baby" thought, so to speak. It's a very tiny embryo when you first think of it. But as you keep thinking about the same thing, just like with a human baby, it begins to grow.

It gets bigger and heavier until finally, it releases itself from you (like a baby does when its nine months are up) and it becomes a large, living thing, outside of your body. That's when it begins to materialize. Once it's that big, it definitely WILL materialize. Of course, you can't tell when it's that big, so you just have to keep thinking happy thoughts about it. But I promise you, it will come. It has to. It's part of the law of Physics. That's the way the Universe works. (This may not seem realistic to some, but when it happens to YOU, you’ll change your mind.)

And by the way, in order to get my house, I did this, day after day. It wasn't a chore. It was fun because I really wanted that house. It materialized in about two weeks! Situations fell into place that I never planned. I met people that just seemed to appear in my life, which I never expected.

I picked up a real estate magazine (something that I never read), seemingly for no reason; in that magazine, I found the realtor who found me the house, and a mortgage broker who got me a mortgage.

By rights, I shouldn't have been able to get either. It was an unusual looking house that I picked, and my credit, as I've already mentioned, was awful. But the realtor found the house, the mortgage broker got the loan, and the former owners put up most of the down payment, because I didn't have it. It was all just amazing, and fell perfectly into place…which brings us to the next step.

Step 4: Remember to follow the clues. After you start doing this, you’ll find that different situations will present themselves to you. You might be drawn to pick up a certain newspaper, the way I was drawn to the real estate guide when I was hoping for that house. You might feel like you should follow a certain direction, or talk to certain people. It may not make sense at the moment, but just go with it and see where it takes you. Trust that the powers of the Universe are guiding you towards the thing that you want, and don’t question so much. As long as it’s not anything dangerous, just follow the clues.

Step 5: Say "Thank you." I do believe in God, so I said this to Him. You should always be grateful for what you get, no matter who gives it to you. Each time you do this (picturing your wish, imagining using it, etc.) thank the powers that be for giving it to you. What you’re doing is affirming that you already have it, and you’re thankful for it. That's all there is to this.

Law of Attraction Explained

This is a video that appeared on YouTube recently. It explains the Law of Attraction and also gives some advanced concepts.

It took me seemingly forever to figure it out, but now that I look back, it seems rather simple. Maybe it is the simplest things that are the hardest to understand.

Or maybe we have been so conditioned to only believe what we see, that we can't believe otherwise. Remember: Seeing is not believing; BELIEVING is seeing. If you believe, you will see it…because you will be making it yourself.

A Few Final Points

Remember your part in the wish. You’re supposed to do the following:

Decide exactly what you want.

Visualize yourself using it and imagine yourself happy, while you’re enjoying it. Actually BE happy.

Thank “the Universe” or whatever higher being you believe in, for giving you what you wanted.

Follow the clues as the days go by; they’re meant to lead you to your goal.

Do the visualization exercise at least three times each day for about 15 minutes each time. When you do it, really get into it; but when you’re finished, just let it go.

You are NOT supposed to be the one to figure out how to make it happen. That’s not your job. That’s the job of the Universe. So don’t try to figure out ways to fulfill the wish. Just do your part (refer to paragraph above), and allow the power that’s already in place, to do what it does. If you try to manipulate each action, it won’t work.

If you never do anything else for yourself in this life, just learn how to do this one, basic thing. You'll never regret the effort you put into it.


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    • rogermac profile image

      Roger Mac 13 months ago from Cascais - Portugal

      Hi Pegasuse

      Great Article!

      I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and that there is a whole world behind the secret that wasn't explained. It was great because it allowed people to get the big picture about what the law of attraction is about, but the part about action just wasn't enough.

      Action establishes the bridge between our inner dimensions (Mental, Spiritual and Emotional), to the outer world of results where manifestation occurs. Action is key because it completes the cycle.

      It's so unfortunate to see how people don't get this and end up doubting their ability to create, without realising that their very act of doubt is a creation in itself, creating even more reasons to doubt the Law of Attraction.

      I myself have personally known about the Law of Attraction since I first came across a book explaining this power back in 1993. Since then, I've always approached the idea with great caution and respect, trying to understand every nuance and every possible variable in which reality can be shaped by our inner dimensions (Mental, Spiritual and Emotional), and found quite a few astonishing things about humans and the connection to the Universe that could be tweaked, in order to make the Law of Attraction work all the time. And as the years went by, I started coaching groups of people on this set of principles, and in a sequence which was comprehensible and easy to follow.

