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Lead a Happy Life

Updated on June 3, 2011

Lead a Happy Life

Happiness is a state of mind & the ultimate aim of all human endeavours. It is a choice that one must make everyday. We have one life & we must make the most of it by planning our lives well & enjoying the good things life brings our way.Our priorities decide our fate. We must be happy & make others happy.

Think good thoughts, do good deeds & feel good emotions. Set your goals in life- simple, challenging,achievable realistic & strive to achieve them. Get inspired by the life history of great & successful people.

Our routine work - personal or professional should give us happiness. Self-confidence, determination & persistence will achieve any success you desire. You will become what you sincerely desire & work hard to become. Love for your profession will generate happiness & enthusiasm. Do your job well & enjoy doing it.

Know yourself. Cultivate the habit of regularly recording all your thoughts, emotions & events in your diary. Make a list of everything that made you happy & a list of all your aims & dreams & get ready to achieve them. Also make a list of your achievements. Note down your fears & doubts, your defeats & disappointments. Work hard to overcome them, learn your lessons & convert them into success & achievements.

Never regret the past or be afraid of the future. Happiness is enjoying the present moment & being satisfied & content with what you are, what you have & what you are doing. Follow a policy of give & take. Develop good relations with family & friends & always look for the good in people. Be polite , generate enthusiasm & a zest for living.

Virtues of patience & truthfulness will give you happiness, a clear conscience & you will be respected by people.Some of the good things of life are: good health, trust & affection from other people, enjoyable work, income & saving, rest & relaxation, books, magazines, travel, music,hobbies. Work hard, earn enough, save for the future & avoid wasteful expenditure.

Spend some time admiring nature & its creator. Maintain your health , eat the right food & exercise adequately. Just take time to enjoy life. Enjoy your leisure with good hobbies that you love & which give you a sense of fulfilment. Also take a break from your work & have a great holiday.

An important point to note is that negative emotions like fear, anger, jealousy,greed,sorrow & useless disturbing thoughts are a hindrance to living a happy life. So be optimistic. Cultivate a sense of humour & keep smiling. " Laughter is the best medicine." Manage your time, health & money to live a comfortable & happy life.


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