      I put it all up on my website The Quantum Combination (, in a program for the Law of Attraction that can be downloaded and followed by anyone, and which will answer a lot of the questions and doubts that people have when it comes to applying the law of attraction in their lives. One of the things I teach people is that so many things that are said and done in their everyday lives, and which are ingrained within them from past traumas and events, contribute to their manifestations and results that they currently obtain in life, that are actually harming them. And these are the things that make people disbelieve in the Law of Attraction, not realising that it is them creating it.

      So as I go along teaching people how to clear out their energy blocks and correcting their path, I begin to infuse life coaching with deep meditation, very realistic creative visualisation techniques, neural reconditioning processes and technology, all to ensure the best possible results and outcomes.

      Up till now (and I've been coaching for over 6 years now), not one person has complained about not getting their desired results. Quite on the contrary, they all claim to have received results well beyond anything they ever expected. From discovering life mission, to manifesting large sums of money, everyone has a great story to tell about their newly acquired relationship with the Universe. Give it a go if you'd like to make the Law of Attraction work every time, and with anything!

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 2 years ago from Indiana, USA

      I think you picked the wrong person to ask. This article was about the law of attraction and not how to start a website. Generally speaking though, you can probably start a website site for free on a site like There are probably others but Wix is pretty good.

      Then you'll have to set up your site, introduce yourself and detail your services. You'll have to figure out how to tell people about your site. (Maybe you could make flyers.)

      I'm sorry I can't be of more help but as I said above, this article was about the law of attraction. I really don't know that much about starting a business...

    • profile image

      Izquierdo 2 years ago

      I'm starting a bisnuess during the summer where I get the job done with kids individually or during a camp. I was wondering how I could start a internet site for my clients parents to check out during the summer..

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 2 years ago from Indiana, USA

      Thank you Michael, for reading this hub. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I looked up your Hub homepage, after I read your article about refinishing furniture. Your face gave me a feeling of comfort. I feel like I know you and I feel comfortable with you. Who knows. Maybe we knew each other in another life. lol.

      Take care.

    • MHiggins profile image

      Michael Higgins 2 years ago from Michigan

      This is a great hub, Peggasuse. Three different times in my life I have created a person in my mind; someone I've never seen before. I will think about what they are wearing, hair color, size, etc. I will keep visualizing this person and then eventually see them somewhere. It is pretty amazing stuff. Again, great hub! I enjoyed the read and voted up.

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 3 years ago from Indiana, USA

      You're right and I'm glad you understand the concept. I have also read Neville Goddard and Greg Braden. It was part of my self-teaching. I have also watched "What the Bleep" which really helped me put things into perspective.

      A person does have to put a little effort into this though, for it to work. Just because it sounds so unbelievable, I think most people don't feel like it's worth wasting time on.

      But if they would just try, what a different world this would be...

    • profile image

      hvnly 3 years ago

      to the above commenters: You have clearly understood and presented the law of attraction. It is exactly that, you get whatever you think about. In the what the bleep movies they explain that light is either a wave or particle until someone puts attention on it, it then materializes. Some one who describes this concept of attraction most beautifully and succinctly is Neville Goddard, look him up. He says live from the end. Meaning see yourself in the end result of your desire and get in the feeling of it. Greg Braden talks a lot about how feeling (emotion) is the power behind it. Greg has written many books about this.

    • maramerce profile image

      maramerce 4 years ago from United States

      No offense taken. It's hard to tell the tone of someone's writing voice when you don't know them personally or aren't familiar with their work. Misunderstandings are bound to happen on these kinds of forums. Now I see you were trying to make the point that we get what we think. I share a similar view in that we are what we think. In my opinion, we become our thoughts through our actions so it's very important to be careful what we choose to think and believe. Thank you for your positivity and your unique view regarding the power of the mind.

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

      Ok Maramerce, sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you. Not my intention. I was just trying to prove my original point that you get what you often think about.

    • maramerce profile image

      maramerce 4 years ago from United States

      Haha. Well, perhaps I'm not communicating myself effectively in my comments here. I hope I'm not being judged as a "negative" person after a couple of comments or "very young" being that I'm 34 years old. Admittedly, I have great genes and look like I'm in my early 20's. I've lived a lot of life in my years as well. I guess you haven't visited my hub or you would understand I'm not a negative person by any means. I don't actively wish bad things for others. Obviously, my last comment was saying I've done that in the past and seen it happen so I try very hard not to think negatively about anyone in my life as a result of experiencing that. Thanks for the "help" though. I will keep it in mind. ;)

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

      Kathy! I'm so happy to hear from you! How are you doing? Send me an e-mail if you have time, and let me know how things are going :)

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

      TO MARAMERCE: It doesn't matter if you thought about this for yourself or for someone else. It only matters that you thought about something enough so that eventually, whatever you were thinking, happened. That still proves that whatever you think about enough, will come into reality.

      You sound like you're very young. Many time, in youth, our tempers flare when we get angry, and it's hard to control that. Control comes with maturity. There comes a point in a person's life when they realize that getting angry is pointless. It's a waste of that one could use, doing something good.

      I only mention this because I wanted to explain the connection between the things you thought about (about others) and your anger over various things and how it ties in with the Law of Attraction. The fact that your anger is strong is probably the reason why those bad thoughts actually came true.

      With the Law of Attraction, there must be emotion, in order for a person's wish to come about. It doesn't matter if the emotion is joyful bliss or hateful anger. As long as it's strong, the very thing you're thinking about, will come about.

      Please note that I didn't write this article to help people who are negative. If they use the Law of Attraction in a negative way, then it will be on them to suffer the repercussions; and there will always be repercussions.

      I wrote it to help those who are walking the path of Light and need some more insight on how the spiritual realm works. Every time I discover a truth, a write it down and share it, in hopes that it will help someone. It can help you, if you want it to :)

    • maramerce profile image

      maramerce 4 years ago from United States

      Oh no, I should clarify. I haven't had bad things I've thought for myself come true. I mean I've thought bad things about other people and then bad things have happened to those people. Like I said, I have some weird spiritual attunement so I try to be very responsible with my meditations. My friends are always joking and telling me never to get mad at them and always think good things of them because of that quality in me.

    • profile image

      Kathy Jones 4 years ago

      Wonderful Diane,,,sounds great....I will have to try..thanks so much for sharing...I am glad u r doing so well.

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

      I think you're right about most of this, but you contradict yourself when you say that you won't get what you want if it's not good for you. Just before that you say that you've had bad things come true for you, because you were thinking about them. So that just proves that you WILL get everything you think a lot about, weather they're good for you or not.

      Still, I think you're on the right track. You make a valid point when you say that your heart must be in it. Passion or emotion about what you want, must be in your wish, or it won't happen. That heightened feeling of joy, I believe is the fuel that actually makes the wish come true.

      I really don't think this has much to do with how good or bad your wishes are. I think it's more of a "system" that's been set up, that simply creates what is constantly thought of. If this is true, then we should be really be careful about what we think about.

      It's normal to have negative thoughts. Everyone has them. But after you have one, you should look on the other side of the situation and picture the positive. Then, you simply need to turn away from the negative thought and realize that it's the positive one that you desire. You then turn away from the negative and focus on the positive.

      If you keep picturing the positive side, that is what will happen. But if you question things and continue thinking about the negative, then that's what will happen. Trust me when I tell you that it doesn't matter a bit, weather the wish is good or bad or selfish or selfless. It will just happen because you keep thinking about it and put all of your emotions into it.

      The most import parts of making this work is clarity of the wish, constantly picturing it, putting all of your emotions (joy, happiness) into the visualization, never doubting that it will work, and following the clues as they come. That's really it, in one, short paragraph....:)

    • maramerce profile image

      maramerce 4 years ago from United States

      I don't know much about this, but I've always meditated and prayed all my life since I was a child and found that things I thought would often come true. I just think some people are spiritually attuned. I've had dreams that were more like visions that also came true. I've even had bad things I've thought come true so I try not to ever think badly about other people. I also don't believe you can "get whatever you want" though because not everything is good for you. The Bible says if you ask and are persistent, you will receive whatever you ask for, but your heart has to be in the right place. People who are not in tune with their Creator and are simply selfishly asking for things will find it doesn't work for them. The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all these things will be given to you as well. So that's how I see it. I focus on honoring God with my life first and foremost and then God honors my needs and even desires.

    • matt_elmore profile image

      matt_elmore 4 years ago from San Diego

      Great hub. As you said, attention brings attraction. Thanks for the read.